The Morning Report 8/10/2018


Good morning kids. Another summer weekend’s upon us so let’s get right to it. As I have said before, it’s becoming more and more difficult to categorize specific news items because they all are interrelated. And as time passes, the common thread connecting all of them and in fact becoming the story itself is the attempt by a significant minority of the citizenry attempting nothing less than the overthrow of this nation and the permanent subjugation of the people. If there is a silver lining in this, I would have to say that because of the ascendancy of alternative media as not only a political force but the sole purveyor of actual dictionary-definition journalism and open, honest, free debate, all capped off by the election of President Trump, the Left – academia, media, government – has lost control of its ability to drive a narrative and steer the direction of our society. And now, because of this they have become “reactionary” (heh).

The rhetoric from those who’re adults (on paper) and putative responsible leaders and spokesmen has become off-the-charts unhinged. And the result has been a concomitant ramping up of violence and threats of violence. The latest idiotic outburst comes once again from a loathsome bipedal coprolite that calls itself Steve Cohen. This is the guy that belched up that Peter Strzok, a sociopathic FBI Agent who thought his badge gave him the right to help overthrow a duly elected president, deserved the Purple Heart for undergoing questioning in front of a House Committee that was justifiably grilling him about is subversion and sedition. But I digress, as is my wont.

So Cohen gets up in front of a prayer breakfast at a black church and vomits up this garbage:

“The big orange president… He’s going to come down here and he is going to endorse Marsha Blackburn, because Marsha Blackburn, if he says, ‘Jump off the Harahan Bridge,’ she’ll jump off the Harahan Bridge,” the Democrat lawmaker said. “I wish he’d say that.” The crowd could be heard laughing in response to Cohen’s remark.

Comedy gold, Steve! And then later on, when the joke went over like LBJ grabbing a beagle’s ears, he said “just kidding.” You know what’s really funny? All the congregants and constituents who keep voting for this despicable pinhead and his party, the same party whose polices have put them in early graves, prison and piecemeal in test tubes for Cecile Richards to sell. Who’s laughing now?

Meanwhile, as the Democrat-Left-Media complex go into Replicant Pris mode after being sot by Deckard, one cupcake in Massachusetts openly used Twitter to put out a $500 hit on any ICE agent, and Antifa terrorists rioted at Portland City Hall and physically assaulted police. But, Alex Jones and Climate Change denial! So now, bereft of ideas, having been exposed as frauds whose policies not only don’t work and never work as advertised but inflict pain, suffering, financial and societal ruin, are resorting to violence and censorship to get us to shut the fuck up.

As Rush Limbaugh noted yesterday, being rejected at the ballot box means only one thing to the Left: we wuz robbed! So, not only is free speech really “hate speech” (especially when hate speech means being able to intellectually punch holes the size of an 18-wheeler in any argument a leftist makes) and therefore must be regulated, eventually the root cause of the problem is our entire electoral process that prevents civilized enlightened denizens of the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Santa Monica from their just G-d-given right to lord over us. And of course, the Constitution of the United States that put it in place, like 200 years ago, man.

As a side note, and I don’t mean to give this short shrift but coming on the heels of yesterday’s link about Google refusing to help the DHS and getting in bed with the Chi-Coms, we have news that one of the biggest American consulting firms, McKinsey, is walking away from a huge DHS contract citing some bullshit about them conflicting with their ethics vis a vis immigration. But guess who just hired them? Add this on to the Dianne Feinstein garbage and it ain’t a pretty picture. It looks like the Chi-Coms are now doing the subversion that the Soviets did since the 1920s. Yes, George Soros, Tom Steyer and many others have been at this game and should be neutralized (rhetorically speaking, of course). But, to quote General Buck Turgidson, “I smell a big fat commie rat.” And thanks to the Clintons and Loral Space, plus a spy network that has been here since forever and their penchant to steal patents and counterfeit everything from cat-food to computer chips, this is a big ‘effin deal, my brothers.

Side note, my ass. Sorry about that. Lots of things going on including shameless electoral shenanigans in Ohio 12 which is a harbinger of the Midterms I can guarantee you that, Ocasio-Fiasco continues to make Barack Obama sound like a mensa member and lashed out at Ben Shapiro for challenging her to a debate; it was equivalent to a wolf-whistle or something. Whatever Chris Collins is accused of doing got 18 times more coverage than “Go-Gata!” and Chakka Fattah actually did, Nancy Palsi is not liked, Don Jr. crumbles Milano cookie and an upbeat essay about the outlook for November. By the way, the liar who accused Jim Jordan about knowing about the sex abuse at Ohio State has recanted the accusation. Thats for the media which will no doubt not report it.

Going around the horn, Trump and Putin collude with each other with sanctions and counter sanctions, Israel tops a list of 25 of the world’s most powerful nations, Muzzy front group is trying to pressure Hyatt into stifling ACT, Sarsour the Hamas Louse is tied to the father of the New Mexico junior-jihadi trainer and a warning about ignoring the threat from within. Meanwhile, Abby Huntsman has joined the View as another “conservative” voice (sure), Tubby Riefenstahl is punching sprocket holes in his latest sure-fire flop and lastly today marks the anniversary of the 2001 Jerusalem Sbarro Pizzeria terror attack. Sarsour will be handing out candy to celebrate, no doubt. Vayr-ge-hargit.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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  1. Ref: “Kerry Treason” Couldn’t get this post to work on Ace of Spades site…
    In the early 1970s, John Kerry —private citizen— somehow horned into the Paris peace talks, which were a canard from top to bottom, and buddied up there with Mme. Nguyen Thi Binh, who was representing the “National Liberation Front”, which was then being touted as an independent-minded consortium of southern VN opposition forces coming from a broad range of ideological backgrounds, and no sirree Bob!, by no means a cats paw or fake news creature of the North Vietnamese communist apparat.

    In about 1992 or so, I was living Ho Chi Minh City (ex-Saigon) working under an American research grant on the ecological recovery (or not) of the Dong Nai-Saigon Delta, which is where the worst of the Agent Orange defoliation took place.

    The hard-core Hanoi apparatchiki, who never much loved the deep south (“Nam Bo”) —which they considered too soft, martially, and too pro-western to be politically reliable— apparently decided it was time to finally rein in the myth of the NLF (known perjoratively by their anti communist opponents as the “Viet Cong”); and literally overnight, all the NLF flags, badges, paraphernalia, and portraits of Mme. Binh and her ilk disappeared from the souvenir shops and markets of downtown Saigon. It was a breathtaking Orwellian moment —one of many during and after the Second Indochina War— which received zero mention, much less any serious investigative coverage in the foreign media. Of course no such discourse was even conceivable within the domestic media. It still isn’t there. And maybe not here either.

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