The Morning Report 2/11/20

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and now that the Democrats’ Sham-peachment banzai charge has been thoroughly blunted, it seems as if a long-awaited counteroffensive all the way to next November and beyond may at long last be underway. Along with the sacking of the Shillsbury doughboys Alexander and Eugene Vindman, and ex-EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland comes news that the administration is conducting a full-scale purge of the National Security Council involving some 70 Obama holdovers including reportedly that “anonymous” Deep State apparatchik who wrote an op-ed for the NY Times, which was the moral and intellectual equivalent of making underarm fart noises, boasting of sabotaging Trump from within. The important thing is that the President has to be confident that everyone working under him, at whatever level and regardless of their political affiliations and worldview is going to faithfully discharge their duties in carrying out the orders and policies handed down from above. This is something that should have been done as of 12:01PM on January 20th, 2017 not only in these departments and agencies, but across the board at every single bureaucracy and agency in DC. I suppose that is the Achilles heel of an outsider, but this President is no dope, and I assume will do a thorough house cleaning starting now. It can’t wait until after the next inauguration (G-d willing) because there are still hundreds of other Vindbags burrowed in, ready to do their worst.

Yet like clockwork, the usual gang of idiots is there to proclaim that the President’s actions are illegal and demand, get this, another investigation and, you guessed it impeachment. Despite the overwhelming schadenfreude of watching Cuck Schemer and Malig-Nancy Pelosi have one disaster after another explode in their face as they step on another landmine, it is nevertheless enraging in the extreme to hear them proclaim the mantle of righteousness and virtue in spouting out their blood libels against this President and we the people. Encouraging though it is that their criminality and propaganda is having less and less effect on more and more people, it’s still cold comfort for people like Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, who continue to go through hell as their lives are destroyed in the ongoing and non-stop attempt to overthrow the will of the people. While they rot in jails, have their reputations trashed and their finances ruined, literal scum like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper and Hilary Clinton are free as a bird and more than indirectly profiting off of the former’s misery and persecutions. But what of the lower-level apparatchiks, saboteurs, traitors and flunkies like the Vindmans and Sondland who do their bidding, directly or of their own accord? From George Parry at American Spectator:

… As described by the hysterical media, you would think that President Trump had “settled all family business” in the manner portrayed in The Godfather’s climactic scene, in which Michael Corleone has the heads of New York’s five Mafia families whacked. But the truth is altogether to the contrary. In May of this year, Alexander Vindman will enroll in the Army War College. This is a highly sought and selective program and a singular opportunity to advance one’s military career. It is open only to the favored few who are being groomed for top leadership positions in the military.

As for Sondland, he is a hotel magnate who was a big contributor to Trump’s 2016 campaign. Recalling him is not the equivalent of terminating the livelihood of a career State Department official. Sondland can go back to his day job of running his hotel empire. And since the Obama regime is no longer in charge, he can do so without fear of the IRS auditing his company, OSHA inspecting his hotels, and ICE vetting his employees.

As retaliation goes, removing the Vindmans from the National Security Council and stripping Sondland of his ambassadorship is pretty weak stuff. Which raises the troubling question as to whether or not such pallid measures will be enough to deter others who may wish to emulate Sondland and the Vindman twins in any future coup attempt…

… Since the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result, you can count on the Democrats again impeaching Trump at least once between now and the November election.

That is why President Trump should seriously consider taking firm and decisive punitive action to discourage all deep-state partisans from promoting yet another impeachment hoax. In that regard, he has a positive obligation to the nation to make clear to one and all that they will pay a heavy price if they meretriciously participate in any future attempted coup…

Well, what can the President really do especially in light of the fact that the bureaucracy generally protects its own where and when it can? Since said bureaucracy itself is more than likely 90% Democrat-Globalist and anti-Trump in the extreme, the odds of Trump using them like Obama used the IRS for example are slim and none, as Parry points out. Again, it’s an off-shoot of the now undeniable fact that we have two systems of justice in America; one for the ruling power elite and one for the rest of us that ensures that the former’s status as a ruling elite is never challenged. And that, more or less, encapsulates what the past four years was all about.



Tick-tock tick-tock? AG Barr confirms that he will actually take Rudy Giuliani’s evidence against the Bidens seriously. On the one hand, I ain’t holding my breath, but on the other Barr and Durham have got to have whatever cases against anyone at the highest levels of the coup absolutely watertight nine ways to Sunday (pardon the mixed metaphor).


Be a real shame if this disc jockey came home to find his house missing and it is way past time to declare Antifa as a terrorist organization and have it RICOed to death.


Between the pogroms in Brooklyn and what happened in Jersey City and Monsey, I cannot see Dov Hikind remaining a Democrat because he sure as hell is not going to be able to change anyone’s mind in that party as to its direction.


Uh-oh. Audio of Michelito Lo-Lo’s defense of his stop and frisk policies as NYC mayor has surfaced and he doesn’t pull any punches as to where the crime is, Tom Perez’s right-hand man has his hands in the till, Peter Puffer’s ancestors had ’em all in chains!, and Willie Brown’s “Mr. Clean” faces the music.


AG Barr announces serious pushback and crackdowns on insurrectionist leaders of sanctuary cities, meth and fentanyl seizures on track for a record breaking year and DHS debunks Slimes’ agitprop typist who claimed Trump’s stories of illegal alien crime were “fake news.”


The big story is today’s New Hampshire primary and the run-up to it, especially in light of last week’s Democrat disaster in Iowa. Naturally, the President went to New Hampshire to fire up the base and troll the Democrats at yet another massive rally. Despite the freezing New England temperatures, even the overflow crowds outside the rally dwarfed anything held by any Democrat candidate. As usual, Dixville Notch is the first to report in and they’ve given the win to Michelito Lo-Lo via write in ballots. Despite reports of Peter Puffer surging, the Sandersnista’s are not fans, they also want a partial re-canvassing of the Iowa wreckage, looks like the next iteration of Oepration Chaos is in effect in South Carolina, how would Trump campaign against a dorky gay guy, Joey Biden may have brain bleeds and intermittent bouts of coherency but recent cardiac victim and long-time alte-kocker Sandersnista reneges on pledge to release medical records, is Bernie even over before he gets started, Trump with more trolling of Malig-Nancy and Toothy McBigTits, Elizabeth Wan insults VP Pence while diner patrons just want to eat their waffles in peace, Amy Klownkar takes a page from Joe Biden’s etiquette manual on how to attract voters, Joe’s Man-Chin, the guy who two SOTUs ago got brow-beaten into sitting down and not applauding the President has the gall to scold Trump, Conrad Black even higher on Trump winning than ever and a look back at the significance of the events of the past few weeks.


Rush Limbaugh with a health update and a promise to return to the golden EIB microphone today (please G-d), group that made the viral video of Malig-Nancy pushes back on the critics, more on Josh Hawley’s plan to go after Big Brother Tech, Bezos pissed at PDT for passing him over for Microsoft in cloud contract, dissecting the fall from grace (if it ever had any) of the SPLC, good essay on how the media can regain trust but since its primary purpose was, is and always will be to pimp globalism, I don’t see how they can or that they even want to, Bill Kristol may be a bloated jagoff but he sure knows how to “con” Pierre Omidyar et al, and Daniel Greenfield reporting on a local NYC journalist fired for daring to criticize Bro-Fo Omar/Nur.


Considering the first link, let’s hope VP Pence is right. Who would’ve thought a former New York liberal Democrat would be the greatest hope to achieve VP Pence’s dream?


More on the raging coronavirus and something I have mused about in that it might be the nail in the coffin of the Chi-Coms, or at least this permutation of its leadership. Also, Congress sounding alarm on newly detected Iranian nuke sites, Brexit is good but the Islamo-Socialist rot lingers in Blighty, and Switzerland will now jail you for joking about pansies and fruits.


We have got to get the hell out of Afghanistan once and for all, and send Bro-Fo there as goodwill ambassador with a one-way ticket on Aerolineas Pinochet…


In praise of some crucial items in the new Trump budget though I hope he will make serious entitlement (spit) reform an issue in the second term; he’ll have the cachet and political wind at his back, as well as the rhetorical skill to sell it. Also, Texas goes after California for their insane official travel ban policy.


Styrene Steyer is a cheapskate! I need $2,200 an hour, the bastard. Also, a look at NYC’s dodgy no-fee rental rules, and finally Bernie Sanders sez his policies will create many more jobs than Trump’s. The jobs though will be compulsory, last from 15-30 years and be mostly behind barbed wire and involve picks and shovels… 


This New York no-bail law is an unmitigated disaster.


Oh, FFS! Also, why in the hell is this fiend not been stripped of his citizenship, his entire wealth confiscated and then deported to Malaysia? The world wonders…


A look at a Trump official who has to deal with enviro-commie lawfare, our intrepid science reporter on the NOAA’s data tampering as disastrous for the advancement of science across the board, and the Dems whip out the “peak oil” bromide yet again.


Our intrepid science reporter with more fascinating phenomenon on the red planet.


Even red diaper baby Axelrod is telling the chuckleheads in Hollywood to cool it with the anti-Trump propaganda, Christian Toto none too excited about Assistant, Rabbi Fischer thrilled not to have seen the Super Bowl and a look past the hideous stereotypes of Appalachia to see some remarkable things and life.

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