CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 6

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 5, Episode 6

CBD and J.J. Sefton discuss: More than a war on Hamas, recognizing that Islam is at war with the civilized world, demographics are against us in terms of immigration and indoctrination of American youth, Sidney Powell, Trump and overcoming an election even more “fortified” than 2020, and more!

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  1. “Turning government around” is why we all voted for PDJT. And it’s probably still why he gets votes. But, now the Democrat-dominated uniparty, as led by Biden/Obama, have made the world a very dangerous place, and also decimated the economy with his energy and industrial policy. Just insane. Despite my basic optimism, I’m really worried.

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