The Morning Rant


The cowardly, soft, mush-headed intellectuals, commentators, celebrities, athletes and others with even the tiniest bully pulpit are always challenged by the left when they speak out of turn. Of course speaking out of turn means disagreeing with the left cant that has overwhelmed social, political and intellectual discourse in America. Even a tiny deviation from the orthodoxy will result in a massive attack from all parts of the left. Their useful idiots in the media, their so-called intellectuals, their compliant academics, and their legion of brain-dead celebrities and athletes mouthing the talking points will unite in their condemnation.

And it has gotten worse. Now the passport of the interlocutor is proof of badspeak. Specifically? Israel.

But it can be managed. In fact, it can be a powerful tool to turn the tables on the left, because they are unused to counter-attacks.

Do you want to see how it’s done?

Jewish Author Delivers Blistering Response When Forced to Answer Where She Stands on “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” Before Scheduled Speaking Event

Russian Israeli author Dina Rubina was scheduled for an event to discuss her books at Pushkin House in London in collaboration with the University of London.

Before she was “allowed” to speak, however, event moderator Nataliya Rulyova demanded she clarify “her position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” saying other invited participants needed to “understand your position on this issue before responding.”

Rubina spends many paragraphs eviscerating the request, explaining the real situation in Israel with respect to Gaza, and mocking the literary community.

There is no apology. No backing down from a considered, rational, well-thought-out moral stance. There is no backing down from her political philosophy. There is not an iota of defense. It is a powerful attack, backed by facts.

And this wonderful woman saves the best for last!

As you know, I have been a professional writer for over 50 years. My novels have been translated into 40 languages, including Albanian, Turkish, Chinese, Esperanto, and many more. Now, with great pleasure, without choosing my expressions too much, I sincerely and with all the strength of my soul send to all the brainless “intellectuals” who are interested in my position to go fuck themselves.

This is how to fight.

We need more of these principled women and men. And we need more of the quiet, unassuming men and women with the same strength of character to step forward and fulfill their destiny as protectors of Judeo-Christian culture and the uniquely Western concept of freedom and liberty.

And that doesn’t mean fighting in the streets or protesting. It means a very simple thing. Take what many consider to be private and personal…our ideas and moral code, and express them when necessary. At a school board meeting. At a village council meeting. At a backyard barbecue when someone is spouting the leftist cant about X or Y or Z. Letters to the local paper. Anywhere that the leftists feel safe to spout their manipulative evil.

But we must defend our unique, wonderful, civilization-creating culture against those who wish to drag it into the muck of a post-modern world, devoid of God, of honor, of integrity, of freedom and liberty and, most of all, devoid of the individual.

Because we are merely cogs in the great and terrible machine that grinds humanity down into the muck of collectivism or globalism or whatever those who mean to destroy us are calling it.

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