The Morning Report 11/6/19

Good morning kids. Midweek and the results from the off-year elections are in. The big story revolves around the key race for governor of Kentucky and Democrat Greg Beshear is ahead of Matt Bevin by a thin margin, roughly 4,000 votes or 0.3%. Of course, as the Democrats race to stuff 10 or 20,000 more ballots into the trunk of Al Franken’s Buick LeSabre, Beshear is declaring victory, but Bevin as of this morning has yet to concede. Oddly enough, Kentucky has elected its first black attorney general, who just happens to be a Republican. Congratulations to Daniel Cameron and vayr-ge-hargit to Nazi collaborator George Soros and his AG project.

Elsewhere, the other big story is Democrats taking control of both houses of the Virginia legislature for the first time in decades. With all the locust carpetbaggers escaping from blue state shit holes, as well as the creeping socialist-sharia from DC infecting the surrounding counties, perhaps the die had been cast. But the fact that the GOP did not have a candidate in fully one quarter of the races is inexcusable. 

Also of note in the plus column, Republican Tate Evers has won the gubernatorial race in Mississippi and Washington State voters narrowly rejected a ballot initiative to reinstate affirmative action after a 20-year ban. On the down side, New York City overwhelmingly enacts “ranked voting,” which all but legalizes election rigging. Can’t seem to find any results for some of the other races, so stay tuned.

Now on to our regularly scheduled meshugas…


It certainly looks like the completely lawless effort to remove President Trump from office via impeachment is turning into yet another flop for the Dems. Despite Adam Schiff-for-Brains having Soviet-like absolute control over the entire process, all of his alleged witnesses, whistleblowers and perjurers are having their testimony debunked in almost real time either by documented evidence such as the all-important transcript of the phone call between Trump and Ukie prexy Zelensky, or other witnesses who are simply spitting out the words that the bug-eyed bastard is putting in their mouths. And much to the shock and horror of their allies and/or puppet masters in the agitprop media, the American public is seeing through the sham, to the extent that Trump’s base is standing by him even more steadfastly and others who may not care one way or the other for the President are gravitating to him, repulsed by no doubt the ugliest episode in American political history.

As usual, Mollie Hemingway delivers with a report on how things are so bad that the media is resorting to just broadcasting lies (shocking, I know). Yet despite acknowledging the political suicide going for this is, frosh Dem Rep Cindy Axne from Iowa still voted for it, along with all but two Democrats in the House. In any case, Schiff-for-Brains has released some of the testimony of Gordon Sondland and Kurt Volker, none of which prove anything, even Sondland’s revised testimony. Rand Paul has had enough of this garbage and is stating he is going to officially release Eric Ciaramella’s name, referring to him as a “material witness” to this madness. Finally, an essay in which despite the slings and arrows hurled at this President and in fact we the American people, Trump is not going to take this lying down. The author intimates that he will ultimately play his “trump card” and take down this cancer from whence it sprang. And you know who that means. Inshalla.


Hot on the heels of Lee Smith’s blockbuster, Jeffrey Lord takes a look at Gregg Jarret’s Witch Hunt. Quite a one-two punch to the gut of the Deep State.


To the border we go, and with the Dem-Media Complex blood-libeling ICE as the second coming of the Einsatzgruppen, the Feds charge a man for shooting at ICE agents as they attempt to bust a human trafficking ring. I don’t see Toothy McBigTits shedding an Iron Eyes Cody glycerine tear down by the schoolyard over this, do you? Also, October was a great month and a look back at perhaps Ronald Reagan’s biggest mistake, next to choosing Bush 41 as a running mate.


Aside from last night’s election results, a great piece from a female immigrant and former Democrat on why she’s gaga for MAGA, Joe Bribem rips into the Sham-Shoshone, Obama stooges attempt to beat a huge Trump ad advantage, Colorado voters reject government attempt to pocket their spare change, another autopsy of the Blotto O’Rourke fiasco cum presidential campaign, rancid old man rattles his dentures, and the final essay is whistling my tune, to wit: “America cannot coexist with those who mean to destroy it, even if they happen to be domestic enemies.”


The big story is the revelation wherein ABC “reporter” Amy Robach said over a hot mic that she was pissed about her random act of journalism, the revelations about Jeffrey Epstein, spiked three years ago. With that revelation, courtesy of the real journalists over at Project Veritas, ABC is in damage control mode, stating that her story didn’t meet their journalistic standards. That is to say, their standards are to protect any and all Leftists and Democrats from having the truth about them told on their network, especially in an election year and most especially if it damages a Clinton. I seem to recall a certain Greek homunculus named Stephanopoulos employed there as an anchorman. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. Seriously, today’s media is not to be trusted. Ever. If they write or broadcast something, you can be sure the opposite is the truth, or at the very least there is an ulterior motive to the story being reported. That is, if they feel that us unwashed lumpenproles should be informed lest our unformed notochords are too inferior to get the message right. After all, we did elect Trump.

Related to this, Hillary is on the warpath against Zuckerberg for daring to allow Trump to get his message out, to the extent that he did, on Facebook and Daniel Greenfield rips into her former boyfriend, yup, Robert B. Reichhhhhhhhhhhhhh-uh as an example of how the self-proclaimed elites feel it is their right to be the “mediators” of what we will and will not be allowed to see and or communicate as news. As usual, Greenfield pens a blood-boiler. Elsewhere, YouTube bans a video that tells the ugly, unvarnished truth about transgender madness by calling it “hate speech,” the totalitarian bent of Google, and a look back at the¬†NY Times¬†cover-up of the Holodomar and the Holocaust. I guess our parents and grandparents before us were just as dumb and ignorant as we are and would not have appreciated the subtle nuances of Stalin and Hitler.


Well, it looks as if Coonman Baby-Killer will have the rubber stamp he needs to kill more babies in Virginia thanks to yesterday’s election and a supine GOP, and yet another sick bastard with a medical degree inadvertently makes the strongest case to end the barbarity with one sick joke.


Over at the foreign desk, Teh Ted, Grahaminator and daughter-of-War-Cock oppose Trump on a loophole in his Iran sanctions, Marxist Mexi-Prexy rejects Trump aid in helping to wipe out the cartels that doubtless are propping the crook up in the first place, Nigel Farage rips into the Labour Party, Turkey pissed at US for having the poor taste to actually expose their ties to Hamas, Fauxcahontas’ hates Israel but that’s how you ante up to the Democrat table these days, win-win for US-Israel security cooperation, US sanctions five Venezuelans, German Antifa-neo-nazi-fascists break into home and beat up woman over luxury real estate development, elsewhere in Deutshland, a Jewish-looking non-Jew gets beaten for looking Jewish, the Juilliard School of Music hears the siren song of Chi-Com cash and communism, and a look back at the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. The end of history, my ass.


“Smokey Bear? I KEEEEEEEEEEEL you!”


Milton Friedman quipped “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, within five years there’d be a shortage of sand.” QED. Also, lamenting the once golden state, the corrupt ABA hell bent on torpedoing a worthy Trump nominee, which underscores a John Hinderaker essay on perhaps his greatest accomplishment so far and a look at NYC’s insane rent control policy.




Jon Bel Edwards is to law enforcement what Jerrold Nadler is to pastrami, and you have to feel sorry for the new top cop in the rotten apple.


Williams College students with more socialist-justice garbage, Harvard plays a not-too-cute shell game at the expense of black kids’ dreams, and the way to take back the schools begins and ends with all of us fighting to control the school boards. Hey, if not us, who?


Gigantic, titanic and supremely delicious Nelson Muntz laugh, a call for Trump to go even further to broom those green auto mandates and Chileans have had enough of the “climate change” madness destroying their lives.


Could that huge, hot, glowing ball of thermonuclear explosiveness have something to do with our climate? Nah, that’s bullshit. A fugly little Swedish meatball shrieked at me for even thinking it.


A throuple of essays on tranny psychosis for your dining and dancing pleasure.


Delta Airlines now Pink Triangle Airlines (feh), a look at dishonest, pseudo-intellectual racialist Ta-Nehisi Coates and his anti-Judeo-Christianity, and Munchausen by Proxy as it relates to brainwashing generations of children with a predisposition to knuckle under to authority.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.