The Morning Report 1/30/20

Good morning kids. Thursday and what a difference a day makes in the sham-peachment trial. I think. I hope. Yesterday, as I was tearing what’s left of my hair out of my head over the potential for the RINOs to actually force Mitch McConnell to hand this over to Cuck Schemer and the Democrats, it seems as if Cocaine Mitch might have actually been working behind the scenes to whip the 51 votes needed to potentially shut this down as early as tomorrow. As the boss reported late yesterday, McConnell looks to have put a couple of take-it-or-leave-it poison pills into the potential deal to have witnesses that will no doubt be rejected by the Dems. We’ve all had a lot of negative history with McConnell over the years but the one thing you have to give him props for is his mastery of procedure as well as his fierce protection of his domain in the Senate and his turf. No way in Hell is he going to let four fools on our side screw him over. Along with massive political winds at his back and against each of the recalcitrant RINOs, a couple of huge developments shook out over the course of the day that seem to have sealed the deal.

First, we have fairly recent archival footage of John Bolton declaring that naturally he would absolutely lie about national security matters, presumably in the furtherance of his own preferred policy outcomes and more recently and crucially in relation to the phone call between Trump and Ukie prexy Zelensky, the one that the Dems and Bolton are claiming was some sort of strong arm shakedown but that Bolton described as “warm and cordial.” Yeah, that’s just how Pete Clemenza was when you were late with a “vig” payment. Lastly, as Teh Ted Cruz reminds us, Schiff-for-Brains and his comrades flat out rejected the idea of calling Bolton during the witness phase of this fiasco last month in the House. 

Second, although Justice Julia Roberts, acting as the trial judge in this madness, barred a legitimate question from Rand Paul about Eric “Whistleblower” Ciaramella from being read, it is now coming to light that Ciaramella may very well be implicated in the same corruption involving the Ukrainian gas company Burisma with the Bribems. Add that to the fact that instead of following protocol and going to an inspector general, he went right to Schiff-for-Brains with the news of what he supposedly “overheard” on the Trump-Zelensky phone call. 

Third, and most crucially, forget the RINOs, forget the battle over more witnesses, we now have several Democrat senators making noises about actually crossing the aisle and voting to acquit the President outright. 

Taken all together, the tea leaves seem to indicate that mercifully for us – IF it plays out as we are now hoping – this ends tomorrow. Or at least this latest phase of the over-three-year attempt to bring Trump down, because you just know that something else is waiting in the wings either after he is acquitted… OR some heretofore underage, impregnated Lithuanian transsexual stripper comes forward to claim Trump is her father and that after forcing her to have an addadicktome, he will use her to rig the 2020 election by spreading coronavirus Joo-cooties with the Mossad in China at precisely 2:59:59PM on Friday afternoon.

Assuming the attempt to hijack the proceedings with more witnesses is foiled, that Trump is acquitted by close of business tomorrow or Monday latest with the extra scoop of “covfefe” crunch of one or more Democrats crossing the aisle and make the acquittal bipartisan (yay!), the Democrat Party and their cohorts in the agitprop media will, IMHO suffer a rout that will have far-reaching effects both for them and for the rest of the nation going forward. 

As the links in the politics section show, the rift between the old guard stealth socialists and the new batch of Shining Path Maoists is growing wider by the day and out in the open for all to see. Not really an aside but have you noticed over the past few days that Nancy “Palsi von Paulus” Pelosi has all but disappeared from the headlines and sound bite rosters? Yeah, I know, plop-plop-fizz-fizz oh what a relief it is, but it’s telling in the extreme. If she’s not in front of a camera for more than 24 hours at a stretch you know something’s brewing. With this it sure seems like trouble in worker’s paradise on earth. It’s evident that she lost control of this and perhaps, the iron-clawed dragon lady dictator reputation notwithstanding, the party itself. Schiff-for-Brains and Nadless screwed the pooch big time. In fact, yesterday, the former said flat out you can’t rely on what was investigated in the house but the latter belched up that this is an open and shut case. Besides tweedle-dumb and tweedle-dumber, idiots like Da Nang Dick Blumenthal and Val Demings didn’t exactly help the cause. Not that there was a case to begin with.

But here again, the difference is Trump and the massive support he has and more crucially has earned both by his accomplishments and his style, which have exposed the Dems and their Media machine for the hacks and fiends they are as well as the possibilities of abandoning politics as usual for Trump’s brand of prosperity and strength.

Circling back, despite the Democrats having no option but to go over the top yet again a la Ypres circa 1916, they are effectively a spent force. I mean, where do you go after impeachment? The only thing left is violence. And Bernie’s Sandersnistas have already promised that Milwaukee will burn this summer if he is not nominated. As an aside, and a wheel within a wheel, now you can understand why the Left wants to take our guns away. 

In any case, let your heart not be troubled, nor your shart not be bubbled. Stay tuned…



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