How To Beat President Trump…And Don’t Worry, The Democrats Are Far Too Dysfunctional And Insane To Do The Smart Thing


President Trump has many character traits that seem, at first glance, to be wonderful openings for his political opponents to make substantive inroads on his popularity with the 20% of the voters who are not firmly in one camp, and perhaps decrease the enthusiasm with which his base supports him.

Here is a partial list, in no particular order, and without vetting for accuracy. But any casual perusal of the raw sewage pouring out of the media will lend support to these tendencies.

He is undoubtedly thin-skinned, is prone to exaggeration and hyperbole, uses odd grammatical constructions that seem ripe for parody, has goofy hair, Is curiously uninterested in reining in a bloated federal budget, is a big fan of firing people, and on and on.

Yet the Democrat party apparatus has been failing spectacularly for the past four years at every attempt to “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” In other words, do what their smartest political operative (Saul Alinsky) has laid out.

Obviously President Trump has succeeded in destroying what little rational perspective they ever had, and has driven them, quite simply, mad! That is as a result of more than anything else their laziness, bolstered by generations of Republicans who wilted and shrank and ran and cowered at the first challenge from their Democrat opponents. So why wouldn’t the Democrat apparatus be confident that no matter what, they will persevere. So when confronted by Donald Trump, who responds to every attack with, essentially, LOLGF, they have nothing in their rusted arsenal.

But how would a rational opposition combat the President? They have thrown every accusation at him they can conjure in their fevered imaginations, and the only result has been a firming up of his support. Obviously that won’t work…the 500th accusation of “White Supremacy,” or “Rapist,” or “Budding Dictator,” or “Putin’s Stooge,” becomes background noise.

I think it is too late for the 2020 election. The perfect storm of a failed impeachment, a roaring economy, and a president who is unwilling to throw away the lives of our fighting men in pointless foreign adventures has destroyed any chance of a Democrat victory in November.

Would anything have worked?