CutJibNewsletter Speaks! Episode 7

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks! Episode 7

Biden/dementia and Ukraine, A moral compass, a Texas synagogue, and of course our friend OregonMuse

8 comments to “CutJibNewsletter Speaks! Episode 7”
  1. Thanks for the heads up JJ about the podcast in todays MR..
    Due to life i am a hit and run lurker/commenter at the HQ.
    But I can listen to the podcast as I do life.
    Many thanks!
    Ps I bought your book.

  2. Thank you for sharing your memories of Oregon Muse. And in case I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I want to tell you all – JJ, CBD, MH – that you have all been part of my daily routine. One of the good parts of it. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the podcast. I love hearing the voices of those I read so often, and am so appreciative of this online community.

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