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Good morning, kids. I suppose the theme of today’s editorial is “If you can’t dazzle ’em with facts, razzle ’em with bullshit.” Meh, this has been politics since time immemorial. Yet with everything coming out of the putrid pie-holes of those who fancy themselves as our betters, it’s just in your face. 

One of the first instances of modern-era Orwellian Newspeak mashed up with Goebbels’ “Big Lie” emanated from none other than the rancid, repulsive sewer of Malig-Nancy Pelosi way back in 2010:

Unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.

Talking to reporters, the House speaker was defending a jobless benefits extension against those who say it gives recipients little incentive to work. By her reasoning, those checks are helping give somebody a job.

“It injects demand into the economy,” Pelosi said, arguing that when families have money to spend it keeps the economy churning. “It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”

If you listen closely enough, you could even hear the faint laughter of John Maynard Keynes coming from the Infernal Reaches. Yet, because of an educational system that has utterly failed except in creating a mass of illiterate dupes glued to their smart-phone screens waiting for the next proclamation either from Beijing, Kalorama or Bir Zeit University, here we are 13 years later and you have this:

A letter from 19 Democrat Senators in late March, including Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), John Fetterman (D-PA), and Tammy Duckworth (D-WI), urged the Democrat incumbent to push for amnesty for illegal immigrants earlier this year, but the party appears to be split over how to handle the crucial election year issue.

“Deporting all such individuals — as former President Donald Trump has threatened to do if reelected — would devastate the American economy and destroy American families,” the Democrats claim before going on to add, “streamlining pathways for undocumented immigrants with no criminal history and deep ties to the United States to obtain parole or a lawful immigration status would provide stability to their families, require them to pay taxes, and to check in with the U.S. government regularly.”

Et tu, Lumpy? Here I was singing your praises as the unlikeliest voices of reason vis a vis Israel as well as your previous stand on the border insanity. That aside, the salient point is the madness that illegal aliens who, when you completely ignore the mythological 11 million figure (upwards of 8 million have arrived since Biden was taken out of the vegetable crisper in 2021) that even back when Reagan was duped into giving amnesty to a million in exchange for border/immigration security back in 1986, comprise perhaps as much as 10% of our population are a boon to our economy is now accepted as the emmes truth by Leftists and an alarming number of so-called independents and moderates. As for RINOs, they love illegal aliens because they constitute slave laborers right here on our own soil – including an alarming percentage of children.

Deporting as many illegals as possible, perhaps the reinstitution of Operation: Wetback on a permanent basis would be a gigantic step in improving our economy, national security and nearly destroyed national unity and culture in immeasurably positive ways. Of course, the reinstitution of sane economic and regulatory policies that take government the hell out of the way of businesses, especially small businesses, from growing and flourishing will be the rising tide that lifts all boats, especially citizens at or near the poverty line in obtaining jobs or going into business for themselves. That also requires a complete reorientation of our “educational” system and culture away from sloth, envy, perversion and entitlement mentalities back towards inculcating and incentivizing personal responsibility, ethics, morality and ambition.

From those two examples of insanity, we go to one of the deepest and darkest snake pits of deception and deviltry, Foggy Bottom:

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that an Israeli military campaign in Rafah would “actually weaken … Israel’s security.” He also said that the U.S. had presented Israel with “a full range of policy choices” that would achieve the same goal of dismantling Hamas without entering Rafah, but did not explain what those choices were.

Asked whether [Celeriac-in-Chief] Joe Biden’s announcement that the U.S. was withholding weapons from Israel would undermine Israel’s leverage in hostage negotiations, Miller said that “hasn’t been our assessment” of the talks. . . 

[Spokes-anus John Kirby’s] logic appeared to be that if more “Palestinian” civilians died, Hamas would have less incentive to release Israeli hostages — whether out of anger at civilian casualties, or because of Hamas’s desire to cause more civilian casualties, Kirby did not make clear. The White House has not said what an alternative to attacking Hamas in Rafah would be.

They were no doubt thinking that every Jew in Israel and on planet Earth should stick themselves in an oven and turn on the gas. Except with Biden’s ban on gas stoves, the best the Jews could do is slowly broil themselves to death. Aside from that, every other assertion is based on bald-faced lies about the situation on the ground, who is responsible and the fiction of what the outcomes would be based on those falsehoods.

So, if Israel wipes out the last remaining vestiges of a barbaric death cult in their midst that has vowed to kill every Jew in the world, that makes Israel less safe? I guess I’m just too damned stupid to understand the brilliance of this brainwave.

Interestingly enough, both the border and the situation in Israel (as well as the utter horseshit about how great our economy is!) have put these assholes in a bind because no one with even half an RFK JR. brain worm is buying the bullshit. And it’s forcing Democrats to both double down on their policies while simultaneously attempting to pull back from them before November, which fraud notwithstanding could wipe them out with a Trump return as well as losing the Senate and House. 

Not that that matters with the likes of Mike Johnson or McYertle’s likely replacement Jon Thune. Both of them will do all in their power to sabotage Trump’s legislative agenda in reversing course. Ditto the Deep State and all of the bureaucracies that will covertly or even overtly commit rank insubordination to a Trump administration.

So when the old “razzle-dazzle” doesn’t work, just lie and then blame us ungrateful, unwashed rubes – the intended receivers of elitists’ wisdom – for not swallowing it, then accuse them of being too stupid to understand and appreciate it, and when all else fails, whip out the race and literally Hitler cards. 

Death to Hamas. Death to globalism. 

And have a good weekend.



  • “I already said that if we have to – we will fight with our fingernails. But we have much more than fingernails, and with the same greatness of spirit, with God’s help, we will win together.” Netanyahu Responds To Biden’s Betrayal Of Israel: “If We Have To Stand Alone, We Will Stand Alone”
  • David Harsanyi: “For the first time in history, a president [legit or otherwise] has turned on a stalwart ally — and American hostages — to save a terrorist organization.” Joe Biden is Selling Out Israel to the Anti-Semitic Mob
  • “On Tuesday, [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden declared, ‘Never forget.’ On Wednesday, he forgot.On purpose.  In remembrance of the Holocaust, Biden solemnly proclaimed, “Never again, simply translated, means never forget.’ Actually, it means never again will a genocide of the Jews be allowed. But Biden’s interpretation is convenient, since he endangered the Jewish state the very next day by threatening to cut off deliveries to Israel of offensive weapons if it entered Rafah to finish off Hamas.'” Biden’s Israel Arms Embargo Will Go Down as One of the Worst American Betrayals
  • State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that an Israeli military campaign in Rafah would “actually weaken … Israel’s security.” He also said that the U.S. had presented Israel with “a full range of policy choices” that would achieve the same goal of dismantling Hamas without entering Rafah, but did not explain what those choices were. (Wow. Soooper Gee-nee-ussss! – jjs) Biden Junta: Attacking Hamas in Rafah Would Strengthen Them
  • “Biden’s decision to withhold bombs from Israel is concerning due to its political implications. Biden’s base wants him to defund Israel, while many moderate Democrats support Israel’s ability to defend itself against terrorists. Biden appears stuck between competing coalitions during an election year. He currently trails in the polls to Trump and has a historically low approval rating to win reelection as an incumbent. Democrats accused former President Donald Trump in 2019 of withholding military aid from Ukraine for alleged political reasons.” Articles of Impeachment Drawn over Biden’s Withholding of Israeli Aid for Political Reasons
  • “Five Democrats will help decide the Senate majority. None of them have weighed in on Biden weapons pause.” Vulnerable Democrat Senators Mum on Biden’s Israel Weapons Pause

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  • There is no doubt that American industry produces products far more cleanly, in terms of air pollution, water pollution and carbon emissions, than big competitors in China, India and many other nations. Seems kind of silly to have a study to “prove it,” but government wastes money on far worse causes. Is ‘PROVE IT’ Just an Act?
  • Critics of Musk and Tesla contend the electric vehicle line’s “Autopilot” feature is misleading to consumers. They point out that literature and manuals given to vehicle owners state drivers should always keep both hands on the wheel — even when “Autopilot” is engaged. In addition, they contend that videos featuring Musk engaging the driving feature while keeping his hands off the wheel are intended to add to the deception. Biden DOJ Goes After Elon Musk’s Tesla


  • “A coding error at Houston’s police department created a giant case backlog—and prompted the chief’s resignation.” Department in Crisis
  • “The rising problem of squatters illegally occupying people’s homes has become so obvious that even the mainstream media have recently been paying some attention to it.”Protecting Property Rights from Squatters


  • Rosen’s support of Sisolak’s lockdown policies could come back to haunt her as she seeks a second Senate term in what could be one of the closest contests in the November elections. Sisolak lost his reelection bid in 2022 to Republican challenger Joe Lombardo, who campaigned aggressively against Sisolak’s lockdown policies. Jacky Rosen Admits COVID Lockdowns She Pushed Hurt Nevada’s Economy






  • “The federal government is woefully ill-equipped to track Chinese-owned real estate in the country, despite the serious threat these Chinese Communist Party-affiliated entities can pose to critical U.S. infrastructure, according to the report. The report calls on federal and state leaders to take action, such as increasing transparency and conducting more critical reviews of land purchases.” US is Failing to Counter Threat of Chinese Land Ownership, Report Finds



  • A BBC Springwatch presenter, Gillian Burke, feels that calling wild African animals by their English names is ‘jarring’ and prefers to refer to them by their traditional Swahili monikers, as my colleague Margaret Ashworth observed yesterday.  (Hat tip to commenter “Bulgaroctonus” – jjs) BBC is lost for words over elephant
  • Hillary Clinton‘s feminist Broadway production “Suffs” is struggling at the box office and failing to attract an audience, despite being praised and promoted by the mainstream media. “Suffs” is a musical about the rise of the suffragette movement. Clocking in at nearly three hours, the production features a cast comprised entirely of women and “non-binary” individuals. Hillary Clinton’s Feminist Musical – Suffs – is Bombing on Broadway
  • “Given that the beer is usually consumed by pro-America, country-lovin’ men, the fake girl’s attempt backfired. Bud Light ended up being canned by millions of drinkers across the country and ended up costing the company more than $1 billion in sales.” Bud Light Sales Still Plummeting a Year After the Mulvaney Fiasco


  • Christian Toto: “Netflix’s breakout hit scored with critics, crowds and it’s no secret as to why.” Six Reasons Baby Reindeer Earned All That Hype
  • Johnson was a true legend, spending his entire 16-year career with only one team: the 49ers. The NFL Hall of Fame noted highlights of Johnson’s career on and off the field, including that San Francisco retired Johnson’s jersey in 1977, the year following his playing career. Playing in 213 regular-season games throughout his career, Johnson established himself as one the most formidable man-to-man defenders in NFL history.  NFL Legend Jimmy Johnson Dead at 86

FINALLY . . . 

  • The DPAA said in a press release that they identified the sailor as Navy Fireman 1st Class Everett C. Titterington who served on the battleship USS Oklahoma on that fateful day on Dec. 7, 1941. . . Titterington is set to be buried in Bloomington, California on Sept. 5, DPAA said. ‘DPAA is grateful to the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of the Navy for their partnership in this mission,’ the press release said.” Burial Set After Pearl Harbor Sailor’s Remains Identified

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