The Morning Rant: Regime Change In Iran!


Iran is the primary driver of unrest in the Middle East, and has been since the Mad Mullahs took over in 1979. And they like mucking around far from their turf…they actively try to assassinate Iranians and others across the world who are anti-Mad-Mullah. They use their terrorist proxies such as Hezbollah to conduct terrorist attacks, all funded and aided by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is an official part of the Iranian government.

There is no distinction between the government of Iran and terrorism. Except of course if you are a part of the Biden/Obama junta, which is desperately trying to revitalize Iran, ease its path to nuclear weapons, and prop it up as a counterweight to Israel’s influence.

They want a fourth front opened against Israel (Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the PA in Judea and Samaria) across the Jordan river, and if that means attacking a sovereign nation? Well, they are happy to do it!

Jordanian Regime Furious With Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood: They Are Acting To Foment Chaos In Kingdom In Service Of Iran

Jordan, it appears, perceives that Hamas’ and the MB’s incitement is carried out in the service of Iran, which seeks to overthrow the Jordanian regime and open up another front against Israel in Jordan. In the recent months there have been growing concerns in Jordan regarding subversive Iranian action within the kingdom, amid increasing attempts by elements controlled by Iran to smuggle drugs and arms into Jordan over the Syrian border. The January 28 drone attack carried out by Iran-backed militias in Iraq against a U.S. logistics support base in Jordan, in which three U.S. troops were killed, intensified these fears even further. Moreover, on April 2, Abu Ali Al-Askari, an official of the Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades, revealed operative plans to establish a Jordanian militia with 12,000 armed members that would be subordinate to the Iran-led resistance axis. In response, Jordanian government spokesman Al-Mubaidin said that “Jordan is not interested in responding to militias whose hands are stained with blood and which are one of the reasons for the instability in the region,” but that the Jordanian authorities are following this matter with concern. Former information minister Al-Ma’aita, for his part, said that Jordan realizes that these militias are subordinate to Iran, which has been trying to infiltrate Jordan for 40 years, but clarified that Jordan has an army to defend it.

And the apocalyptic retards in our government are aiding the effort to overthrow Jordan! They simply have no idea what the consequences of their support for Iranian expansion will be, because they have carefully ignored the plain language that Iran uses to describe their goals.

Those consequences are horrid. A regional nuclear exchange. Israel has lots of nuclear weapons, and the means to deliver them. What do the half-wits in Kalorama think Israel will do if Iran attacks Israel with a nuclear device? The destruction of a large part of Tel Aviv or Haifa or Jerusalem is exactly the circumstance that would force Israel to retaliate in kind.

Or if Iran succeeds in Jordan, there will be large-scale attacks across the Jordan river, and Israel will respond in force.

It’s called “war,” and support for Iran, no matter how benign sounding, is support for the death and destruction that comes with it. Money is fungible, so “humanitarian aid” is simply freeing up cash to fund terrorists. Relaxing embargoes on industrial equipment allows Iran to purchase the technology it needs to improve its nuclear weapons program.

And the unbelievable stupidity of the idea that Iran can be moderated by more contact with the West can be seen as a total and complete failure with the smaller example of Gaza and Hamas. Israel tried that, and it was a catastrophe.

There is only one answer to the problem of Iran. Regime change. The West must support every anti-Mullah group inside and outside of Iran, while simultaneously shutting down the flow of cash into the country. The Mullahs will fall, and my guess is that it will happen quickly.

But we do not have the intestinal fortitude to do it. Sadly, we are moving in the opposite direction.

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  1. “But we do not have the intestinal fortitude to do it. Sadly, we are moving in the opposite direction.”

    “We” I think have it. That is, all rational, moral right-thinking people. The Junta in Kalorama via the Oval Office is hell bent to destroy Israel and replace it with Iran as the Middle East regional power, regardless of consequences.

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