The Morning Report 11/11/19

Good morning kids. Veterans’ Day and the start of a new week. For all who wore the uniform and those who continue to serve in our armed forces, thank you for your devotion to duty, your sacrifices and service in order to keep our nation free. How bitterly ironic it is that on this Veterans’ Day, the greatest threat we are facing comes, not from a foreign invader but from within – aided and abetted by individuals who also have worn and even continue to wear the uniform and who are among its highest ranks. They are a disgrace to it and the sight of them sickens me.

With that, we segue directly into our top story, which is of course the Democrats’ Sham-Peachment, meant as both a continuation of the original attempt to overthrow the 2016 election and as a cover-up for its architects and conspirators. The bizarre farce kicks off on Wednesday and the GOP has already named eight potential witnesses including Hunter Bidet, who is up to his meth-addled eyeballs in graft and corruption from a slew of countries, most importantly Ukraine, courtesy of his crooked influence-peddling father. Ukraine was indeed where Schiff-for-Brains’ pinned his hopes on finally nailing Trump, but with the release of the phone conversation transcript between Trump and Zelensky, that plan not only got shot to pieces, it opened the way for Trump and his allies in the House to expose the coup via exposing and probing Fusion-GPS and Crowd Strike. For those wholly unaware because they get their “news” from the globalist agitprop media wing of the Democrats, the former is an oppo-research firm that created the so-called Steele Dossier at the behest of Hillary Clinton and used by the corrupt DoJ and FBI to get FISA warrants to spy on candidate Trump, and the latter was the cyber security firm that Debbie Wasserman-Test gave the allegedly hacked DNC servers to for examination. It should be noted that Crowd Strike is owned wholly or in part by Ukrainian nationals who have a bitter hatred of both Trump and Putin, while Fusion-GPS obtained its “information” for the dossier from Ukrainians with ties to members of both American and foreign intelligence agencies, at the behest or with the knowledge and approval of their highest ranking leadership. That would be Comey, Brennan and Clapper, for those playing along at home.

It bears repeating that all of what we’re seeing is a result of Schiff-for-Brains’ 1,000% certainty that Trump would never release the transcript of the phone call between him and Ukie prexy Zelensky, which would enable him to resurrect the Watergate meme of “cover-up” and ride the anticipated cratering of Trump’s approval rating all the way to impeachment in the House, conviction in the Senate and removal from office. How did that work out for him? 

So far, every witness in the hearings leading up to this week’s Soviet show trial either confirmed that there was not a single bit of impropriety in that phone conversation, never even heard the actual conversation and were giving second- or even third-hand accounts of what they were told was said, or had their testimony shredded under cross-examination. Much of it was not even “evidence” of Trump’s alleged malfeasance or incompetence but merely their own personal objection to his foreign policy. Umm, here’s a little reminder; you jag-offs don’t make policy. You carry it out faithfully from the man who does, and that happens to be the President of the United States of America. Donald J. Trump. You object? Fine. Resign your fucking commission and go public if that’s what passes for a conscience in your sick minds demands. No, they won’t do that, and that’s really what this entire thing is about; the fact that the globalists embedded in every department at every agency and at every level of this government cannot accept that Trump and all of us who voted for him have rejected them, everything they stand for and their grand design to take this country down. They’ve been exposed and are reacting. 


Looking at the links, the good Roger Simon calls this for what it is, Schiff-for-Brains going all out to prevent the GOP from going after the real criminals and officially exposing the many-tentacled hydra of this coup, and that includes himself, Ol’ Yeller Levin slams the GOP-e in the Senate for going along with this whistleblower sham theatrics of secrecy, Lindsay calls this thing DOA if the Senate cannot talk to Eric Ciaramella. Not to Miss Lindsay: reject the entire thing out of hand and start fighting back by subpoenaing the plotters, FFS! Also, even Dershowitz thinks this entire thing stinks, no doubt when even this fiasco blows up in his face, Schiff-for-Brains will come up with yet another scheme/scam and an essay that underscores my rant vis a vis has the coup already happened.


To the border we go where, along with a mostly absent GOP and filthy Leftist locusts swarming out of northeast blue shit hole states, even the Slimes admits about what open borders can do for the Democrats’ prospects, on the dangers of drug legalization/decriminalization and the failed narco- terror state that is Mexico, a border sheriff sounds the alarm on Bernie’s open border madness, the Left’s policy undermines our health, safety and national identity, six Chinese caught trying to jump the Rio Grande, Mexico now attempting to interfere with our judicial process and pressure SCOTUS on the DACAns and Elizabeth Hekawi wants to give illegal aliens our money. The ads write themselves, Mr. President.


Fake Injun turning into honest-to-goodness Joo-hater and a look at the madness of Leftist anti-Zionism.


Even Iowa Dems not happy with their candidate’s hypocrisy on “dark money” and Cocaine Mitch’s challenger has hinky finances.


Nikki Haley now tacking back towards Trump? Claims Kelly and Tillerson tried to sabotage him. Toothy McBigTits incoherent in Iowa and ripped for her stupidity, yet again, about Williamsburg comments, two essays on this son-of-terrorists Chesa Boudin now the Frisco DA; this piece-of-shit is going to float to the top of the Democrat bowl in the coming years. Also, Mark Cuban slams Fauxcahontas’ tax plan, dissecting Kamala-Toe, Rabbi Fischer says he’s a whistleblower of sorts and Victor Davis Hanson on the madness of this election year.


Ron Johnson slaps around Fake Jake Fapper Tapper, producer CBS fired for being the ABC Robach/Epstein leaker denies being so and Project Veritas can confirm it, and the national media’s total embargo on this Ulrich Klopfer baby butcher from South Bend.


Women love think the AR-15 is sex machine, and gun control is totalitarian.


Big things brewing overseas including a new round of violence aimed at Hong Kong democracy protesters, Iraqi protesters against Iran getting bloodier by the day, Bolivia’s commie Evo Morales steps down as that country seemingly fed up with socialist paradise on earth, State Dept. slams the Farsis over blocked nuke inspections, on Brexit, Bo-Jo and Corbyn (feh), one perspective on how the US should support the Lebanese protesters, Ireland out of its mind to try to save ISIS bride, what is the endgame in Kashmir, Deep State praetoriansim in defying Trump’s war on globalist foreign policy, and a look at Trump’s success with al-Baghdadi and ISIS going forward from there.


Happy 244th to the USMC and dames don’t cut the mustard when it comes to being ready for combat.


Roger Kimball on draining the swamp via relocation to the Alaskan north slope, yet more insanity in the courts and the descent of Los Angeles into third world shit-hole status.


Jamie Dimon deflates Lesley Stahl trying to talk down the Trump economy, and a look at the Fed and exchange rates.


Austin parents up in arms over sex ed porno curriculum, STEM a key to bringing back our education system (as long as you keep the SJW maniacs the hell away) and related, learn a trade, get a life.


Medicare-for-All not good for union workers. Or anyone else for that matter, except the “elites.”


When Palsi Pelosi spouts stuff like this, you know impeachment is a disaster for Dems, and an open letter to Scoldilocks.


Do not dare speak out about those who would maim your children.


A bad week for Joy Blowhard and Whoopi Rape-Rape, a look at the No Safe Spaces documentary, Joshua Harris ripped, looking back on the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down, and two essays on Veterans’ Day including what the day means to authors who served.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.