CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 2: Episode 2

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 2: Episode 2

S2 E2: CBD is joined by polling and election guru Dave in FL to discuss the midterms, the swing races, the banana republic fact of election rigging and the duplicity (or not?) of Mitch McConnell, and more!!!

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  1. Well done! Thank you for another informative and entertaining session. It seemed to be over before it had gotten started. Especially appreciated the “peek behind the curtain” of the polling and why one pollster might be more trustworthy than another. Dave in Fla’s analysis is not only accurate but explained in detail, which is a terrific way to learn! Appreciated the wonky and empirical slant of the information provided.

    Dave: Had a biology professor once who would say: “I want you to appreciate…” before describing something of interest. Not that I mind your use of the word “interesting” to describe so many items of interest!

  2. Dave is a great guest, I am sure the Republicans can win here in Pa the fraud is the only thing keeping it to be a sure thing.

  3. You know I’d like to believe you on Vance in Ohio, however I’m getting deja vu vibes of Sherrod Brown vs Jim Renacci. I’ve yet to see any Vance ads. And his opponent is running “Vance hates cops!” Ads. It’s the same playbook Brown ran in 2018 where if you saw his commercials the only thing you would think he was missing was a red MAGA hat with how he was trying to act.

  4. Great episode and welcome to the upper Midwest JJ! I live in Minnesocold, but only eight miles from the Sconny border(St. Croix Falls).

  5. Lived in Las Vegas during Covid. Governor Sisolak was monkey see monkey do with Gavin Newsome. Small biz got crushed and casinos lost money. All Dem candidates in NV are pushing abortion….if it’s a Red Tsunami, watch the Robertson/Titus House race. She is a Dem incumbent and Robertson is a first time candidate. Lots of new people here from blue states. Tax refugees. I don’t think pollsters understand. BTW, check out for search….

  6. A gay Jew? While you may be correct that he is the up and coming star of the democrats, that is a long row to hoe…

    And he looks like a putz!

  7. Just finished The Parallel Election which details the massive fraud in PA. Names names too. Mastriano comes up short in the book

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