The Morning Report 7/11/19

Good morning kids. Thursday and all sorts of things to cover so let’s get to it. First up, L’AFFAIRE EPSTEIN continues with Labor Secretary Alex Acosta coming out swinging in his own defense about the plea deal he brokered as a DA with convicted pedophile Democrat billionaire donor Jeffrey Epstein. It turns out that the original deal was being handled by another DA by the name of Barry Krischer who, get this, wanted to let Epstein skate scot-free, uncharged and unprosecuted. Why, how in the world can that be, you might ask. As the great Daniel Greenfield elucidates in FrontPage Mag,

…The former Palm Beach County State Attorney had made national news three times during his career. Once when he went after Rush Limbaugh, then after Ann Coulter, two Republicans, and when, after being handed the case of Epstein, a co-founder of the Clinton Global Initiative, he gave him a pass. Barry Krischer is a Democrat. Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire donor to Democrats…

…But why did Epstein get a pass from the feds? Acosta allegedly told Trump transition officials that he had been told to back off Epstein. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he allegedly said…”

There’s a lot more to the story that will definitely put things into much sharper focus as well as curdle your guts, so do read the whole thing. Along with another story underscoring Krischer’s involvement, I include one from the Daily Caller that is somewhat less kind to Acosta just for the sake of balance. But the bottom line for me in all of this is, however Acosta may have handled or perhaps mishandled the case, this is all a lot of smoke and mirrors in an effort to distract from the salient point of who and what Jeffrey Epstein is and who were his friends and benefactors, both in terms of money and sadly in the underage flesh of now-destroyed lives. 

For at least a decade, the Democrat-Left-Media Complex knew full well who Epstein was and what he did, mostly because they were accomplices and benefactors, willing or otherwise, to and of his corruption. And yet they kept their mouths shut, covered this up or, failing that, dismissed all of it as old news of no significance. But now that a new set of charges, as well as the reexamination of the plea deal in light of prosecutorial malfeasance irrespective of which DA is responsible, has surfaced, they are all scrambling around like the filthy cockroaches they are and pointing their collective fingers at the most convenient and obvious target out there: President Trump directly and indirectly via his Labor Secretary. As I have stated in this column since Monday, like everything else that they have tried, this too is going to fail to bring him down, and I believe spectacularly so. Unlike everything else, this is not a pre-planned smear campaign; it’s totally being done on the fly in what is likely the most massive, widespread panic-stricken CYA effort throughout the Democrat-Left underworld. Bill Clinton’s hastily written hostage note is a tell, as was the bilge emanating yesterday from Cuck Schemer’s clattering sewer grate of a maw.

Oh yes, Senator Schemer. You gladly, eagerly, willingly and with a smile on your mug received thousands in donations, and perhaps with a little extra “sugar” on the side, from the world’s most expensive pimp yet uncharacteristically said absolutely nothing until Epstein got pinched at Teterboro this past weekend. Your unmitigated gall to stand in the well of Senate and demand Acosta resign or that the President fire him is just shatteringly radiant. Much as Chiquita Khruschev’s absolute brain-dead ignorance makes me crazy, you disgust me no end and have done so for decades. I know there’s scuttlebutt that she might try to primary your sagging flabby keister, unlikely as that outcome may be. But how sweet would it be if pictures of your mass of hairy, Lucien Freud-inspired naked-fleshy-mass-on-an-ottoman surfaced as you attempted the old in-out on a pre-pubescent sex slave? Meh, New York is lost anyway so I’d be cool with that trade off. Then, the SDNY can prosecute you for statutory rape-rape and send you off to Sing-Sing where your cake-hole can finally be silenced due to it’s being on the receiving end of Lemonjello’s ministrations, if you get my meaning. G-d, how I so loathe the utter waste of humanity that is Chuck Schumer.

To wrap this up, the Dems think yet again that they can turn a potential calamity into lemonade and use Epstein to take down Trump. Again, if they continue to go after the President and Alex Acosta, who seemingly has steel in his spine and is defending himself staunchly, they are going to expose things that perhaps will underscore and even be more shocking than the worst political crime in US history, the attempted coup on President Trump and the overthrow of the 2016 election itself. In fact, I believe what’s in Epstein’s head and perhaps on videotape and bank records in his residences and vaults is the tip of the iceberg in revealing even more of the corruption of the power elite of our government and possibly in other countries as well. Yes, Angela Merkel might have the hippy-hippy shakes these days, but isn’t it kind of funny how Brennan, Clapper and Comey are suddenly quite silent since last weekend? Stay tuned.

Down to THE CRISIS AT THE BORDER we go where there are reports that the delayed mass roundup of upwards of a million dead-ender illegal aliens is now on again starting this weekend. I hope Ken Cuccinelli and the President as well as others at DHS, CBP and ICE can just plug the leaks, fire the traitors and press on with the arrest and deportations, lawsuits and hacks-in-black be damned. Let them file lawsuits after they’ve been repatriated, preferably as far south as the Ross Ice Shelf if not farther. As leader of anti-American entity Californa, Gavin Tiresome has officially declared free healthcare for illegal aliens, which Betsy McCaughey rightly warns that if Tio Azucar and open borders happen, the entire third world will decamp here to become registered Democrats. And with warnings about the crime wave that results with no immigration enforcement, you’ll be happy to know that Kevin McCarthy and 140 others in the captive House have joined with their hostage-takers and voted to outsource American jobs. The GOP cannot be wiped out soon enough. And yes, abolishing ICE would be sheer madness, but look at what almost everyone is espousing in the Democrat Party.

DEMOCRAT SCANDAL SHEET & OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED ANTI-SEMITISM: As if we didn’t know, the great Mollie Hemingway’s new book reveals that Christine Blasey-Ford’s scrubbing – with a cloth – of her social media presence and her entire schtick was pre-planned with the assistance of Dianne Feinstein’s team well in advance of her revolting performance to take down Brett Kavanaugh, and a North Carolina Democrat tries pulling a grade-school routine of letting a kid in line go in front of you and then him allowing you to do the same, only with thousands of dollars in hinky home sale. Meh, it’s a Democrat. And lastly, Israeli film big wig and Dem donor Haim Saban is not down with Sandersnista’s and Toothy McBigTits’ anti-Israel garbage. Careful, bubbie, or you’ll never work in that town again.

CLINTON-OBAMA COUP & MUELLER DECEPTION: More revelations of how the Steele-Clinton phony dossier became the touchstone for abuse, investigation sez Seth Rich conspiracy theories are Russky-generated, and Matt Gaetz rips the Dem strategery about the Mueller Report.

POLITICS: It’s now open warfare between Chiquita Khruschev and Palsi Pelosi, the former accusing the old bat of being a racist and the latter telling her to talk to the bony hand, poll shows both Trump and shockingly Joe Bidet on the rise, BET’s Robert Johnson disgusted with the far left trajectory of the Dems. Meh, if he didn’t know by now, he will never, never, never know… etc., Trump praises Home Depot founder and blasts the insane calls to boycott, which are insane since Bernie Marcus hasn’t been at the company for years, Cocaine Mitch’s challenger just pissed off her own base, Fauxca-Has-Been on the warpath against newcomer Tom Styrene, so-called “Justice Democrats” on the warpath with the DSCC over who will run against Susan Collins, and two essays on just how utterly off the deep end the Dems are.

FIRST AMENDMENT & FAKE NEWS FAKERY: Tucker Carlson is 1,000% dead right about Bro-Fo Omar, out of control judiciary screwing with the President about Twitter hecklers while Louis Farakkkan gets a free pass from Jack Dorsey, Minnesota city meeting attempts to dump the Pledge of Allegiance but the citizens react, and the editor-in-chief of a Catholic organ resigns in disgust over what the church has become.

GUNS: Background checks on the rise in 2019 as Coonman’s gun-grabbing attempt in Virginia backfires.

ABORTION: Brit woman sues NHS for not telling her while pregnant that the child had Downs Syndrome and letting her kill it in utero. Isn’t abortion “haram?” Where are the sharia sheriffs?

FOREIGN DESK: Day-Ending-in-Y Dept. as Farsis blather about “IKEEELYOU!” Yankee pig-dog, freaky reports surfacing about sunken Russian sub, Angela Merkel on shaky ground with her health, three UK Labour lawmakers ankle party over its Joo-hatred, on Boris Johnson, right on about US energy dominance and Michael Ledeen on the death of the international think tanks. If only.

DOMESTIC AFFAIRS: John Stossel with a report about feral bureaucracies persecuting citizenry, Rick Scott is serious about cutting the spending and borrowing, and your tax dollars at work, aka petty graft. Multiply that by thousands of bureaucrats and you get the picture.

THE ECONOMY: Bernardo Sandersnista has a hate on for McDonald’s as it reacts as any company would to government meddling, Kamala-Toe’s racialist housing scheme, and the Boeing Max fiasco underscores why we need to make things here.

CRIME & PUNISHMENT: How the US Justice system can and does persecute the innocent. Hello, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.

HEALTHCARE: Two links related to the recent decision that opens the door for Obamacare repeal.

EDUCATION: Holocaust-denying Florida principal reassigned, sadly not to the center of Kilauea via a Pinochet helicopter ride.

RED GREENS: Boob and Boobier launch Climate Emergency resolution, journalist flips out when real scientist drops truth bomb on her, group wants NASA to nix a dubious “consensus of scientists” stat, and as predicted, Cuomo’s meddling leaves New York in a natural gas shortage.

FEMINAZISM, TRANSGENDER PSYCHOSIS: Pity the poor American woman, and maybe it’s better to just burn the books rather than have what’s happening in the second story.

HITHER & YON: Palate-cleanser about church doing good works, Humberto Fontova rips Kaepernick, controversy about some game called Cuphead, the prescience of the 2001 flick 15 Minutes, the APA is gone and a look back at the life and legacy of Ross Perot, who died earlier this week at 89.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.