James Carden At “American Conservative” Is A Sleazy Jew-Hating Scumbag

He wrote a despicable article, and the smarmy little cocksucker’s email doesn’t work, so I figured I’d post my letter here…

Your vile and underhanded acceptance of the anti-Semitic trope that American Jews are beholden to Israel and some some nefarious Jewish cabal is bad enough, but your ignorance of the existential war that Islam is waging against the West is simply embarrassing.

Israel is the only country that is fighting for Western culture..for Western political philosophy…for Western survival.

War Crimes? You are vastly ignorant of the data…the hard numbers that show how humane Israel is in its conduct. Israeli soldiers are dying because Israel is unwilling to fight the way other Western countries combating Islamist expansionism have fought. They die because of Israel’s essential humanity. A more rational and brutal approach would save Israeli lives…

Your oh-so-comfortable anti-Semitism blinds you to that, and makes your ignorance of reality a sad commentary on your value as a commenter on global events.

You are contemptible, and your comfortable existence far from the fight, but close to the traditional Jew-hate of the State Department is typical of a certain breed of arrogant but stupid elitist.

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  1. Nailed it, CBD.

    When decent sites like American Conservative allow shit-whores like this Foggy Bottom bottom dweller to have a voice, it drags them down.

    And it’s not just about Jews and Israel. It’s the globalist anti-Americanism that the State Dept. has been pimping for decades.

  2. Great rant, CBD. I read as far as “Israel’s transformation of Gaza into an abattoir” before knowing the article was a pile of steaming garbage. If anyone is responsible for the “transformation of Gaza into an abattoir” it is Hamas, Iran and the rest of the Islamic thugs. Islam is incompatible with civilization. They want us conquered and dead. We can and should stand with Israel.

    Carden long ago should have read (and comprehended) Robert Spencer’s excellent “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades).” One would think this book would be required reading for U.S. government officials, especially those interfacing with Middle East matters, but apparently not. And our nation is poorer for it.

  3. Jews would do better if they’d just reassess their position realistically sometimes. What Israel is doing is so beyond the pale that even people who are generally pro-Israel are squirming in their seats.

    No, we don’t hate Jews. No we don’t hate Israel. No, we don’t even hate Zionism, as such. I think Jews would be a lot better off here in the US where we like you. But if you want to move to a place with a corrupt socialist government right next to people who hate you, that’s your call.

    But this has gone WAY too far and it didn’t need to happen. Neither the corrupt maneuvering of the Likud Party nor the interests of American arms manufacturers and their lobbyists are doing you any favors.

    You guys need a wake up call and this is it. Sometimes Jews do awful things just like every other ethnic group on Earth. Maybe just come to terms with that and work on better responses than just screaming “anti-semitic” any time someone criticizes Israel or its policies. It makes you sound like the woke mob that screams “racism” anytime we criticize the harmful policies of our own government.

  4. Your ignorance of reality betrays your deepest feeling, which is Jew-hate. The Israeli army, according to all objective metrics, is conducting an incredibly humane war. But you choose to ignore that to justify your backhanded comments. As for your your advice to Jews? We are long past the time when we needed the advice of people like you, especially when it is objectively incorrect. Stay in your lane, masturbate to your hidden Nazi paraphernalia, and remain in ignorance of the contributions that we Jews have made to your life.

  5. Passing Gas Libertarian:

    How about citing actual provable facts and figures to back up your assertions?

    Of course not because none exist. You were ululating with orgasmic glee when the first confirmed reports of Jewish babies being roasted alive in front of their mothers came to light.

    Do like Donald Manes and go fuck yourself in the heart with a steak knife.

  6. I was sadly correct. Any pushback at all, no matter with how much good-will it is expressed, and you act like woke college students. It seems I struck a nerve, but not wisdom.

    Neither of you know anything about me: who I am, what I know, what I think, or my relationships with Jewish people. I’m anonymous text on a computer screen as far as you know. Yet I know much more about you two–and I genuinely like you both. I’m far closer to a friend than you suppose. Yet you’ve responded with uninformed rage and a lack of wisdom.

    I didn’t expect too terribly much but I’m a little disappointed. I still don’t have any ill will towards you, of course. I have sympathy because I was once very much like you. But I’m hopeful you will become more thoughtful and less reflexively angry and realize that the world and the people in it are not as easily understood as you’ve been led to believe.

  7. “What Israel is doing is so beyond the pale that even people who are generally pro-Israel are squirming in their seats.”

    This sentence all by itself shows your absolute ignorance, perhaps willful, not only of the current situation but of the history or Middle Eastern geopolitics and history in general.

    You cite absolutely zero facts to make your case, because I asserted you have none. And nice ham-fisted attempt to backtrack with “Yet I know much more about you two–and I genuinely like you both. I’m far closer to a friend than you suppose.”

    Bullshit. My rage and anger is at fools who belch out unsubstantiated trash and then get all huffy and puffy when called out on it.

  8. I haven’t walked anything back. As for a case, we never got that far due to your decision to hurl mindless invective at me rather than engage in discussion.

    Nevertheless, for posterity’s sake, the way to handle this situation was to determine who was responsible for the planning and execution of the 10/7 attack, take them into custody, and execute them after a fair trial. Don’t you even dare bring up nonsense about how this would be impossible. It’s not. Mossad is the most effective intelligence agency on Earth. They’ve successfully sabotaged facilities and assassinated scientests within Iran. They tracked down Eichmann and put him on trial (without bombing Argentinian cities, I might add). Don’t tell me they can’t track down those responsible for this attack. Nobody with any sense would buy that.

    That’s all I’m going to say on the matter. Perhaps you’ll stop being foolish and think things through. Probably not. But I’ve had my say. And I will give you credit for allowing my comments to appear, at any rate.

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