CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 2

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 2

CBD and J.J. Sefton with an extended episode discussing the horrific surprise attack and war on Israel, what can be done, what should’ve been done, the nature of the conflict and failure of the west to understand and what might come next.

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  1. Did we forego bombing Nazi cities during WWII, or did we count the collateral death as the fault of Hitler & co.?

  2. A word, if I may. I was born and raised in the south from southerners who go all the way back to Jamestown Virginia. Most modern commentators especially in the West do not seem to really understand how powerful the concept of honor and shame are in these cultures. This has been a feature of Southern Culture for a long time although it is much attenuated these days.

    But I can tell you, in a situation not unlike the old Star Trek episode where Spock warned Captain Kirk he had to attack the Romulans, he said of the enemy that if they retain this warlike culture, then “Weakness is something you dare not show.”

    They see anything other than “war to the knife” as weakness, and despise us for our weighing of moral pros and cons. It excites their contempt and inflames their bloodlust.

    Filipino Buddhist fighters in WW II had the right idea. After the Japs massacred their civilians and gang-raped their women by the thousands (in Manila alone, estimated 50,000 women and girls were so brutalized, many of whom died as a result), the Filipinos took to collecting battlefield trophies of their own — Japanese jawbones, slung from their belts.

    They knew who they were up against.

    Civilized Man had better get a clue.

  3. The other handicap I see is that of people who think of themselves as enlightened and post religious. Certainly not fervent like their ancestors. If you can’t get into that mindset, you have no idea what extraordinary force a powerful religious belief, especially one that endorses all of your worst impulses like Islam does, can lend to a fighter. They not only get to enjoy being evil, they really do believe they will go to their Paradise if they are killed in battle so they have no f**** to give. This mindset is completely alien especially, and I say this with some affection for both of you, to cultured northeasterners.

  4. The Muslim refuseniks should have been “escorted” into the Transjordan, as they were meant to be. They should never have been allowed to desecrate the TEMPLE Mount with their _____.

    You can’t appease men with this kind of belief system. John Quincy Adams had them pegged 200 years ago, as did Charles Martel and El Cid.

    Living side by side in peace? Like swimming peacefully in piranha-infested waters.

    The pampered and cossetted commentators like the cretinous Quisling Boot have no idea what lurks out in the dark beyond civilization’s campfire light.

    Ok, JJ, you’re sounding more warlike. Good.

    Mike “30 Pence” is a classic Judas.

  5. Aw shoot, just gotta add: left/libbies like Boot are materialist idiots. Like the morons who think the flash mobs of looters just need “food and jobs.”

    The moslems have, to their minds, an intoxicating combination of canal gratification inches here and now, but transcendent bliss in the hereafter.

    So having a 9 to 5 job andca nice apartment with all the mod cons can’t begin to match that. But being ireligious, he can’t see it.

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