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ood morning, kids. Obviously the completely unsurprising guilty verdict against DonaldTrump leads the news this morning. 34 separate counts of what amounts to a spurious writ of attainder for the non crime of paying off a blackmailer with a perfectly legal non-disclosure agreement to shut up and go away was magically transmogrified into the illegal use of campaign funds (despite being personal funds) and tarted up as some sort of election interference/rigging charge, which is rich considering the entire intelligence and national security apparatus was at the beck and call of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to invent the Russia collusion hoax along with bury the actual criminality of Joe Biden and his family in his illicit dealings with Ukraine via Burisma and the color revolution that overthrew their legitimately elected president that along other things led to the Ukraine War in which said junta is itching to start World War 3 with Putin. But I digress.

YEs, what happened testerday though, unsurprising is still disgusting in its implications for how lowwe have sunk as a society for many decades now if not perhaps longer. 

I’ve said it many times before but what happened yesterday merely serves to underscore the fact that what we need is an American counter-revolution that utterly eviscerates the moral, societal and ethical decay that has brought us to the brink of disaster, if we’re not on the precipice of the abyss as it is. Blaming the jurors for yesterday’s travesty misses the mark. The amorality of those who seek our submission and enslavement for a variety of reasons from the venal to the ideological and everything in between is why we got where we are. Examine the soulless vacuity of the lives of every Leftist in academia, and the government who have held sway over us lo these many many decades. And that is where you can get an inkling into the mindset of by any means necessary. If Alvin Bragg had the tiniest scintilla of morality and ethics he never would have been party to this. And remember, he ran for NY DA on a platform of nailing Donald Trump for anything. real or imagined, as was the case here.

I know there are many who have personal misgivings about Donald Trump, which in this case and really in most cases are ridiculous. And yet, for whatever reasons that he emerged in 2015 to open so many eyes as to the corruption of all levels of government, he succeeded wildly at the very least in exposing it. It remains to be seen what the effect of this man will be on America or what’s left of it going forward, be it his persecutions or even perhaps a still to be determined political comeback? The fact that donations have been so massive to him in the wake of what happened yesterday that they crashed his website perhaps is an indicator?

Will he or anyone with his mission and mindset to make America great again ever even be afforded the opportunity? Forget about making America great Again. What we need is to make America America again! As I said by any means necessary is strategy and tactic of the anti-American, savages, tuyrants and goons who seek our destruction.

I have to say, I’m at that point where it’s high time we are going to have to embrace that slogan in every aspect of our lives if we are ever to be blessed by the Lord in Heaven to have the chance at a renaissance of freedom, enlightenment and human advancement that was the dream and vision of our founders and the hallmark of American exceptionalism. That is, a society that was the exception to everything that came before it since time immemorial. 

It’s up to each of us to be a spark of individual revolution in how we think, act and bring up those who will come after us. God-forbid yet another wasted generation of keffiyah wearing communists who will slit our throats in the name of any cockamamie heathen cause and blood-libel, 

Sometimes unexpected but dramatic events tear off the thin veneer of respectability and convention. What follows is the exposure and repudiation of long-existing but previously covered-up pathologies.

The public still cannot digest the truth that the once respected FBI partnered with social media to suppress news stories, to surveil parents at school board meetings, and to conduct performance art swat raids on the homes of supposed political opponents.

After the attempts of the Department of Justice to go easy on the miscreant Hunter Biden but to hound ex-president Donald Trump for supposedly removing files illegally in the same fashion as current President Joe Biden, the public lost confidence not just in Attorney General Merrick Garland but in American jurisprudence itself.

The shenanigans of prosecutors like Fani Willis, Letitia James, and Alvin Bragg, along with overtly biased judges like Juan Merchant and Arthur Engoron, only reinforced the reality that the American legal system has descended into third-world-like tit-for-tat vendettas.

I would disagree with the estimable Dr. Hanson in that I don’t see tit for tat vendettas. I see tyrants abusing and corrupting the system to punish its political enemies.

We shall see if the net effect is to have turned Donald Trump into a combination of Nelson Mandela and Alfred Dreyfus. Do not get me wrong. I am no fan at all of Nelson Mandela. He was a hardcore communist, and despite the amorality of the apartheid system of South Africa, but I merely invoke him in the same sentence as Trump so as to make Leftist heads explode, so why not.

Perhaps a few Winnie Mandela flaming tire necklaces are what’s required to set things right.

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. defended former President Donald Trump on Thursday after a jury in a deep blue part of the country returned a guilty verdict against him.

The case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg — who is backed by Democrat megadonor George Soros — has been controversial from the start and has remained so throughout with nearly every facet showing what critics and various legal experts have alleged is bias against the former president, including the judge who presided over the case, the legal theory used to bring the charges, the instructions given to jurors for deliberations, and more.

RFK Jr. a lifelong Democrat who only recently became an Independent because he was unable to overtake Biden as the Democrat Party’s nominee — said that the party’s entire plan to stop Trump was to beat him with the criminal prosecutions initiated by Democrat prosecutor.

Look, IF even RFK Jr. can see this for what it is, that kind says something. Unless he thinks this is a way for him to try and peel support away from Biden. Which to make that observation says something about both my perception of his character and his reading of the tea leaves o his fellow travelers, their liberal proclivities and innate dislike of Trump and conservatives notwithstanding. Perhaps down the road, a coming together of people like RFK Jr. and us on a common ground of trying to find common ground upsn which to, shall we say Coexist is what might be needed to start my longed for American renaissance. I have a dream today.


  • Victor Davis Hanson: To avoid further loss of public confidence, institutions like the FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon, and the DOJ will have to re-earn rather than just assume the public’s confidence. And we may soon accept the reality that Democrats reflect the values of Silicon Valley plutocrats, university presidents, and blue-city mayors, while Republicans become the home of an ecumenical black, Hispanic, Asian, and white middle class.a href=”″>Our Revolutionary Times 
  • > Robert Zimmerman: “I highlighted Sotomayor’s name because her position > here, representing the entire court IN FAVOR OF THE NRA, proves that > even the leftist justices at the court are increasingly tired of the > abusive and illegal lawfare being waged by the Democratic Party against > Republicans and conservatives. … This decision also provides us a > strong indication of what the Supreme Court will do if and when the > various lawfare cases against Donald Trump reach it.” Supreme Court votes 9-0 in favor of NRA’s 1st amendment rights


* * * * *

“BIDEN BORDER BLOODBATH,” AMNESTY, IMMIGRATION, BORDER SECURITYSpecial interest aliens are those who come from countries with possible security concerns.



  • Daniel Greenfield: “The guilty verdict does not make Trump a felon; it makes Manhattan a Banana Republic.”The guilty verdict does not make Trump a felon; it makes Manhattan a Banana Republic.
  • And half the country is ok with it.  From this day forward, every Republican president and Congress member will have to fear being hauled into court by the Democrats—and it won’t be an irrational fear. Who would want to run for office knowing what awaits them?  Remember the Left’s biggest complaint about Trump in the early days of his presidency? They wept and gnashed their teeth whenever he acted outside the box, claiming he violated presidential norms. “This is not normal!” they lamented over and over again.Nothing About This Is Normal
  • Legal experts doubt the 77-year-old Trump will end up being incarcerated, though the Secret Service reportedly coordinated with local jail officials just in case. Possible alternatives to imprisonment include probation or community service. VERDICT: Trump Found Guilty On All Charges In Hush-Money Case
  • “But, I think the case for malicious prosecution here is extraordinarily strong,” Scharf said. “I mean, this is not a case that would have been brought against any defendant not named Donald Trump and any defendant who, frankly, wasn’t running for president.” (RELATED: ‘Kangaroo Court’: Denying Mistrial Over Stormy Daniels’ Testimony Is One Of Many Mistakes By Judge, Legal Experts Say)
  • “Never has a verdict been more political and more unjust.” (It’s not just the jurors. IT was an entire corrupted system that lynched an innocent man – jjs) Twelve Corrupt Jurors
  • The violations of basic fairness in the trial were legion: Merchan wouldn’t let the defense call an expert witness to testify that no federal campaign-finance law was violated; he routinely shut down the defense while letting the prosecution get away with gross violations, including telling  multiple outright lies in its closing statement. Trump falls victim to a prostituted court of law — more reason for the court of public opinion to vote out Biden in November

Trump Attorney Hints At Possibility Of Suing Alvin Bragg For ‘Malicious Prosecution’According to the former Bush administration official, the verdict would “massively backfire” on Democrats by galvanizing Republican support and encouraging fundraising.
CNN’s Jennings: Trump Guilty Verdict ‘Going to Massively Backfire on the Democrats’“We’re a nation in decline, serious decline,” Trump continued. “Millions and millions of people pouring into our country right now from prisons and from mental institutions, terrorists, and they’re taking over our country. We have a country that’s in big trouble.”
Donald Trump: ‘Real Verdict Is Going to Be November 5 by the People’








  • “Abortion is health care — and that’s facts,” the post read, with an emoji of a hand with the fingernails painted bright red. The comment accompanied a meme asking the question, “Where does it hurt?” A person with a headache was shown as the outline of a person with a red spot covering the head. Likewise, a person with a stomachache was shown as the outline of a person with a red spot over the stomach. A third person represented someone who had been told that abortion is not health care, and was shown as an outline entirely filled in with red.Planned Parenthood Dragged So Hard For ‘Abortion Is Healthcare’ Meme, They Shut Down Replies


  • “I got to tell you, there’s, I don’t say panic, but there is real, real unease in the party,” Carville said. “And you know, sometimes you go years with nothing happening, and then you go weeks with everything happening.”‘Real Unease In The Party’: James Carville Says Not To ‘Discount’ Possibility Biden Won’t Be Dem Candidate
  • Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D., Texas) echoed Horsford’s sentiments, noting that “the way that we communicate [with voters] has changed in such a way that, if you don’t invest earlier, it’s going to be a problem.” “I’m not saying that it’s the last minute, but we are in crunch time,” Crockett warned the Biden campaign in comments to Politico. Black Democrats Tell Biden Campaign Its Outreach Isn’t Working
  • As our own Victoria Taft wrote, the Communist News Network (CNN) reported that a guilty verdict won’t hurt Trump at all. What the CNN stooge-fest failed to address is how much this courtroom codswallop will help push Trump over the winner’s line in November. I have the answer: It will help him immeasurably.  As I am writing this, I am listening to a 77-year-old woman who called WMAL to say she has never donated to a political candidate but is planning to do so now that Trump has been convicted. Fear Not, Patriots, Trump Just Won the Election
  • Trump’s campaign wrote on X that “the American people see through Crooked Joe Biden’s rigged show trial.”“So many Americans were moved to donate to President Trump’s campaign that the WinRed pages went down,” the campaign said. Trump Campaign Gets Immediate Avalanche Of Cash After Guilty Verdict, Donation Site Crashes

Maguire took to Twitter with a post and article about his public decision to pledge the large amount to Trump, explaining why he is “prepared to lose friends” over the choice. 
‘I’ll Lose Friends For This’: Ultra-Wealthy Former Dem Donor Cuts Massive Check To Trump After Conviction“The Democratic Party’s strategy is to beat President Trump in the courtroom rather than the ballot box,” he posted on X. “This will backfire in November. Even worse, it is profoundly undemocratic. America deserves a President who can win at the ballot box without compromising our government’s separation of powers or weaponizing the courts.”
RFK Jr., A Lifelong Democrat, Defends Trump Over Verdict: ‘Profoundly Undemocratic,’ ‘Will Backfire’

THE UKRAINIAN “FRONT”“Fred Fleitz: If Trump returns to the presidency next January, he would be the only world leader determined to end the Ukraine War, and has said he will use his influence as president to do so within 24 hours.”
It Seems That No One Wants to End the Ukraine War … Except for Trump


DEFENSE, MILITARY, SECURITY AFFAIRSThe Pentagon contract appears to be the first time the U.S. military has hired outside “indigenous knowledge” experts for consulting. Other federal agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control will soon employ “indigenous knowledge” in their research.
Pentagon Shells Out Half a Million Dollars for ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ Research




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  1. “hound ex-president Donald Trump for supposedly removing files illegally in the same fashion as current President Joe Biden”

    Donald Trump was President with full clearance over the documents and it’s since been shown that (some if not sll) the “classified” documents that were “found” appear to have been sent to him (set up?) by the National Archieves. At least all files he had were stored in a location secured per instructions received and he was negotiating in good faith with the Achieves on possible returns.

    biden never had clearance to remove or keep classified documents when he was busy stashing them pretty much anywhere he could find room. Any kind of security was obviously not a conncern, never mind a priority. Who knows what information a certain junky criminal relative might have found and used as blackmail to support his drug/sex habit.

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