Watermelons vs. Traditional Progressives: Internecine Warfare At The NY Times!

There’s not much better than a nasty little spat in the newsroom of the Old Gray Whore. All of those earnest little communists being pumped out by the “elite” J schools yearn to work for the NYT and transform the fourth estate into the masturbatory fantasies they had in college. Unfortunately for them, and fortunate for us, the Stalinists in charge want to continue to run it the old fashioned way…the way they learned from their KGB handlers in 1981.

New York Times Bosses Seek to Quash Rebellion in the Newsroom

It is the latest internal crisis at the Times, where management has been at odds with factions of the newsroom over union negotiations and coverage of sensitive topics like the transgender community and social justice.

Reporting about the Gaza war has been a particular flashpoint, especially over an in-depth article that found Hamas weaponized sexual violence in the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel. Some staffers questioned the reporting behind it and alleged that the suffering of Gazans isn’t getting the same attention. Times leaders in March said they stand by the reporting.

The internal probe was meant to find out who leaked information related to a planned podcast episode about that article. But its intensity and scope suggests the Times’s leadership, after years of fights with its workforce over a variety of issues involving journalistic integrity, is sending a signal: Enough.

At least the old school commies knew how to write. The new breed can’t diagram a sentence, have a fast and loose relationship with pronouns, and can’t keep their contempt for America on the down-low.

Hopefully the simmering battles explode into all-out warfare and the NYT fades into irrelevance as it resembles more and more the weekly handouts from the campus communists club.

A fella can dream!