Let’s Start Playing By Their Rules…Which Means No Rules

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[Graphic courtesy of Dr_No]

When was the last time the corporate wing of the Republican party played hardball? Hell…when was the last time the oh-so-polite wing of the conservative movement took off their bow ties and got down into the muck with their enemies?

The answer is…never. The pompous asses who have controlled the political monologue of the right in America for far too long will never retake the territory they have lost. They lost it by using the convenient excuse that the high road is the only acceptable way. No back alley fighting for them! No…they lust after comity and bipartisanship and the wonderful collegial atmosphere of the Senate (that never existed except in their feeble brains).

Curiously, they became wealthy and powerful while we…the people for whom they claim to speak…became poorer and less free.

At least we know what the left believes, and we certainly know that they hate us and that we are their sworn enemies. Too bad that the corporatists who have co-opted the right continue to pretend that they are the only true conservatives, when the reality is far different. For instance, Speaker of The House Johnson may be the best we can do, but let us not pretend that he is anything other than a placeholder, managing the decline while simultaneously supporting exactly the opposite of what the base desires. Stripping away the rhetoric reveals that Johnson does not support American security, but does support Ukraine’s, Israel’s, and Taiwan’s. Why?

Graft. Lack of a coherent political philosophy. Quid pro quo for the defense industry. Take your pick, or even better, embrace the power of “and!”

The left lies, cheats, steals, and the political hacks of the right smile and say, “may we have another?”

It is time to embrace the concept that winning is the only goal. Losing with honor is a pathetic and despicable mindset that simply does not belong in any rational political philosophy.

Donald Trump may not be running a perfect campaign, but does anyone doubt his desire to win? Does anyone doubt that he is a warrior? Sure, we all have complaints about his reticence with respect to the Deep State, and I could write volumes about his mistakes. But he did not go quietly, unlike almost every other Republican politician.

Warts and all, Donald Trump is our man, and hopefully he will embrace the idea that the coming election and, hopefully, his second term will require “Total War.” But that war has already begun; it’s just that the right hasn’t admitted it yet.

In a recent CutJibNewsletter podcast with Jim Lakely, we discussed The Heartland Institute poll showing that significant numbers of Americans would cheat — break the law — to ensure their candidates won. That is obviously baked into the left’s cake. The question is whether we will continue to lose elections, and our country, by playing a political game with rules, when our opponents laugh at those same rules.

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