Biden Is No Fan Of Israel, And Contrary To The Media Spin, He Never Was!

Biden Jew Hate.jpg

Yup…all the way back to 1982, and curiously, Begin was a nationalist, and relatively conservative. Of course that’s just a coincidence…right?

Biden is a shill for the left, and the two-fer of a Jew AND a conservative was just too much to resist.

Biden National Security Council Advisor: We Can’t Go Against Israel until Reelection; Israel ‘Lies, Bombs, and Kills All These Kids’

The headline says it all. That’s the tone in Biden’s administration, in spite of the overwhelming objective evidence that Israel is conducting a incredibly humane war, with rules of engagement and tactics that get Israeli soldiers killed.

Biden says US won’t supply weapons for Israel to attack Rafah, in warning to ally

Israel is a staunch and loyal ally, in an existential war, yet Biden is happily playing politics with Israeli lives and security for a few muzzie votes in Michigan and Minnesota.

Biden team reverses support of Abraham Accords

Oh look! Another two-fer! damage an incredible foreign policy success by President Trump while setting back Israel’s outreach to its neighbors on matters of trade, and more importantly, security from an expansionist Iran.

Biden: ‘Working to make sure we finally get a two-state solution’ as Sullivan visits Israel

The two state solution is a guarantee of endless wars and terrorism, very possibly ending in Israel’s destruction and the genocide of its citizens. Yet the official policy of the United States is to support it? President Trump suggested a modified plan that gave Israel defensible borders, but Biden is hell-bent on a powerful terrorist Arab state in the midst of Israel.

So what’s the point…

American Jews need to get their heads out of their asses and learn something about Joe Biden and the Democrat party. It isn’t what bubbe and zayde voted for, and it certainly doesn’t support anything that is objectively good for American Jewry. It has shifted even farther left, and has become a reflection of the worst excesses of American progressivism and the current Woke insanity. Even worse, it is actively pursuing alliances with the growing Arab population in America, and they are perfectly clear about their goals: a caliphate.

Do any of you knuckleheads know what that means for Jews?

Or Christians?

Or freedom?

Or liberty?

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