CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 7

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 7

Jim Lakely from the Heartland Institute is CBD’s and J.J.’s special guest for an enlightening and infuriating hour discussing the globalist goal to eradicate a few billion people and control who’s ever left by pushing climate change hysteria and wiping out fossil fuels, plus some quick hits and more!

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  1. Hi, guys: great podcast!
    Coal gets a bad rap these days, because with the stack scrubbers, it’s WAY cleaner than it used to be, and throwing it aside would be a big mistake. It accounted for 80% of our power plants not so long ago.

    On Israel: Caroline Glick, who I think AOSHQ linked today, has a fascinating account of what REALLY happened with the intel ‘failure’ — she says it was sabotage by the Israeli Leftists in the intel and to an extent the military. She said that they did NOT tell Netanyahu about the invasion — because they wanted to use this debacle to get Bibi out of office and themselves back into power. And it’s working to a degree, because even folks who’ve liked him in the past are now saying, ‘Oh, of course Netanyahu has to go, after this.’

    I did think, when he did his first televised remarks, that he looked like a man stunned (though covering it well).

    What say you to this?

    Yes, the Leftists are evil everywhere.

  2. Hi Beverly:

    If Caroline Glick is even remotely correct that is an absolute catastrophe. I am no expert in Israeli politics but I always thought that right or left, both sides still understood the fact that their neighbors were not exactly like Canada and Mexico are to us (in days of old anyway).

    I do not know what powers Bibi and his side have to root out these traitors, who should all be hanged for what they did given the gravity of what happened, but an internal purge or something along those lines must happen.

    All that said, the nature of the international propaganda machine, and the now similar split in the Israeli citizenry like what we have, is such that if Bibi were to make mass arrests and perhaps outlaw Likud (is that the Left?), the reaction – especially from the Biden Junta – could be as bad politically as what Hamas did. Ditto for here, but I think you knew that.

    We collectively are no longer fighting evil with one arm tied behind our back but in a straight jacket wearing cement overshoes.

    But still we persist. Cheers.

  3. I think it is axiomatic that the leftists in Israel despise Netanyahu, but he has been Prime Minister for most of the last 14 years. He is absolutely responsible for the catastrophic failures in intelligence and military preparedness. Whether the border with Gaza was purposefully abandoned for political expediency is a question that will be answered in the coming years. While part of me puts nothing past the left; part of me refuses to believe that Israelis would sacrifice their own people on the alter of socialism.

  4. I enjoyed every minute talking with CBD and JJ. Look forward to coming on again one day!

    Buck had even more great news on the EV front today — at least good for those who want to pop the eco-left’s bubble that “electrifying everything” while taking reliable power plants offline.

    Maybe one day we’ll look back at the EV craze the way we did when they tried to impose the metric system on the U.S. when I was a kid in the 70s. Americans like their cars to be cars, not luxury golf carts.

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