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  1. Ditto, gentlemen. Thanks for all you’re doing on Ace.

    In 1797, a hunter in the deep woods of Kentucky chased a bear into the mouth of a deep cave. Thinking it was a local cave, he told his family and friends about it.

    But as it has been explored and mapped over the years, we have come to realize it is a vast cave system– extending under several states. In fact, the longest known cave system in the world.

    WRT the CovidWorld Regime, we’ve been at the same threshold level of understanding as that hunter. We know it’s a cave, but….

    But RFK Jr. has mapped the system — fellows, it’s far, FAR worse than even we thought.

    I beg you, please buy and read “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy.” And please put it up front, prominently,, for your readers. Please tell Ace, too…

    This is easily the most important book published in our current kulturkampf and it is loaded with facts and footnotes and masses of proof. Fauci is not an inept, bungling bureaucrat but a quite deliberate Dr. Evil figure. And he and his cronies, the billionaire psychopaths, are busy constructing a system of worldwide enslavement and Kennedy has the proof and devastating detail.

    If they succeed in welding these manacles on us….

    Say your prayers and keep your powder dry.

  2. I will just add that Kennedy retains his blindness to the fact that his party is the chief instrument of instituting this system of planetary dictatorship, because it is nothing less than that, but he sure is clear-sighted on this one overwhelming issue. And he traces the crimes against humanity going back decades. Honestly, this book has been getting between me and my sleep like nothing else has.

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