The Morning Report 11/8/19

Good morning kids. The weekend is here, so lez-be-on our way. To the sham-peachment we go where despite the revelations that sooper-sekrit whistleblower Eric Ciaramella’s attorney crowed about the plot to take out President Trump within hours after his inauguration and that the latest star witness, Ambassador William Taylor just shot a hole the size of an 18-wheeler into the Dem-Media Complex’s narrative (his source for the charges against Trump is, get this, The New York Times!) on top of all the other exploded and debunked myths and lies about this President, the House is reportedly set to draft three articles of impeachment. I understand they are going to hit him with the Popeye Doyle “picking your feet in Poughkeepsie” clause that is sure to send him out of the Oval Office in handcuffs. 

Despite the fact that this is being handled in the intelligence committee with Adam Schiff-for-Brains presiding, Matt Gaetz is pushing for Jim Jordan and Lee Zeldin to jump over to that committee to handle the questioning of witnesses. Excellent idea. From what I understand the reason it’s in the intel committee in the first place is so that they can shield their patently obvious lack of a case and any potential Mueller-esque embarrassments under the cloak of “national security.” Pfft. As our last link plainly states, and echoes my sentiments, all of this now goes way beyond Trump and 2016; it is naked ambition and a lust for absolute power. Whatever happens in 2020, the Left is now in it for all the marbles. 



Well this sure is curious (sarc); Sooper-sekrit whistleblower Eric Ciaramella’s name appears in the Mueller Report, fully two years before he was “concerned” in the extreme about Trump’s phone call with Ukie prexy Zelensky. Could it be that he, his mouthpiece Zaid and Schiff are up to their pencil-necks, “colluding” to overthrow the 2016 election? Wow, krazy konspiracy klap-trap if you axe me. Elsewhere, you know, day by day over the years I’ve had my eyes opened to things that are both shocking yet completely unsurprising given the times we live in. Case in point, an essay exposing almost the exact same kind of criminality by LBJ to kneecap Barry Goldwater. Also, Jeffrey Lord with another glowing book review, this time Kimberley Strassel’s latest and a related essay from Lloyd Billingsley ripping into this Anonymous traitor who evidently is still lurking behind the Comey curtains, a look at the common denominators in the Flynn persecution and takedown and this Ukraine garbage and Fein-Chicom-Stein just happens to be at some event where she mixes and mingles with an ex-staffer who collluded with Fusion-GPS on the original Trump-Russia hoax. My stars and garters, what a coincidence! Please pass the sweet and sour strychnine…

As a total aside, I would love to see Trump nominate Michael J. Flynn to be reinstalled at NSA for his second term, where he can completely dismantle it down to the walls.


Looks like the GOP is waking up and getting serious about putting the screws to the Bribems. 


To the border we go where former Kansas Secretary of State and noted border hawk Kris Kobach is pushing for military strikes on the cartels south of the border. Now that there is a ticklish situation, if not a serious one that does need to be addressed, as Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review does with some very good suggestions. Also, Bret Stephens pantsed and spanked (yet again) for bringing the stupid, Sheila Jackass Lee is a crude, vulgar slag, goading and derogating ICE for doing its job, once again the House Dems release no funds for the Border Wall in latest budget fiasco, Bernie Sanders is a stark, raving loon, ICE nabs 19 illegal felons in Massachusetts while the Border Patrol nails a thrice-deported illegal alien pervert and in praise of the President’s success on this issue overall.


To be Jewish and vote Democrat is to stick your head in an oven.


Styrene Steyer is just so gosh-darned popular and loveable, his aides have to bribe people for endorsements and for Head-Exploder-of-the-Week, a newly elected Virginia state senator was jailed for sex with a minor… and the GOP did not field a candidate against him. Yeah, I get that Virginia was trending Democrat and all that, but something really stinks with the GOP in Virginia that cannot be excused as mere change in the political winds.


Now there’s your dream ticket! Meanwhile, along with Doomberg there are reports that fish-faced and chinless Eric Holder is considering jumping in the clown car. Funny how Fauxcahontas demonizes and denigrates billionaires while floating lobbyists and investment bankers for cabinet positions. No, not hypocritical at all. Elsewhere, Snoozy McSnoozerson is looking for Trump’s support as he now is officially running in Alabama. I hate Doug Jones but Sessionszzzz is damaged goods. Also, bug-witted racialist and anti-Semite Toothy McBigTits managed to slime young hipsters with a Sharpton-esque white interlopers charge for changing the Puerto Rican essence of Williamsburgh in Brooklyn. Hate to break it to you, tootsie, but the neighborhood has been one of the biggest orthodox Jewish communities for decades. Tedious, irksome, stupid and racialist is no way to go through life. But it sure helps when you run as a Democrat, eh?

Also, Dems protecting Ed Markey from upstart Kennedy spawn, more on the Virginia disaster, Rob Schneider calls it and Kamala-Toe underscores it, what to expect from the Dems in 2020, Daniel Greenfield torches Hillary’s an Chubbel’s latest as only he can and Victor Davis Hanson on the siren song of socialism charming the youth of America.


Proof positive that virtually all legacy media outlets are colluding together and/or are in league with the Left (hence the Democrat-Media Complex), first they came for the guns and now they are coming for free speech (as if we never knew that would happen), Teh Ted warns on teh tech, Glenn Greenwald gets waxed by Brazilian, and why does the media prop up failed Democrats? Because it can.


MSLSD’s Ali Velshi gets Nelson Muntzed and now that Virginia is gone, you best be prepared for some mass canoe incidents…


Wow, had no idea that Fusion-GPS was behind the quashing and quelling of that expose on Planned Parenthood selling baby parts. And when I read the words “Lesbian Priest” I stopped right there.


As Farsis ramp up nuke production, they evidently nabbed an IAEA inspector which got us all hot and bothered. Meanwhile, Tulsi Coffeecake reveals her real anti-American Democrat bent by blaming our withdrawal from that nuke sellout for pushing the Farsis and us closer to war. Anyone who thinks she would be a reasonable choice should look no further than her abject cluelessness on foreign policy right here. Also, more on that UNRWA corruption (which YouTube had banned a video on), more on the last gasp hope for Brexit, Yangs and Komes closer to e-pleb-neesta on trade, a strange essay on the Chinese mindset, and yes, never-ending wars should end so we can fight the right battle to secure our border.


Maybe this is something that Trump can slap Turk Turdogan with when they meet.


In praise of Barr and Pompeo, a throuple on California drain-circling and Mississippi saving bucks by requiring work for bennies.


Isn’t it amazing that the people who shriek loudest and longest about wealth inequality and unfairness haven’t created a damn thing in their entire lives… except clouds of halitosis and skidmarks on government-issued underwear, as well as misery and squalor to the people who mindlessly and endlessly elect and reelect them.


Thanks, Eddie. You did a gang-bang-up job. Also, another hack-in-black subverts the will of the people and an interesting essay that I do not really agree with but include for your own judgement.


Jeez, when even a key house organ of the Democrat media arm says your schemes are insane…


Honolulu joins in on the law-fare against oil companies, though I seem to recall Chevron winning a big initial decision in, of all places, California a few months back. Also, “Luddites to Asthmatics: Drop Dead,” of course the UK courts are not going to punish a Green Party good for defacing property and who are these “concerned scientists” about the climate? Hint: many have no expertise in the climate at all.


Joy Blowhard and Whoppi Carwash-Wiper-Hair get completely pwn3dBy Don Jr., another look at the Scorsese vs. Marvel feud, cancel culture discovers famed Spanish explorer and remembering the almost unknown story of the Nazi genocide of the Roma gypsies.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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