The Morning Report 5/28/24

Good morning, kids. Hope you all had a blessed Mmoial Day holiday in remembrance and appreciation for those of our fellow citizens who paid the ultimate price for our nation and freedom. sadly now gone, by all indications on so many levels.

Can it be reborn, if not as it was at least in a way that reinstitute its essence and spirit. Probably not without sacrifices that we can barely imagine even at this point. But the memory of those who laid down their lives for it and for your children and posterity and even our own selves, it must be worth it. The thought of living in a land lorded over by the likes sho have a will to power and lust to destroy us for our beliefs and essence is intolerable to me. Better to die on our feet than exist as slaves on our knees, if even we are permitted that. The nature of Leftism and it’s ally in Islam mean exactly that. We must overcome. Somehow, some way.

Death to them both. 

The persecutions against Donald Trump is/are the sine qua non of evidence that the principles and concepts that undergirded the founding of this nation have been completely eviscrated. that scum and imbeciles like that of the so-called squad can become elected representatieves I guess is both a flaw in the original system, or else a nature in that we get what we vote for good and hard, or more likely look at our school systems today and you see the same lack of morality and intellect that guides leaders in and out of government in the grinding down of our culture and society into dust. 

This must be stopped by any and every means necessary. And because those who lord over us will not go quietly but rather grip the reins and whip even harder means we have our work cut out for us,

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