CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 6, Episode 13

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 6, Episode 13

The Orwellian border “security” bill is dead at least for now, Iran on the verge of a nuclear breakout and what it means for us and Israel, Trump’s VP pick as a tell whether he’s learned his lesson on staffing traitors, NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson for VP!, Heartland/Rasmussen poll proves 2020 was stolen, and more!

5 comments to “CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 6, Episode 13”
  1. I do think there has to be such Sundowner administration H8tred the Marxists will overplay vote fraud, still worry a Savior will be forced to swoop in and save the Leftists from Sundowner, like Mooch.
    Mark Robinson would be a excellent choice

  2. So you’re tired of TRUMPS sour grapes are you?
    I’m tired of the weak kneed limp wrist apologizing and crying y’all do when those mean democrats emasculate and bend the party over time and again into a cowering subservient mush instead of standing tall like a man. TRUMPS been taking it on the chin for us these last 7 years now nonstop. More than sour grapes he has a goddamned right too! Tell me sir;
    during those same 7 years as you sat opining and whining while TRUMP was getting hammered day in and day out how would you have fared from the same relentless beat down persecution done to you by those cheatin’ whorin’ democrats as TRUMP has? Shit are you fuckin’ kidding me?! “Tired of TRUMPS sour grapes”, you say.

  3. You view Trump as some sort of immortal and infallible leader. I praise where it’s deserved, and he has done more than any other president in my near 64-year lifetime than any other to reverse course and advance Americanism. If you’ve actually read and listened to my writing and podcasts, you know this to be a fact. But when he makes errors – and yes he has made them – I criticize them not to be petty but in the remote chance that perhaps someone near to him or his team passes on the criticism. I want him to succeed because if he succeeds so do we all and hopefully that spirit lives on after he passes on from the scene.

    Read my latest essay at Taki’s Magazine where I ask:
    “. . . Donald Trump has been widely criticized for making a big deal out of being robbed in 2020. Many feel he needs to move on from what happened to him and concentrate on the disaster Joey Sponge-Brain Sh*ts-Pants has inflicted on us, especially the crisis at the border. To harp on 2020 comes across as “sour grapes.” But is it really?Is the greatest crime in American history that perhaps has ended American history as we knew it something to be ignored? In terms of immediate political expediency, perhaps this is the best course of action. But in the long term, 2020 can neither be forgotten nor forgiven.”

    This is a question and not a condemnation. To accuse those like me who legitimately criticize his mistakes and not the bullshit about his “style” makes no sense.

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