The Morning Report 2/13/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday and up front, there’s a group of stories that taken together beg the question, what the hell happened to Virginia? Whether it’s the proximity to DC or thousands of Leftist bureaucratic cogs in the Big Government machine fleeing the madness they wrought and bringing the infection of their voting habits with them (like locusts as Great One Mark Levin coined it) into formerly solid red counties, a steady influx of illegal aliens, a feckless and hapless GOP that would rather kneecap conservatives than fight to preserve political sanity, or a perfect storm of all the above, it’s quite evident that the damage has been done. And the prospects for reversal are seriously in doubt. 

Within a heartbeat of taking over the state’s legislature lock, stock and barrel, the Democrats led by their sickening, repulsive governor, Ralph Northam, AKA Jolson McKlanrobes, rammed through legislation that amounts to actual post-natal infanticide, as well as anti-Constitutional laws that surpass even places like New York and California that move to forcibly strip citizens of their firearms. Despite the heartening pushback by thousands of Virginians in a peaceful, orderly protest in Richmond, it of course fell upon deaf ears since after a brief pause to let tempers blow over and the media disappear, they moved ahead and passed the legislation anyway. 

But wait! There’s more! Emboldened by these victories, or perhaps fearing a backlash this November and beyond, the gauleiters in the Richmond Reichstag have now passed legislation giving illegal aliens driver licenses, which of course translates into Democrat voter registration, as well as passed another sure-to-be-challenged-in-court bill awarding their electoral votes to whoever wins the popular vote in a national presidential election. That may backfire on them this year but that’s another story. Capping it all off was a truly disgusting display when the Democrats attempted to muzzle and ultimately walked out en masse when a black pastor had the gall to trample on their sensibilities by delivering a sermon that rightly denounced legalized baby-killing and the defiling of the sacred institution of marriage. 

From the last link, our friend and intrepid science reporter Bob Zimmerman warns us about what’s happened in Virginia is being attempted in Arizona, and across the nation:

… Most of the discussion about this story has been focused on the opposition to the laws themselves. I want to focus on what it tells us about the modern Democratic Party. You see, these fascist actions – which do nothing to reduce violence or crime while making law-abiding citizens criminals – are being planned by practically every local Democratic Party operation across the nation. All they require to make them law is to obtain power, as they have in Virginia… Give these Democrats a single legislative session where they run the show, and they are now telling us what they plan to do.

Nor is this an outlier. We’ve seen similar odious laws passed in New York, California, Maryland, and in practically every state where the Democrats run the government. They are blatant about what they want to do. No one should have any doubts about it.

More important, they are giving us a clear warning about their long-term plans. They not only want to deny ordinary citizens the right to defend themselves, they have made it clear they have utter contempt for those citizens, and will move to destroy all their freedoms if given the chance. Like the socialists in Venezuela, as soon as they have power they will use it to shut down all opposition, ending any semblance of democracy and freedom…

There’s coronavirus and then there’s coronavirus. In Steve Malanga’s article “Calculating the Californication” from City Journal, he had a rather optimistic view that Californians fleeing what is rapidly devolving into Zimbabwe on the Pacific might understand what they are fleeing from and not bringing their politics with them (or that it’s mostly non-Leftists that are fleeing in droves). I certainly hope that that is the case since if what happened to Virginia ever happens to the red states they flee to, especially Texas, then it’s lights out America, regardless of who wins subsequent national elections.

But the question remains, whither Virginia? With the citizenry now fully aware (at least they should be) that the Democrat tyrants in office are out to subjugate them, and that a growing number of counties and their law enforcement infrastructure are openly declaring defiance of the gun edicts, sooner or later there is going to be a showdown. Already, there is serious talk about many counties splitting off and joining West Virginia. Better yet, they should just secede and declare statehood. That might even have a ripple effect with places like New York City, DC that, in turn, could be countered by one or more rural California counties. Ugh.

Whatever may happen, it is clear in Virginia and in the rest of the nation, what cannot go on will not go on. At least it shouldn’t.



The big news breaking as a result of the outrage of AG Barr reversing the heinous sentencing of Roger Stone for a non-violent and rigged process crime is that the jury foreman in his case is, get this, a rabid Trump-hating Leftist. For those of you, like myself, itching to have Comey, Brennan, Clapper et al brought to court, this is rather revelatory about the available jury pool in and around Washington DC. Meanwhile, AG Barr has agreed to testify before Congress on the Stone decision, Rudy Giuliani and other things that the Dems will no doubt try to hang him with. Already, there are calls for him to resign or, heh, be impeached. What this all boils down to is fear. Now that sham-peachment is dead and gone and with nothing else up there sleeves and an election collapsing on them day by day, the Democrats are desperate to try and paint Barr and John Durham as vengeful hacks out to lay false charges and smears on all the coup plotters as sour grapes over sham-peachment. Risible in the extreme, while nevertheless radiant in its chutz-pocrisy. We shall see. If real charges with serious jail time are not brought via the already impanelled grand jury(ies), then there is no rule of law in this nation and we are completely unmoored and in theory not beholden to those who rub our noses in it.

Also, House GOPers have had enough of Schiff-for-Brains and have boycotted his hearing, Malig-Nancy and Eric “Nuke ’em” Fartswell are going to call for another round of Sham-peachment, which will result in Trump and the next two elections afterwards as GOP landslides, and lastly along with at least five fully documented cases of Obama’s interfering and shielding his cronies from actual crimes, piece-of-shit leftist hack Eric Holder, who has Brian Terry’s blood on his hands, has the gall to claim the DoJ is politicized under President Trump. I can’t even…


He took a big cut in pay. Just $30,000 a month. Slave wages! Fight for $50,000!


More on the guy who wore a MAGA-hat lookalike and got cold-cocked for his sartorial faux pas. 


After Dov Hikind got the hook for daring to confront fish-faced Rancida Taliban, the Dems are going after a Florida mayor for daring to speak the truth about the brother-boffing Joo-hating immigration fraudster and taqqiya-sunriser, and finally don’t let his bar mitzvah album, rumpled suit and Flatbush accent fool you. Bernie is a poor man’s Soros, and that means tsoris.


I suppose along with telemarketing there’s also Obama’s credit card operation, Joe Biden is all about leniency but the Dems want Roger Stone to swing, another Day-Ending-in-Y Dept. item featuring another frog-mouthed commie, Paypal Jaypal, and in light of what I said about Virginia, the Dems are fighting tooth and nail to keep dead people voting in Michigan.


Looks like the elder Fredo blinked in the face of OrangeManBad about access to DMV records, Amy Klownkar hot and horny to flood America with undocumented Democrats, but that flies in the face of what she said in 2006. I guess she evolved…


Sandersnista is on the rise but along with the rabid Joo-hate his policy plans are nation-destroying madness, Sandersnista goes after Skeletor, Iowa Dem chairman ankles in shame, Elizabeth wan actually brags about taking some hapless kid’s last three bucks, Out-the-Ying-Yang still in shock, Midget Mike-Mike was a big Trump booster just a few short years ago, he gets shafted for $5 large, Joe Biden bleeding out, unlike all the candidates, swing state voters love Trump taking out Queso Salamander, Peter Puffer couldn’t get a date in high school or something, with Deval Patrick bowing out the multi-ethnic party of diversity and inclusion is now all white, Snoozy McSnoozerson in a dead heat in Alabama primary, Kweisi Mfume dragged out of retirement to take over Elijah Cummings seat, of course the Dem candidates want to abolish the electoral college and two essays round it all out that conclude Trump is virtually unstoppable. Make it so.


Whoa, judge denies McClatchy propagandists’ motion to dismiss Devin Nunes libel suit, Big Tech actually delaying England’s bid to censor its citizens, Charles Blow-hard of the Slimes not thrilled with a Democrat for a change, suddenly teen webzine Vox is not thrilled with Ruth Bader-Meinhoff over the extremely rare occasion that she upheld the Constitution and not Leftist ideology, on Trump and the totalitarian muzzling of the public square, and a look at China, free speech vis a vis Wuhan flu.


Ben Sasse fights to stop post-natal My-Pillowing of abortion survivors, don’t be fooled by Pete Puffer’s dweeb looks, and Colorado Dems all in on infanticide.


China deaths from the coronavirus explode, US military prepares for worst case scenarios; the word “camps” is just disturbing, Michael Ledeen with a death watch on the mullahs, Syria and Turkey could kill each other off as far as I’m concerned, just so long as no US troops are anywhere near them, UN with another anti-Israel condemnation (ho-fucking-hum), two essays on France and the new wave of Islamic Jew persecutions, Israel wants Abbas gone, and a look at the dweeby Stalinist to our north.


Of course Collins and Murkowski along with Luap the Lesser’s Mr. Hyde Persona and five others vote with the Dems to kneecap PDT on war powers, and Mossad Joo-Sharks, with lasers. Oh my.


Does Sherrod Brown-Note not realize he’s both funny and surprisingly accurate, all things considered? Also, Jerome Powell politely tells Rancida Taliban “LOLGF,” I hope Trump goes after entitlements and cuts the damn budget in half in his next term, and a look at PDT’s call to make government buildings beautiful again.


Greatest president evah! Also, as America reaps the benefits from an oil boom, Toothy McBigTits wants us to go back to the 12th century and a look at the market vis a vis working people.


Actually, despite Midget Mike’s words, stop and frisk works and saves actual black lives, cops in the crosshairs (thanks Holder and Obama!), Kim Foxx blames, you guessed it, and Elizabeth Wan was a big booster of the Chi-raq hack.


No cancer drugs or high tech for you, bad kid.


Dear Lord, why in the Hell can’t the GOP learn a lesson and call this carbon crap a sham, renewable energy ain’t either, and despite the uselessness and expense, the US led the world in reducing CO2. Meh, Scoldilocks still how dares us.


Our intrepid science reporter with more doings on Mars, this time, ice ice baby.


Real female athletes have had enough of the junk-tucking steroid-addled frauds.


Why do I even bother with the likes of Joy Blowhard and Whoopi Rape-Rape and Christian Toto with a thumbs up for VFW.

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