Palate cleanser

Not to sweep aside the important discourse happening here, but with the outrage machine spinning up as it always does, every so often I am need a reminder there is good in the world.

So here’s a picture form my daughter’s 6 month photo session. I look at these when I become world weary.


Photo taken by Stephanie Wieneke Photography, reprinted pursuant to usage release.

By the by, Sophie, when you’re busy trying to scrub the internet of everything your mother and I put up of you in 15 years, I’m sorry you were just too damned cute.

[Edited to add: I have another post I’m working on, but maybe I’ll take the day off and enjoy the weather. I’ll rant about colleges tomorrow.]

8 comments to “Palate cleanser”
  1. Well getting video of her laughing was just way to hard, and I’m lazy. 😉
    But man, after watching news reports I was glad to hear that giggle.

  2. Can’t help noting that this image reminds me of two pictures in a MAD magazine article about “home movie cameras” many, many years ago. The first picture was of a baby, somewhat weirder-looking than tsrblke’s, over a captions saying “Why settle for a boring picture like this…” and a second, nearly identical picture, only with a long string of drool hanging from baby’s mouth, captioned “…when a home movie camera can bring you exciting scenes like this!”

    Yeah, I’m strange. And I have a long, woefully selective memory.

    Beautiful little girl, tsrblke! Brings much-needed smiles!

  3. So….I guess she didn’t get a. 22 pistol for her six month birthday.

    What kind of a father are you?

    I thought you were raised better than that!

  4. No. But by the grace of my wife, I get a .22 rifle for Christmas.

    Someday I’ll take her to the range to use it. Maybe if she’s good I’ll even pass it to her when she’s older.

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