The Morning Rant: Islam On The March…On Our Campuses!


How have America’s universities become hotbeds of rabid Islamist rhetoric, foaming-at-the-mouth Jew-hate, and flat-out anti-American insanity?

It’s simple. It was purchased with Arab money. Oh, Academia was primed for that sort of crap, since those beliefs are its default, but for a long time was some rough balance. Academia actually had a vibrant, if small conservative/libertarian presence. They also had brains, so their influence was out of proportion to their numbers.

But oceans of oil money began to flood the hallowed halls of our elite (and not so elite) institutions. It paid for endowed chairs for anti-American and anti-Israel professors. It paid for embedded Islamic Studies departments. It paid for university-affiliated NGOs carefully putting forth the pro-Islam/anti-West cant. And it paid for full-fare students from those oil-rich countries, plumping the coffers of these schools with cash that had a catch.

Arab Funding of American Universities: Donors, Recipients and Impact

Moolah from Mullahs: Arab countries are bankrolling American colleges and universities.

That catch was simple. Make Islam and the savage authoritarians in the Arab world objects of admiration rather than disgust. The Emir of Qatar isn’t funding classes examining the vile treatment of women in the Muslim world, or the regular, state-sponsored murder of homosexuals, or the destruction of Jewish minorities within many of those countries. And of course some of that funding went to call into question the legitimacy of the state of Israel by framing the “Palestinian Question” as the pinnacle of post-modern victim-hood.

So a generation of mush-brained undergraduates were taught to see the savage terrorists of Gaza and the West Bank as Jeffersonian freedom-lovers whose highest aspirations were to live in peace and harmony on the land that was stolen from them by those pesky Jews.

The always perceptive Melanie Phillips makes the simple and chilling point that:

The significance of these campus insurrections is far greater than support for Hamas or even murderous hatred of the Jewish world. The universities have become ground zero for the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy of Islamising the west.

And that’s the whole point. Military invasion is out of the question, because Islam was long ago overwhelmed by the West’s military and technological might. Muslim countries are consumers of Western modernity, and simply cannot compete.

But they can take advantage of the West’s abject stupidity and ignorance of the foundations of Islam, and its singular focus on conquest and destruction of the West.

In CJN’s latest podcast, Michael Walsh made the obvious but almost universally ignored point that we should believe Islam when it speaks of the destruction of the West!

Well, here’s something the Irish and the Jews have in common, but yet we still haven’t learned the lesson, because we’re both stupid, which is if somebody says, “I hate you and I want to kill you,” believe them.

There it is! Islam doesn’t even bother to pretend. It is in the charters of all of their innumerable terrorist organizations; it is in their holy books; it is in their sermons.

Until we admit that Islam is a malign influence…until we admit that their 1,400 year war against all unbelievers is alive and well…until we fight back…we will continue to lose.

And right now, ground zero of that war is on our college campuses!