CutJibnewsletter Speaks: Season 6, Episode 08

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibnewsletter Speaks: Season 6, Episode 08

CBD and J.J. Sefton discuss: The aftermath of the Iowa Caucuses, the vicissitudes of Trump that make us love and/or hate him, the illegal alien invasion crisis and the standoff between Texas and DC, the potential for revolution and national divorce, the FAA has now mandated diversity to the point of a paraplegic psychopath midget is now a desirable candidate for the control tower, and more!

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  1. Cleveland’s economy is mostly healthcare driven nowadays, from the Cleveland Clinic (primarily) and its derived research and national and international clientele (read that as “Saudi royals”). Still a huge industrial base, but health dominates.

    The airport was a regional hub for Continental but when UAL bought Continental that ended. That’s why the airport is far less used than it once was.

  2. So glad you guys do this pod. And quote “The Second Coming” too (my favorite poem).

    Why the left want to destroy civilization is beyond my ken. Schools, little children, the rule of law….it’s all under massive attack. Hopefully, the pushback will be equal or greater, because what we have is well worth saving.

  3. They want to destroy Western Civilization because that is what keeps them from acquiring absolute power over us.

    What they don’t realize is that with the destruction of Western Civilization comes a dark age…because it is Western Civilization that dragged the world out of the swamp and keeps it at bay.

  4. As I will be letting my state Senator know today, calling them migrants rather than illegal immigrants or illegal aliens is flat out wrong.
    Her position on that, plus her position on children with mental health issues has moved me from #NeverNikki! to #NeverEverNikki!, she is as bad a candidate as the GOPe has ever fielded.

  5. It’s certainly woke, officially. It did its best to stay on Obama’s good side.

    But very efficient in service delivery, which it has to be since it is for-profit and owned by the doctors.

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