The Morning Report 8/27/19

Good morning, kids. Tuesday, and we lead with another example of our speech being violence and their violence being speech. I suppose some might think “well, what the hell was this guy thinking, wearing a MAGA hat in one of the epicenters of anti-American thuggery,” which is like blaming the chick in the short skirt for getting raped (see the item about Germany in the Foreign Affairs section), or a Parisian Jew for getting the shit kicked out of him for the crime of wearing a kippah on the Champs Elysees, or Emmett Till for smiling at a white woman in Democrat KKK country. It’s utterly loathsome and hateful, and it goes hand in glove with the effort to completely silence not only this President and conservative political and thought leaders in government and media, but a large swathe of the citizenry who share their views where they work, do business, in the schools and even in their houses of worship. Can you say “Nick Sandmann?” The beat-down of the guy in the MAGA hat is just the not-so-subtle reminder to watch what you say or else your life will be ruined. Or worse.

What’s galling is that the biggest purveyors of lies and inciters of violence against their political and cultural enemies are suddenly indignant when we the people have the gall to fight back. I am of course referring to the Fourth Estate, which in point of fact is the Fifth Column; the great purveyors of truth and justice, ever vigilant in investigating and exposing anyone and everyone. Yet to question their ethics, motives and veracity is somehow an assault on the first amendment and the pillars of a free society. It is to laugh, if one wasn’t occupied with retching up vomitus. The latest example is the current Sulzberger du jour outraged at one of the New York Times’ contributors’ having his slimy trail of Joo-hatred exposed via the same techniques said paper uses all the time to doxx private individuals and ruin their lives merely for the sin of supporting a president whom they actively attempted to overthrow.

And now, their “1619 Project” mainstreams blood-libeling of not just Trump but of American history itself. I imagine one day soon, buying a turkey in Portland to celebrate Thanksgiving will get your house firebombed. Will we then be saying to ourselves “what was that guy thinking?”

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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