The Morning Report 2/12/20

Good morning, kids. Midweek and the big story this morning is the New Hampshire Democrat Primary where Bernardo Sandersnista took first, with Mayor Peter Puffer in second and Amy Klownbuchar in third. Nowhere to be seen, quite literally was Joe “Go Vote For Someone Else” Biden, who took it on the lam to South Carolina even before the sun went down on the Granite State. Elsewhere, both Andrew “Out-the-Ying” Yang and Michael Bennet threw in the towel and Elizabeth Wan’s campaign is barely limping along a trail of tears. 

But as you both break down the results and step back to get a broader perspective, there appears to be nothing but disaster ahead for the Democrats both in terms of this election and its future as a political party going forward. First, Bernie barely squeaked out a win and his numbers were actually worse than in 2016. Then again, there are more contenders this time around and a win is a win no matter how you slice it, so in theory that boosts his chances going forward. In theory. In terms of the nomination, the DNC is doing all it can to openly (and more than likely clandestinely) take Sanders out because despite 50 years of brainwashing in the schools and in the media, most Americans are repulsed by Socialism, Socialists and the rhetoric now proudly proclaimed by its leading proponents within the Democrat Party. 

But in a national contest, Trump’s performance in New Hampshire as an incumbent handily beats Obama’s numbers from 2012, to say nothing of a national approval approaching or more than likely above 50%. At that level, and all things being equal, as of this moment Trump is unbeatable no matter who the Democrats field, and especially a bust-out socialist. Well, the Democrats themselves took out Biden with the Sham-peachment fiasco that exposed him and his crooked son as the generational criminals they are, while Biden’s combined hair-sniffing, girl-groping, eye-bleeding and brain-damaged mouth probably was the real culprit in his imminent demise.

I suppose they wanted Biden to be the sacrificial lamb to run against Trump, just like Dukakis in ’88 and Mondale in ’84, so as to theoretically preserve the electability and record of their rising star(s) for future contests. The problem is the Democrats have no one, at least someone who is a phony “moderate” that can effectively fake being sane and pro-American to a majority of voters. The other problem the Democrats have is that too many in their party, both elected officials and their base, are anything but sane and pro-American. Dem Rep and failed prexy candidate Tim Ryan is echoing James Carville’s and now commie-pinko Van Jones’ cri-de-coeur about Democrats embracing the Socialist cray-cray which could lead them to in his estimation a 48-state wipeout. 

Unfortunately, Ryan, Carville and all the rest will never acknowledge that it’s more than just the label of “Socialism” that will wipe them out; it’s the actual policies behind that moniker that, thank goodness, more and more Americans are being made aware of. For that, they can thank not only President Trump’s words but his deeds that have helped more people in more ways improve their lives and prospects than any big government policy or welfare state could ever come close to doing. That, more than anything will doom Bernie, the Midget or anyone else come November. The only way they even have a shot is if they outright reject Green New Deals, no bail or jail for criminals, a disarmed populace, censorship of wrong-think, open borders, infanticide pre- and post-natal, trannies in girls rooms, legalized heroin, national health and everything else they seek to impose on this nation. That is, of course, a non-starter, because what they really seek is absolute power and control. And that leopard is never going to change its spots. 


Along with the New Hampshire Primary results, some other political items to take note of include, Operation Chaos II, Bernie Boogaloo looks to be a thing in South Carolina, ex-CNBC info-dame Michele Caruso-Cabrera is now tossing her bra into the ring to challenge Toothy McBigTits for her seat. I don’t know how she rationalizes her pro-free market, anti-big government spiel with running as a Democrat but sure, why not? Also, more speculation that Ms. Donkey-Chompers might try to primary Cuck Schemer, with Biden fading and probably Tulsi Coffeecake as well, the Dems’ last chance at a semi-normal candidate may be Klobuchar, although Michelito Lo-Lo is spending millions to claim that mantle. Means nothing considering he’s a malignant dwarf with a Napoleon complex who wants to run every aspect of your life. Or put another way, a Socialist. And finally, it’s conservatism that’s the real “resistance” now in “Amerika.”


The big news that Ace covered yesterday afternoon was the DoJ smacking down Roger Stone’s insane prison sentence followed shortly thereafter by the resignation of four federal prosecutors from the case, and at least one from his job. Of course Malig-Nancy Palsi wants this investigated and no doubt used to fire up yet another sham-peachment, claiming Trump somehow illegally interfered in the case. The only interference, was AG Barr stepping in to prevent a guy railroaded for a process crime from being sent to a gulag as political prisoner. But hey, you and Cuck Schemer go with another round of impeachment and watch Trump’s approval shoot past 60%. Also, praise for Trump’s sacking of Alexander Vindbag and a court is set to investigate legal malfeasance of Michael Flynn’s first lawyer. If there is justice in this world, Flynn will be exonerated and then reinstalled as National Security Adviser for Trump’s second term, where he can oversee the dismantling and defanging of the Deep Staters in the intel community.


There ought to be a law.


Gee, what a surprise. Watch this one get memory-holed. Also, madness at ASU. 


Michelito Lo-Lo’s words might just sink him, although the theory of his LBO of the Dem Party may be his real motivation, and anti-corruption Elizabeth Wan campaigns with a bust-out crook still being scrutinized. 


Um, yes we do Bro-Fo. They come here mostly to drain the treasury and dissolve our national identity. If you don’t believe that, go check out that address in Atlanta. Also, thoughts on dealing with the narco-terrorists south of the border.


Goolag throwing lots of money at genocide-denier Cenk Uygur’s propaganda organ.


The Virginia House is just itching for it, aren’t they?


Dems want babies who survive first murder attempt to be My-Pillowed while hiding behind racialist clap-trap about infant mortality rates, and sensing her fortunes on the rise, Amy Klownkar suddenly sounds conciliatory about pro-life Dems… which will last until one second after she is either elected or rejected, the fraud.


More on the spread of coronavirus and beyond China, Betsy McCaughey praising the administrations stance on protecting the nation, several links including Caroline Glick on Trump’s Mideast “deal of the century,” NorKs again playing with rockets and nukes, massive plague of locusts hits Africa hard, and real Venezuelans warn Americans that Socialism kills. Will it fall on deaf ears? The world wonders…


Daniel Greenfield looks into the Tolkien fortune and where a chunk of the money is going.


Bezos sells off more stock to pump his own space program, and on pulling oneself up by his or her bra straps. Or Toothy McBigTits is a braying jackass.


Jussie Galore will face the music for fake (but accurate [sarc]) hate crime, man who almost assassinated NY cops was out on parole, Andrew Cuomo is truly a walking pestilence, and wife of Netflix CEO looking to oust Marxist LA DA and replace him with a Maoist.


San Diego hospital thinks California’s malaria, bubonic plague, rubella and dengue need a new playmate. 




Our intrepid science reporter breaks down part of Trump’s new budget and it looks good for real science, while the EPA luddites take a hit.


South Dakota, of all places, is having to deal with the politicization of the tranny psychosis, Ruth Bader-Meinhoff signals the end of an ERA, and the wages of the Leftist war on masculinity.


Just what we need in the wake of what happened in Jacksonville, ASU and of course Dick Durbin-linked James Hodgkinson to name but a few, on Joe Rogan, and finally an essay on the Left’s goal of societal dissolution as a means to gain absolute power.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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