The Morning Report 12/17/19

Good morning kids. Tuesday, and with every false charge completely failing to stick to the Teflon Donald, the Democrats have ramped up the poo-flinging machine to ludicrous speed and hurled something completely outrageous and more than likely illegal and/or in violation of the process. Not that any of that matters to them. Ever. With the vote in the House set for tomorrow, Sydney Greenstreet’s goiter, also known as Jerrold Nadler, and his minion of minor fatty deposits issued a new report yesterday that “accuses [Trump] of committing the crimes of bribery and honest services fraud, though neither is mentioned in the articles of impeachment.” The Blob and his slime trail were getting reamed because there were no actual crimes listed in the draft of the articles, and so voila! I don’t think that a hack bush-league maneuver like that is going to go unnoticed from any of the Republicans and certainly not the any of the Dems who are in the same boat as Jeff Van Drew. They probably won’t resort to switching parties but there still may be a significant number that will vote “no” or “abstain.” If it dies in the House, it would be one of the greatest political self-own political blunders in American history. Even if it does pass, there will not only be no GOP votes for the Dems to shout “bipartisan!” but with even one no vote, and already with the defection of Jeff Van Drew, it is by definition a bipartisan rebuke against impeachment, and there is just no way they and their media co-conspirators can spin that.

Meanwhile, as this clusterfuck is caving in all around them, the Democrats in the House have devised this one neat trick: vote on the articles in the House, anticipating (that is, praying to Ba’al) they will pass and then simply sit on them and not send them to the Senate to initiate an impeachment trial. The excuse? Sez notorious never-Trump cuck-commando Charlie Sykes “…Republican leaders [have] “literally said that they intend to violate their oath as judges/jurors.” House Democrats, he urges, should play up McConnell and Graham’s public assertions.” 

But of course we are to completely ignore the past month or so of the Lavrenty Beria, Roland Freisler Comedy Hour wherein any semblance of fairness, the rules, tradition and the Constitution were ground into the pavement. The other salient point to remember in all of this, which Sykes and everyone else seems to ignore is that impeachment is a political act, and not a criminal proceeding. And day-by-day, as they keep flinging more poo and belching up more outrages, this president’s popularity grows, not just with his base but with Democrat voters. Witness the events at recent town halls and other events, not only with members of the vulnerable “dirty 30” but with tough guy eye-bleeder Joey Bribem and even Adam Schiff-for-Brains himself.

Now over in the Senate, the joke of the day is a two-parter. First, the aforementioned Schiff-for-Brains is demanding his own witnesses at the Senate trial; this, after silencing the GOP on his committee and denying any of theirs to speak. Then, there’s minority leader Cuck Schemer insisting that Bribem Crime Family underboss should not speak at the trial and that John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney be called, pausing to wag his filthy digit at us about “fairness.” If you’re not doubled over busting a gut with howls of laughter then, like me, your head is exploding from the sheer chutzpocrisy of these two momzers. 

My only hope is that Cocaine Mitch and Lindsey Graham are also busting a gut laughing and rage-stroking at the senior criminal from New York. They should use this opportunity to not necessarily dismantle the charges, which should take all of about a minute and half because there is ZERO evidence but to turn a very bright spotlight on the meat of the IG Horowitz report on FISA abuse, because all of this has its roots in the original Russia collusion hoax and the high crimes and misdemeanors of everyone up to and including Hillary and Obama. Hey, Nancy Ponzi Pelosi herself said that all of this is about Russia. Well, I’ll give Speaker Polident this; she’s more right about that than she knows.

Of course, all of this is dependent upon the Republicans running this to not screw it up, or sabotage it considering the possibility of Graham and others being involved in the same graft and corruption that is hanging around the turkey-neck of the Democrats presumed nominee. 



Of course an Obama-appointed thug with a JD is going to ignore the reams of factual evidence that shows the FBI and the intel community conspired to frame General Flynn, Margot Cleveland destroys Schiff-for-Brains’ Sergeant Schultz defense, in praise of AG Barr, Lloyd Billingsley dismantles Comey’s “confession,” Colonel Allen West on our Stasi overlords and remember that the Carter Page smear was initially fueled by the Never-Trumpers which in turn was picked up by Hillary.


Bloomberg would need a stepladder to abuse women, no? Still, he’s hiding binders full of NDAs. Tsk-tsk-tsk. Also, Trump is a crook but pay no attention to that congresswoman from Florida and a shyster trial lawyer who goniffed money from the BP Oil settlement is a big donor to the hair-sniffing girl-groping eye-bleeding man of the people.


Cartel chaos on the border, looks like Remain in Mexico asylum rules are a success, El Salvador’s prexy playing fast and loose now with PDT and reneging on his asylum deal, illegal aliens getting drivers licenses in Jersey and NY and that has got to be stomped on by le grande orange, Joe Bribem with a big ol’ Chamber of Cronyism fuck you to American workers, and Federal Judge cites 14th Amendment in granting Samoans citizenship. I hate that damned amendment but Samoa is sovereign territory so they are citizens. Or are they? Discuss.


David Goldman, aka “Spengler” with a “j’accuse” that I heartily endorse and the BDS movement behind much of the Joo-hate in the USA. Thanks, Rancida, Bro-Fo and self-gassing J-Streeters!


Democrat “dirty 30” feeling the heat on impeachment and their futures, impeachment support collapsing as Trump approval surges to near all-time highs, Texas Democrat wishes cancer on Obama, Schiff-for-Brains loudly protested at Armenian genocide event, Carly Fiorina confirms what we all suspected of her three years ago – that she’s a two-faced fraud, and her Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery kit adds at least a few more faces on top of it, Maxine Mikvah Waters has zero proof but she knows Trump is guilty, Trump is going after the debates commission to prevent a Candy Crowley moment, new poll from reliably left NPR/Marist has Paste-Eater and Commie Alta-Kocker tied for first, talk of a Rippentrop/Molotov 2: Commie Boogaloo; a Sandersnista-Fauxca-Has-Been ticket if Joey Bribem gets the nod. Be still my heart! Also, Obama is wookie-whipped and a rectification of names in the wake of the new age of Bo-Jo and PDT. Please G-d.


Media pissed off at Clint Eastwood for his dead-on accurate portrayal of them in Richard Jewell, Daniel Greenfield rips 32-ounce Bloomberg and the media in one big gulp, and will SCOTUS preserve, protect and defend the beast that is Google?




Battle heating up over Mississippi abortion ban.


Exposing the enablers of the mullah murderers, Amnesty International goes after Russky persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Meh, let them go after the Muslim world for rampant Christian genocide. Also, reading the tea leaves with the latest NorK threats, Conrad Black talks of a rebirth of the Anglosphere in the wake of Brexit, Bo-Jo and Trump, and an entry for the Day-Ending-in-Y Dept. at the UN. Nuke Turtle Bay.


What the hell is Defense Secretary Esper playing at? Can we please remove enemy foreign nationals and jihadists from our critical defense installations? 


Pee-Air Defecto pimping child tax breaks, going postal with red ink and a call to neutralize the feral government. Meh, start doing what they did with the Ag Dept. to all the other agencies and that should do the trick. 


Two items of very good news and two that are not so great. And you can blame the shutting down of 737 production, as a result of those two crashes, on the environmentalists. They forced a redesign that led to the crashes. Still, the engineers should’ve sounded the alarm.


Credit to a commenter whose nic I don’t know for this link on government protecting big pharma from lawsuits while forcing parents to immunize kids, and Toothy McBigTits bitches that she is too overwhelmed with choice for her gold-plated taxpayer-paid-for health plan. Cry me a river, sweetie. Lastly, forget tobacco. Raise the voting age. Young voters are lethal to your health.


Democrat campaign strategy; scare the shit out of people with lies to get them to vote for you. 


MR science correspondent Robert Zimmerman’s take on Spygate.


I’d be sleepless in Seattle if I saw this. Feh.


CAIR could care less, and the Bolshevik Revolution is gone, but the stench lingers on and on and on…

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