The Israel War

UN chief calls for maximum restraint after Iran’s attack on Israel

Guterres, speaking to a meeting of the UN Security Council, told member states that the UN charter bars the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state as he condemned Iran’s attack on Israel and warned against further escalation.

Of course he warned against escalation. Because the paradigm of normal behavior is rejected when it comes to Israel. Only the Jewish state is bound by the insanity of the UN’s unworkable rules. “Do Not retaliate. Do not respond. Do not protect one’s country.” Because Jewish and Israeli lives are simply not worth as much according to the U.N. The mushmouthed platitudes the U.N. spouts mean nothing, because their real agenda…the marginalization of Israel and the elevation of Iran to be the real power in the Middle East is only temporarily on hold.

Does anyone expect the insane Iran nuclear deal to be shelved permanently?

No…it will be paused while the world works feverishly to rehabilitate Iran’s standing.

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