CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 6, Episode 7

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 6, Episode 7

Author, historian and our good friend Michael Walsh joins us from his home in Ireland which, like many other parts of the west and the US is being subsumed by intentional mass third world migration, historical parallels from ancient Rome to the crusades and what the west is not doing, vis a vis no longer fighting to win wars to protect itself from unrelenting Islam, The futile yet nevertheless dangerous drive to change the unchangeable nature of men and women, The challenge of being as ruthless and unrelenting in fighting the implacable left, Examining Trump’s failings in dealing with the Deep State and what he and we should do to prep for ’24, Will some black swan event put us on the road to revival, and more

12 comments to “CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 6, Episode 7”
  1. CBD’s theory that leftist totalitarianism will win out, only to be displaced by Islam, is a really cheerful start to 2024!

    Happily I don’t believe it. Talking to my leftist idiot nephews convinces me the 20-somethings are starting to fight back against DEI/marxism/illiteracy. There is hope!

  2. That was a bit depressing
    Don’t agree about DJT on Jan6, can’t be undone but trying to imagine if that rally didn’t happen the Marxists would have given us they have a mandate and it wouldn’t be much different today.
    Still great episode guys

  3. Goodness this was a dire podcast. The suggestion that a return to normalcy requires overturning the 19th amendment is…what can I say…pretty hostile. I’m not a big feminist nor do I underestimate (as a mother myself) the gift of motherhood. Let’s not lose the contributions of talented women who can, believe it or not, juggle multiple roles during their lifetimes. These types of comments make one question whether those uttering them have insecurities.
    Y’all can do (and have done) better.

  4. One other thing that I found surprising/questionable–the idea that Islam is the most “masculine” religion. Did I mishear that? I sure hope so. The “masculinity” exhibited on October 7 was not masculine but examples of hatred of women. Surely such amped up misogyny can’t be what is desirable.

  5. Look at the data…the reason the left is in power in America is because of the votes of single women.

    As for the contributions of talented women? What does that have to do with the propensity of (mostly single) women to vote for the political philosophy that is destroying America?

    In case you missed it, I made the point that what women bring to society is the most important thing that we have. Why you are offended by that is puzzling.

  6. So no woman can vote because a bunch of brainwashed single women vote Democrat? What about the brainwashed men? The way to improvement is not about cancelling half the population’s opportunity to vote.

    And as to Islam, if that is deemed man-centric it does not argue well for men. I don’t think any of the men in my life, strong, accomplished guys, would be on board with Islam as the man-centric religion.
    But enough, clearly I am not making any dent in what I find unconvincing (if not puerile, to be honest) thinking.

    I do appreciate the blog, and have enjoyed most of the podcasts. This particular one did not meet your usual standard, imho

  7. As a woman I understand what CBD is saying. It is true that leftist women have voted us into this mess. Women in general are driven by emotion. There are exceptions, but not enough to negate the damage done by leftist women. “Feminism” has metastasized into a cancer that is destroying our country. A vast number of women have replaced having a man in their lives with government and expect the government to replace all the traditional roles that men use to fulfill. This is a very bad thing because this expectation will never be filled. Many women want to be taken care of emotionally & financially while claiming to be independent and self sufficient. They can’t see that this type of thinking is impossible and contradictory. There are exceptions but really, how many happy fulfilled “single independent feminist” do you know? There is a reason a vast majority of women are angry at everything. Think about the evilness of convincing women that killing babies is basic health care and a right. That is satan at work.

  8. Great podcast. I was in NYC, Little Italy, 20 blocks north of the towers, saw it all from my roof.

    I knew we were done for when I heard bush come out and claim that Islam was a religion of peace and we should all go shopping. The New Yorkers in Manhattan at any rate almost immediately started whining that we needed to give peace a chance and after all we deserved it. My bitter thought about that was I didn’t see your sorry ass down there getting burned alive so why don’t you take a big cup of shut up? But I am an angry, unreconstructed, crass Southerner whose reaction to all of this is to go out there and bomb these bastards back into the Stone Age.

    I actually cut out a clipping that had the title “Where is the anger??” Boy was that ever the truth: everybody was giving it the weepy, sad, “oh this is terrible this tragedy this whatever,” and it wasn’t a tragedy it was a freaking War crime.

    Bottom line, our civilization needs to get its balls back.

    Michael is 100% right that the endless war is the war of Islam on Christendom. But it’s not a political system wrapped in a religion, it’s a religion that is weaponized by its political system. Religious motivation is always far more powerful than any mere political idea.

  9. As far as the women voting is concerned, away around that might be to restrict voting to property owners. As in real estate, like owning your own house.

    But also the men have to take some responsibility because men allowed this situation to develop. I know so many men who are married to Liberal women and are essentially whipped even though they may be conservative online. I guess nobody wants to sleep on the couch….

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