The Morning Report 8/03/2018


Good morning kids. The weekend’s here so let’s dive in. Taking the lead this morning is the ratcheting up of violence against Trump supporters, ordinary citizens, non-Leftists, non-people of color and anyone deemed an “enemy of the people” as defined by Left. After legitimately losing elections, losing control of the narrative, losing credibility, losing heretofore solid constituents and finally losing respect, all that is left is for them is to lash out.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is a national treasure for sure, publicly shamed “Jm J” Acosta for pulling the equivalent of the Menendez Brothers schtick – butchering the parents and then begging for mercy for being orphaned. His whiny, titty-baby martyr complex display does not disguise the fact that he and the political movement he is part of that are the perpetrators, not the victims, of the insane rhetoric and the acts of violence we have witnessed, not just in the past 18 months but throughout American, and world history since at least the turn of the 20th century. It is Sanders and her family, and members of the administration and their families who are being hounded in public. And worse.

It’s bad enough that Democrats refuse to even meet SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, while pumping out the most vile Bork-like propaganda against him. But to stoop so low as to not even play a lousy game of softball with people who are your colleagues across the aisle, and abandon the insanity for even a few hours to just pretend we can disagree and still be cordial and civil, well, that sends a message.

And speaking of baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and a mystery friend of Dick Durbin, a man was arrested for leaving threatening messages on Steve Scalise’s voicemail. Steve. Scalise. There’s also a similar, yet unrelated message left for Cathy McMorris Rogers as well. Then, for no reason other than committing the crime of riding a bus while being white, a man was beaten up on a NYC bus. The guy must be a fan of the NY Times new Op-Ed writer Sarah Jeong, right? Lastly James O’Keefe and Project Veritas give us some lovely undercover footage of so-called “Antifa” aficionados being taught the mostly peaceful techniques of rabbit punches, kidney punches, eye-gouging and other friendly gestures to show one’s political opponents.

Once again all of this is the fault of Acosta, his fellow propagandists (that’s what they are, straight up) and everyone in the Democrat-Left. You people are sowing the wind and by continuing this, as you surely will do, you are going to reap a whirlwind the likes of which you cannot even imagine.

On to Politics where Scott Wallace, who is the grandson of FDR’s “progressive” Commie Veep Henry Wallace (hello? collusion?) has not only never voted in the Pennsylvania district he’s looking to be elected to but he’s got some wonderful history funding groups trying to control “irresponsible breeding.” As Hillary might say, “you mean like stray cats an dogs?” Something like that. And the ever lovely Kamala-Toe found it appropriate at a hearing about alleged Russian election meddling to once again dredge up the bromides of slavery, Jim Crow and lynching out of left(ist) field. That would be Democrat slavery, Democrat Jim Crow and Democrat lynching, sweetie. Meanwhile Tom Steyer is getting peeved that no one is taking impeachment seriously, RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel surprisingly is blasting the Koch-whore Brothers, and two pieces about bust-out Joo-hate in the Dem Party as it embraces the socialism. Lastly, it looks like Grassley and the other Senate Repubs are not going to be stonewalled and blockaded, and are pressing ahead with the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings before the midterms. Good.

Over in Witch Hunt and Spygate news, as the Manafort trial seemingly is turning into a fiasco for Mueller, key questions remain about FISA and Joseph Mifsud, Achmed Brennan and the Brits and why the DoJ has no answers as to why Comey’s e-mails have not been preserved despite FOIA suits to do so.

We touched on this Sarah Jeong slag and there’s a couple of good essays on her filth, Facebook uncovers propaganda and disinformation accounts but not the ones they might have expected (as in wanted revealed), and analysis of the Tommy Robinson saga.

On the Amnesty front, an illegal fires a gun on a NYC street and, get this, claims the second amendment right to do so. Over to you DeBolshevik. Also, DACA is still a thing and an essay that echoes what Milton Friedman had to say on open borders and welfare states.

The Iran situation dominates todays international news. The Pentagon is closely monitoring the Farsi fleet in the Gulf, the administration is threatening the EU to stop doing business with Iran or else face sanctions and the German Bundesbank has halted a planned $400 million delivery of hard currency to Tehran. Perhaps they really are on the ropes this time and with PDT in charge we might see the thing crumble like a wet biryani.

On the economic front, PDT has lifted 3.5 million off the food stamp rolls, a very insightful essay on the hows and whys of the trade war, the time for fighting the budget battle is before the midterms and a sobering piece about the looming debt crisis. And as PDT kills Obama’s horrible gas mileage regulation, Governor Moonbeam attempts to blame the California fires on global warming, and fails.

From hither and yon, Pamela Geller on how “Islamophobia” become a thing, a story to put you off of beer – or not, two excellent essays dovetailing nicely with the political Leftist climate of hate and lastly, today marks the 75th anniversary of the uprising at the Treblinka death camp. And as we read about political violence, the justifications/rationalizations of same, otherization of political opponents, racialism, controlling the breeding of undesirables, and so on, I guess this sort of brings things full circle. A warning from history we had best heed.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.