1954…2024: The Left Wants The Good Old Days Of Segregation!

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Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was an important Supreme Court case that racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional. There is nothing remotely disturbing about that, and the outrageous and unintended consequences of that holding are more a function of our dysfunctional political system — and its misuse by the left — than any reflection on the Constitution.

It’s simple. Government racial discrimination is illegal.

Except when it is in service to the post-modern drive to create irreconcilable gulfs between people…whether by class (Marxism) or race/ethnicity/religion/sexuality (post-modern progressivism).

Then it is perfectly okay, and in fact should be celebrated!

Yippee! Segregation’s back!

Another University Held Segregated Graduation Celebrations

The University of Nevada was added to the list of universities who offered segregated graduation ceremonies this year. According to Campus Reform, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas hosted five “affinity” celebrations. Advertisement From May 7 to May 10, the Office of Student Diversity Programs (SDP) reportedly organized graduation celebrations for Asian and Pacific American, “LatinX”, Native American, African American, and LGBTQ+ students. The goal was to celebrate students with diverse backgrounds and recognize their achievements. “We strive to serve a diverse student population, elevating and affirming their identities through an intersectional framework that champions student success,” the SDP said in their mission statement.

Let’s not elevate their accomplishments, because these sad sack poster children for discrimination have done nothing to deserve the accolades being heaped upon them. Because those accolades are as a result of the genetics of skin color or the coincidence of geography.

Oh…wait! Sexuality is the outlier here! So being a furry or a homosexual or a pan-gendered non-binary goat-f*cker makes you special, and deserving of government sanctioned elevation to some special rank within the unfathomable hierarchy of current cultural fashion?

Public discrimination is vile. Government has no right to make these choices, because they are using our tax money to fund their racialist insanity. How this differs from the universally reviled apartheid of South Africa is a question for those who love to discuss how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin. There is no substantive difference, and it is a vast crime and profound rejection of everything we as a country have strived for…fought for…died for.

What are the social and economic consequences of recognizing (mostly) immutable characteristics as somehow deserving of praise? A truly egalitarian society recognizes accomplishments, success, and the hard work that came before!

Please show me the labor, the long hours in the lab and library, the hundreds of hours of late-night reading, the agonizing problem sets, that buttressed (hah) the honor of a special LGBTQBBQ graduation ceremony.

I’ll wait.

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