The Morning Report 5/1/24

Good morning, kids. So, the ransacking of Columbia University by mobs of rabid, brainwashed, bloodthirsty America-haters and Jew-haters I guess was a bridge too far for the powers that be. No, not the murderous incitements of in-your-face Jew-hatred and America hatred, but that normal, average, sane Americans watching it would not be convinced that it was kids being kids, a shining example of the expression of First Amendment rights or even the moral equivalent of the Children’s Crusade peacefully protesting tyranny and oppression. 

Worse, they would attach the blame directly to the rotting vegetable-in-chief and his henchfiends in DC as well as wonder just what in the hell $90,000 a year gets them in terms of an education for their little darlings, sort of in the same way parents peeked in on the sexual perversion and anti-American bilge being force-fed their kids via remote learning during the lockdowns – all during an election year where Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants and perhaps a large portion of the Democrat ticket face a bloodbath – Bloodbath! – at the polls this November, even with the expected out-the-wazoo election fraud. 

Meanwhile, about a mile north of Columbia at CCNY, the cops cleared out that impromptu hive of scum and villainy, pulled down the shit-stained rag of a “Palestinian” flag and restored the Stars and Stripes. This gave the estimable Daniel Greenfield a warm and fuzzy feeling:

I’ve written quite a bit since 9/11 about where I expected the growing battle between America and Islamic terrorists to go, but this is still a stunning moment. There’s the NYPD reclaiming a portion of a New York City campus, lowering a terror flag and raising the American flag again. There are echoes here of the flag at Ground Zero and of the Star-Spangled Banner. 

This is literally a battle for our country being fought on college campuses between the NYPD and Islamic terrorists and their Marxist allies. It’s all the more stunning in contrast to what’s going on in Los Angeles at UCLA.No one in the LAPD is talking in these terms. The LAPD is refusing to answer calls from people under attack by Hamas supporters. As bad as Mayor Eric Adams and the NYPD may be in some ways, they’re still fighting where most police forces in liberal cities have surrendered or switched sides.

We will remember moments like this in the years to come and they may well define the final outcome.

It’s nice to feel optimistic, and I too always attempt to grasp at any scintilla of light when all around us is darkness. But I have to remind Greenfield and all of us that despite the iconic imagery of the firefighters hoisting an American flag over the smoldering ruins of the Twin Towers, and Dubya declaring that “those who did this will soon hear from all of us!,” in the end look what happened since then? Scores of Islamic terrorist attacks here and all over the world, the rapid division of our nation into two camps accelerated and exacerbated by the arrival of Obama, and the exposure of Dubya as yet another western dupe and fraud when it came to identifying Islam as the enemy. Instead he declared we were not at war with Islam. 

In fact, he allowed a flood of Muslims into the country as penance. For what? I don’t know. Now take a look at places like Dearborn and Minneapolis and several other places around the nation that are rapidly turning into their own version of European “no-go zones” where sharia law rules “uber alles.” 

And don’t look now, but with Israel likely primed to finish off Hamas, the Kalorama Klown Komintern has one final “V” weapon they are desperate to use so as not to lose their Muslim/Maoist minions at the polls.

Top Biden officials have been considering relocating certain Palestinian refugees from Gaza to within the United States if they have immediate family members who are American citizens or permanent residents, according to CBS News. Those who qualify for the United States refugee status would reportedly qualify for several benefits such as permanent residency, housing assistance and a potential avenue to American citizenship.

One of the plans reportedly being considered would enact the United States Refugee Admissions Program and bring Gaza refugees to the United States if they have “ties” to the country. If the Biden administration decides on a plan, it would require coordination with Egypt to execute such matters, CBS News reported.

In the United States, in order to qualify as a refugee, an individual must be able to prove that they are seeking to flee based on persecution of nationality, religion or political views, CBS News reported. 

Perfect! Mollify the base by both bringing in another tidal wave of sponges and leeches dependent on Uncle Sugar, eager to help in the destruction of whatever’s left of our culture, and further the meme of Israel as an oppressor nation. Yup. Perfect. As in a perfect nightmare. 

As to Daniel Greenfield’s rosy optimism, I’m more inclined towards Michael Goodwin’s less than rosy analysis of what the ejection of Columbia’s micturating matriculating Marxists will mean going forward:

Although the NYPD was finally allowed to do its job at Columbia University, it would be a mistake to believe the disgraceful episode is over.  After all, the pro-Hamas stooges, the complicit faculty and the quisling administrators are still jockeying for power. With graduation still two weeks away, it’s too early to declare a winner.

Start with the radical students. They set up a camp in the middle of the famous quad and day-after-day chanted slogans that revealed an allegiance to terrorists. They harassed Jewish students and their commitment to the elimination of Israel marks the resurgence of an ancient hatred in a city that has long been a safe haven for Jews. What are the students reading in their fetid tents — “Mein Kampf”?

. . . The insufferable rebels without a legitimate cause believed they should suffer no consequences for violating college rules and the rights of their fellow students, and for actively supporting the eradication of the Jewish state. Think about that. They are calling for genocide, making them guilty of the very thing they accuse Israel of committing, while depriving others of their right to an education and a sense of physical safety. 

Yet they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong! Such a stunning combination of ignorance and arrogance is more than enough justification to give them the boot. And don’t forget the members of the faculty who helped incite this disaster. The indoctrination of students in a mud-bath of hatred against Israel has been a fixture at Columbia for decades, and supposed scholars added to their complicity by surrounding the tent camp as if to protect it from police. They were happy to preen for the cameras, so the self-incriminating evidence against them is overwhelming, too. Tenured radicals indeed. . . 

. . . Although the agitators’ claim that they are entitled to escape any consequences reflects a national culture that extends well beyond the college gates, that can’t be an excuse for Columbia to duck its duty. Quite the contrary. The necessity to impose tough penalties makes this what the left calls a teachable moment.

The lesson must be that misconduct comes with a price. The more serious the misconduct, the heavier the price.

All very true, but Goodwin only hints at the real root cause of the problem. Corruption of our entire society that began with the Democrats 200-plus year will to power and the “progressives” who glommed onto them – all supercharged by the hijacking of academia that started over 80 years ago with the likes of the Frankfurt School refugees, Horace Mann, John Dewey and others who took Lenin’s words to heart: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Well, they’ve had a lot more than four as you can see by our house divided, on fire, and collapsing in all around us. 

As CBD and I discussed with our friend Michael Walsh on the latest podcast, perhaps this is the wakeup call we need to claw our way back.

The only way forward is the complete eradication and full on purge of every professor, teacher and administrator that teaches this crap to our kids, the First Amendment be damned. And then we can try to deprogram and denazify three generations of pod people posing as American citizens and prevent subsequent generations from their fate, and doing us in once and for all. Inshalla, right?


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