The Morning Report 11/7/19

Good morning kids. Thursday and the big story is yesterday’s announcement that the Dems are going to start the first public “impeachment” hearings next week. The rules, like the rest of this sham of a mockery of two shams of a fraud, give Adam Schiff-for-Brains total control to manipulate the process any way he wants in order to cause maximum damage to President Trump while maintaining the fraud of a mockery of two frauds of a sham of that he is guilty of crimes requiring his removal from office. 

Translated, Wile E. Coyote has lit the fuse on the 20 sticks of TNT he’s using as bait underneath the 1,000-ton boulder he just rigged with a dental floss tripwire. First and most importantly, let me reiterate that impeachment is not a criminal process; it’s a purely political process, its most important requirement being a very clear and large support for it among the population. Not only is there none, but the sentiment against is growing larger with each passing day and each fiasco exposed. And yet, the Democrat-Left-Media Complex persists because impeachment is what they promised their base, what the Deep State Globalist elite have been attempting almost since Trump announced his candidacy over four years ago, and the only thing they have to run on for 2020. The multi-trillion dollar freedom- and economy-killing disasters that they do on occasion dare to trumpet are only marginally less popular than impeachment and chronic projectile colitis.

Despite the nervous nellies in the Senate, the exceptions being Rand Paul of late and the Jekyll & Hyde Grahaminator/Grahamnesty (depending on the issue or day of the week), the Republicans in the House are 100% behind the President, as evidenced by last week’s disgusting vote to proceed with this kangaroo court show trial. Most crucially in the lower chamber, we have some stellar folks like Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows and Matt Gaetz, among others, who understand the nature of who they are dealing with and prepared to act accordingly. When the hearings were announced, Devin Nunes wasted no time in getting in front of the media to state that the first witness the GOP was going to call was none other than Schiff-for-Brains himself. Perfect!

Considering what is at stake and what depths the Democrats have sunk and have yet to sink to, things are most definitely going to get ugly early. It is tragic in the extreme what the Left is putting this nation through all to preserve its grip on power and punish the American people for rejecting them. So be it. But whether its Chip Roy getting into it with Schiff-for-Brains or Matt Gaetz storming the latter’s secret star chamber or Donald Trump Junior expressing comparatively tame expletives to describe what is being done to his father and all of us by extension, this is what fighting back looks like. It’s not pretty, but it sure as hell is necessary. If the hearings devolve into a South Korean parliament or Russian Duma type donnybrook, let it be on the Democrats’ collective head – figuratively and literally. 



Ah, something new has been added! To the string of indictments (inshalla) to be handed down to Joe Bribem. This one seems relatively mild in comparison to all the others but influence-peddling is influence-peddling. 


At the border, the recent massacre of Americans should be proof positive, as if we needed any more, that Mexico is for all intents and purposes a basket case of a failed state. Not only is it proof positive that we need to build the dang wall, but that it should be buttressed with defenses like the Red Army had at Kursk. The broader question remains of what should the United States do from a foreign policy and security standpoint? This isn’t Syria or Afghanistan; it’s just over the Rio Grande and more Americans are being killed and maimed both right there and well into the hinterland as evidenced by the drugs and crime that have been flooding northward for decades. See the links not only about the drug seizures but about Middle Easterners smuggling their countrymen from terror hotspots into the country. Elsewhere, Tucson voters understand this full well and overwhelmingly voted last Tuesday to not commit suicide by Sanctuary City, but the Democrat-held House of course did just the opposite. Lastly, an interesting piece on a new study looking at the upward mobility of the offspring of immigrants.


Daniel Greenfield with a look at an ex-terrorist fed up with two top tier Democrats’ empowering of the blood-sucking and bloodletting murderers who kill Jews and oppress their own people. 


This happened in Michigan but Rancida Taliban has yet to comment and massive hypocrisy from big time Lefty healthcare organization and how it “treats” one of its own.


Another day, another state and another raucous, jam-packed Trump rally. This time, it was Monroe, Louisiana where the President stumped for GOP gubernatorial hopeful Eddie Rispone. Of course the President riffed on all the impeachment bullshit and had a field day reading aloud Eric Ciaramella’s lawyer’s Twitter ravings about declaring a coup. But, as we all know from our betters in the media (spit), the walls are closing in on the President to the extent that a new Monmouth poll indicates overwhelming support from the base no matter how he defends himself from the lies hurled at him. More analysis from Tuesday where aside from the Virginia legislature, Nazi collaborator Soros’ candidates for AG had big wins as well, Dem victories in Philly burbs should be cause for alarm (although the meat of the article is not all gloom and doom), and while the key gubernatorial contests were a mixed bag for the GOP, they made a very good showing many of the down-ticket races. Also, what the real takeaway should be from Matt Bevin’s probable loss to Beshear in Kentucky. 

Meanwhile, Joe Bribem is sinking, Julian Castro plays the race card as a means to explain his flopping candidacy, a Reuters/Ipsos poll makes zero sense, Jon Bel Edwards, the Democrat descendant of slave owners, tries to Stepinfetchit from an ad that compared his GOP opponent to David Duke, another prognostication that Hillary will get the nomination, someone tell Jeff Sessionszzzzz to take some Sominex and disappear, two essays on black voters leaving the Dem plantation, and finally a look at the nation divided against itself.


Fox’s Katie Pavlich sat down with Tu-Ca and stated what we all know vis a vis ABC as a virtual house organ for the Clinton Crime Syndicate, two ex-Twitter employees charged with spying for the House of Saud, the scumbag anonymous traitor spews out a whopper about VP Pence supporting Trump’s ouster via the 25th Amendment, cogent analysis of the Kentucky election in the face of media spin, WaPo reporters dig up embarrassing stats on their own employer, YouTube muzzles channel that was critical of the UNWRA sham, and repulsive Never-Trumper Mona Charen gets a good rhetorical slap upside the head.


Here’s a story you will not be seeing alongside Jeffrey Epstein not killing himself.


Trump has made some incredible progress with the judiciary, and yet this odious degenerate still sits on a bench and decrees¬†“bake the damn cake”¬†“kill the little bastard!”


At the foreign desk, look, I totally get Trump maneuvering to get us out of Syria and being forced to deal with the Turks, but does he really have to invite this Jew-hating psycho with delusions of being global caliph? Meh, maybe it’s better to have him come here to read him the riot act on NATO and other meshugas. Elsewhere, Iran is now openly announcing the ramping up of its nuke program and in flagrant violation of that sham treaty, key GOP lawmakers react accordingly, once again to our own border and a call of us to declare war on the drug cartels which, for all intents and purposes, is a declaration of war on Mexico, “yeah, yeah, da family had a lot of whistleblowers” all of whom were dead silent during Obama’s eight years of disastrously and flagrantly making irresponsible and arguably treasonous decisions that made us vulnerable, Chi-Com digital currency leaves you hungry again in an hour, and I think Elon Musk must be trying to scam their treasury now that we’re on to him over here.


Meh, if SCOAMF’s PC annoyed top brass at the CIA I don’t recall a whole lot of mass resignations and a look at the idiosyncrasies of missile defense.


He can’t remake the judiciary fast enough. Thank you, Harry Reid and your magic exercise bands!


I think we can all figure that out just by the headline.


Spanky, Alfalfa and Buckwheat vs Slip, Satch and Scroono! Never fear; Christopher Wray has got your back…


Both of these only hint at the much larger issue of societal rot, and the intentional creation of same by forces intent on our destruction from decades ago.


If you liked the original knee-capping of our health care and health insurance industries, you can keep the original knee-capping of our health care and health insurance industries. And even more!


Piss off the left and have a great Thanksgiving with all the trimmings, and I had high hopes that Italy was going to see the light, but they ditched Salvini. Managia la miseria…


Some good news out of Texas about that boy spared from disfigurement and funny how all of a sudden #MeToo has become Charlie Gibson-ed into #Me… Who?


Kanye West new religious album tearing up the charts, KC voters approve bill removing Martin Luther King Jr.’s name from historic street. I always thought he was on the fast track for the Stalin airbrush but this has a different angle. Also, SNL’s Michael Che is causing agita for the SJW crowd and a good review for the Harriet Tubman biopic.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.