The Morning Report 10/25/19

Good morning kids. The weekend is here and we have a flaming skull watch, possible a double for today, as the original Clinton- and Obama-led/inspired/approved of coup to take out candidate and now President Trump is once again back in the lead. The breaking news as of late yesterday is that the long-awaited FISA abuse report is perhaps going to drop and, more significantly, that the review into the origins of the sham Russia probe is now a criminal investigation. I know, we’ve been hearing since time immemorial how Horowitz and Huber will come, but perhaps their arrival really is imminent. That said, the skeptic in me thinks if/when this report does come and that charges are brought, it will either be like Comey’s late 2016 exoneration of Hillary Clinton, or a wrist-slap against a lower level fall guy that will result in said flunky landing a gig on CNN.

But, be that as it may, perhaps AG William Barr and US Attorney John Durham are not engaging in kabuki theatrics and that this thing is serious. Here’s a tell; Jerrold “the Hutt” Nadless and Adam Schiff-for-Brains emitted this noxious bit of chutzpahdikery by accusing Trump of, get this, politicizing the Department of Justice. Dear Lord. Going beyond the titanic gall of that statement, after I stopped laughing and spitting up bile, I realized that their reaction must mean they are soiling their girdles right about now, and trying to get out ahead of the potential revelations by crying foul and partisan politics as a means to distract and delegitimize. That said, it doesn’t necessarily tell us if they know what’s in the report. My gut is they don’t, which is kind of a miracle in that it shows that Barr and team have no leakers amongst them. A miracle in this day and age. But still, their statement reveals palpable fear.

So, let’s go a bit further in the assumption that the report is indeed about to drop and hopefully like a ton of bricks on the heads of at least one of the key conspirators. No matter what the media does to try and spin and lie, actual indictments and charges handed down send an unambiguous message to the American public, and it utterly destroys the narrative of the past three years. Of course, we will get similar bilge about the Barr and Trump lying and being Russian agents. But, since the Mueller report dropped with a thud and now the Ukraine accusations are equally flop-sweat-inducing on Democrat faces, those accusations are going to ring hollow and redound in the negative.

The other thing it will, in theory anyway, bring to a head is this impeachment garbage. The report and any indictments will force the hand of Palsi Pelosi and others to stop dicking around with the phony theatrics and actually proceed with a vote. Their base will demand it since the Democrats will have blasted the report, the AG, IG, DoJ an POTUS as illegitimate and lying. So the only response, at least in the eyes of the base, will be to impeach immediately. Oh sure, they will continue to say that that is what they are doing, with the phony sham hearings and the basement Star Chamber bullshit. The media will naturally provide air cover, and thus will be the pattern for the next 55 weeks or so.

But the report and the indictments will remain and that will be an unavoidable dose of reality. Check and mate. Seemingly. That said, all of what I just laid out depends on whether or not this report really names names, as well as dates, places and times and that actual indictments are handed down to people like Brennan, Comey, Clapper, McCabe and all the rest. I think, sadly, Hillary and Obama are not going to face justice but they are going to be ripped. And there won’t be a James Comey to assure the public that they didn’t mean it. Unfortunately, it still leaves an institutional rot within our federal law enforcement an national security apparatuses, as well as the State Department and really every other bureaucratic entity in DC that comprises what Mark Levin accurately described as the unofficial, unelected and unaccountable fourth branch of government. That is at the heart of what Trump’s election and mission is all about. 

But Julie Kelly in American Greatness warns us: 

…The race is on to see who will survive – the duly-elected president of the United States or a modern-day Praetorian Guard comprised of former law enforcement and intelligence officials tasked with taking down that president. 

As Barr gets closer to the key people involved in concocting the phony Trump-Russia collusion hoax – which included the use of powerful surveillance tools and government informants – House Democrats are escalating efforts in their attempt to impeach Trump before Barr’s department starts issuing indictments. If Trump goes down before Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham, his point man on the investigation, can complete their work, that investigation could be completely discredited if not halted altogether as the by-product of an illegitimate presidency…

Tick tock tick tock indeed.



As reported yesterday, the cherry-picked leaks from Schiff-for-Brains’ secret SCIF star chamber from this William Taylor have been completely destroyed by Gordon Sondland and top GOPers on the committee are demanding the Schiff bring in the whistleblower, whom the bug-eyed bastard now claims is no longer needed to testify. How convenient. Prick.


Man, this Hunter Biden guy really is an international jet-setting playboy… and bag man for his decrepit, corrupt bedsore of a father.


Down at the border, when I saw the headline of the first link, I thought Elon Musk hyperloop trebuchet. Also, contrary to what was reported earlier, Trump is actually high on Ken Cuccinelli to head up the DHS, yes, let’s bring in as many Muslims as we can and see the related link from expert Raymond Ibrahim in the Islam section. Also DeBolshevik bends over for illegal aliens in NYC and Amazon being pressured by clueless warblers to stop doing business with ICE or else.


A Democrat from Guam is now the latest unethical debauchery enthusiast to win the Katie Hill FUPA Iron Cross, Low Class, and as long as you have a “D” by your name, you’re generally protected. And yet, Carlos Danger. Lord, if only Andrew Breitbart were here to see all this. Sigh.


Just as the heat is turned up on the Dems from Team Trump, Elizabeth Sham-Shoshone’s New Hampshire office was broken into. I can see the Watergate narrative building. Also, Trump rightly describes Never-Trumpers and Mark Hemingway once again pens a piece that just doesn’t connect. Sorry Mark, but you really need to read the link after yours. Also, Joe Bidet takes a swipe at the President by assuring voters his kids won’t work in the White House. That’s because they’d be too busy jetting all over the world on the taxpayers’ dime shaking down foreign leaders, just like when he was the Vice President and probably his time as a Senator, too. Moving on, a piece on Willie Brown and his ex-piece dumped in favor of Hillary, Bro-Fo Omar puts her foot in her maw, Amy Klobuchar qualifies for fifth Dem debate, Liz Cheney polling well for Wyoming Senate seat, who the hell was Tim Ryan? Oh, yeah, a candidate or something. Kamala-Toe to campaign in Virginia for that Tran dame who’s big on baby killing, good snarky piece hitting Hillary and the Dems, and Robert Spencer rounds out the category with a rather downbeat piece.


Media almost completely ignoring the attempted mutilation of that little boy in Texas by the tranny psychos and his non-biological mother, Mike Pompeo gets pestered by his hometown rag, study shows that conservative content is actually a good thing (who knew), CNN covers up Bidet apologist’s links to Burisma, and once again Daniel Greenfield connects the dots perfectly. 


Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden uses footage from 2000 from ABC’s 20/20 to help in his own defense, and another look at Pennsylvania’s heartbeat bill.


More on the Turkish/Kurd/Syria situation including a piece that speculates on Putin moving into the Middle East. Meh, if he wants another Afghanistan ’79-’89 redux for the Red Army, let him have it. Also, VP Pence rips the Nike-China axis, geopolitics and the realignment of the world order vis a vis globalism and China, Iranian beauty queen calls out regime and seeks asylum in the Philippines, and three essays on the newest torpedo into Bo-Jo and Brexit.


Another eye-opener from Raymond Ibrahim.


SCOTUS now arguing a case that could hopefully dismantle CFPB. If they make another stupid rule and call it kosher, it green-lights the Dems to create all sorts of new politburos that have zero oversight and funding that cannot be rescinded. Also, two more essays about Cali-zuela, funny how Dems are going on and on about tax cuts for the rich and yet they tried and failed to get one passed, a solution for housing crises, and red tape destroying Vermont. 


Oxford and Harvard, where historic reputation is inversely proportional to the reasoning power of the students and faculty, DoE hack ankles to pimp free ride for those who borrowed and can’t/won’t pay it back, hooked again on phonics and the dangers of the academic thought bubble.


First link says it all, Joe Bidet is willingly making campaign ads for Trump, and perhaps we’re close to identifying and curing that mystery polio-like disease.


Energy Secretary says, don’t blame us, blame the Chi-Coms, and the fracking boom is going to bust Dem hopes for 2020.


Isn’t that headline really the story of Katie Hill? Seriously, a nice report on new photos from the Mars rover.


If they’re not killing our children in the womb or poisoning their minds against us, they’re making them into Frankenstein monsters. Seriously, if nothing else convinces you that the Left has got to be utterly destroyed, then this alone is casus belli.


Francis the Talking Pope and the introduction of pagan idolatry into the Church. Feh.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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