The Morning Report 2/14/20

Good morning, kids. The weekend is here so let’s begin with the latest act of complete Democrat desperation, which is the attempt to smear AG William Barr as some sort of rogue conspirator of the President to either derail or blunt what is sure to be the long-awaited indictments of the real coup against Trump and the American people. Yes, I know, many of you have your doubts given all that has come to naught before. Also, you could say, and rightly so, that the Dems are just reflexively flailing about wildly a la replicant Pris shot by Deckard. But if you just go on the assumption that Barr and John Durham by their impanelling of a grand jury are serious, then the Democrats reaction makes even more sense. Personally I am hoping that they indeed are quaking in their boots and if Andrew McCabe should find himself cuffed and led off the CNN set on live TV for everyone in Terminal 5 at JFK to see, that would be satisfying enough for me. But let’s not start tasting each other’s nether regions just yet.

That said, the latest kerfluffle is over AG Barr’s “rebuke” of the President’s commenting about the outrageous sentencing of Roger Stone as supposedly interfering with his ability to do his, Barr’s, job. Ace covered this yesterday but from my perspective, this too will come to naught. Meh, it could even be a head-fake to throw the Dems off the scent while the hammer falls on them from out of the blue. Whatever may or may not be happening between the President and the Attorney General, I think the salient point is the Democrat-Media Complex is in full attack mode as it is trying to destroy the man by labeling him Trump’s “Incredible Two-Headed Transplant” of Roy Cohn and Lavrenty Beria, so for them to suddenly back up and say “hey, the President is interfering with the attorney general!” would be ludicrous in the extreme. Meanwhile, Deep State stooge and ex-chief of staff John Kelly is opening his pie hole to criticize the firing of lower-level termite Field Marshal Alexander Vindbreaker, to which PDT naturally retaliated, drawing John “Twain-face” Bolton into the fray to defend Kelly, calling on conservatives to reject Trump. 

Look, after the beat down and subsequent grinding into the dirt of the Democrats after the failure of sham-peachment and their rutting monkey display of public masturbation and feces flinging at the SOTU speech, Malig-Nancy Pelosi and her minions would truly be certifiable to even talk about let alone go forward with more investigations and another round of sham-peachment over AG Barr doing his job. And yet, all signs indicate that that is exactly what they are going to do. The last thing the Dems need is for America to see the Democrats tear each other apart over which one is the least anti-American communist candidate. But, thankfully, I think it’s too late for that, as we will explore in a minute.

Elsewhere, Mollie Hemingway dissects Chuck Todd’s idiotic statement about FISA abuse and the thoroughly corrupted DoJ, while Margot Cleveland has a story on the continued persecution of General Michael Flynn. More and more, it is now evident that he was set up and taken out early because he was hell bent on day one of clearing out the Obama-Clinton nest of termites and traitors that have been eating away at the vitals of the administration. If there is justice, he will be fully exonerated and restored to his post as head of the NSA where he can preside over that agency’s complete dismantling in Trump’s second term. Seb Gorka underscores that with his call to weed out and completely eradicate every last Vindman. Make it so.



Ace posted that video of some fat, loud-mouthed Ana Navarro with a beard stooge getting smacked around after picking a fight with the wrong guy in a MAGA hat. And yet, after the terrorist in a van, drunk on the words and music of people (if you can call them that) likeMaxine Waters 
and Roger Waters that both dehumanize and call for confrontation and violence, we have two more examples of our speech as violence and their violence as speech.


Again, if you’re an actual Jew and not of a self-gassing JeBBO (Jew By Birth Only), to vote Democrat is madness.


Awesome! After totally scamming Schiff-for-Brains and then Mikvah Waters, the Russian Jerky Boys just nailed Bernie. Also, long time 9th Circus hack, now deceased, accused of sexual misconduct and no wonder Fed Chair Powell told Rancida Taliban to STFU and STFD. Time to cut Puerto Rico loose.


The big news on the border is Trump going after Sanctuary cities and states big time. Andrew “big Fredo” Cuomo is seemingly going to cave over his insurrectionist ways vis a vis DMV records and ICE cooperation while an upstate sheriff blasts the anti-ICE law, Connecticut is also in the cross-hairs and while this is great news, to really put the screws to these states the President should also target and punish those businesses that hire illegal aliens. Elsewhere, PDT has extended the state of emergency at the southern border, Ron Desantis with a big if not partial win on E-Verify (which the CoC whores obviously oppose), Border Patrol seizes ammo heading south to the cartels; paging Eric Holder. Also a church is shielding an illegal alien criminal and if you want to know what fear and desperation smell like, look no further than idiot Democrat sham-peachment stooge Val Demings.


Oh boy, pass the popcorn! It’s now open warfare between Skeletor Carville and Sandersnista, which cannot bode well for the Dems either for 2020 or the future of their party, and they are dying of exposure – exposure of who they are and what they stand for to a heretofore blind electorate, which is why the Dems are in absolute panic mode over Bernie possibly costing them the House if they can’t steal the nomination from him. Meh, the economy, sham-peachment and PDT’s coattails might also be something for them to worry about in that regard. 

Also, a look at a potential Trump landslide, Midget Mike turning into a flash in the pan, Left freaking out over tech titan Larry Ellison hosting a Trump fundraiser, Elizabeth Wan campaign sucking fumes, Biden attacks Limbaugh over his completely accurate description of how the Dems view Peter Puffer, Obama tech nerds trash Biden, SEAL hero who killed Bin Laden not pleased with Peter Puffer puffing up his being in uniform, Hope Hicks returns to the administration, advice for the GOP, Conrad Black thinks the Dems only hope, if they have any at all, is with Amy Klownbuchar, Doug Jones is fading fast in Alabama, Michelito Lo-Lo uses same meme maker that handled that disastrous Frye Festival fiasco, it is way past time for West Virginia to oust the feckless, useless Joe’s Man-Chin and install a real conservative, could Out-the-Ying Yang be eyeing a run at Gracie Mansion, Eric Greitens fully exonerated at long last, it’s going to be hot in Milwaukee this summer, what Bernie’s followers don’t know about socialism could kill them and Victor Davis Hanson on the Dems’ disastrous February. And they still have nine more months to go.


Is this criminal still in the US, hiding in Debbie Wasserman-Test’s Hellman’s-encrusted locks? Oh, Mr. Barr…




Debbie Lesko warns about the ERA as cover for infanticide, Ben Sasse and Joni Ernst doing some good things, and crazy in Alabama.


Pompeo heading to dark continent and Middle East for confabs, Xi installs lackey in Wuhan epicenter, Helen Raleigh with the voices that are being silenced, NorK official reportedly executed for breaking quarantine after return from China, US Navy seizes Farsi weapons cache in the Gulf, and more on Trump’s peace plan which essentially calls to recognize Jordan as “Palestine.” 


Yellow Fever or not, China must be kept in check.


Speaking of self-gassing Jews, look who’s invited to speak in South Florida.


Cocaine Mitch is the man, but after sham-peachment, I worry about a certain group of GOP-e senators, Census Bureau a hot mess of incompetence (shocking, right?), California freelancers are not pleased, and SSI reforms that of course the Left will resist. Entitlement reform and massively cutting the size of government and spending should be Trump’s Border Wall for his second term.


Where’s Kurt and Ggergg? Of course Bernie has a plan to reverse all of that, G-d forbid.


Margot Cleveland points the spotlight on Pete Puffer: “For all the outrage about Mike Bloomberg’s policing comments, the press ignored the nearly identical sentiments Pete Buttigieg voiced mere days earlier during a Democrat primary debate.” Also, Daniel Greenfield with a surefire way for Trump to really seal the deal with American Blacks.


14th case of Too Wong Flu confirmed in US, big Nevada union not a fan of anyone taking away their health insurance, making Toothy McBigTits do a fast backtrack on Bernie’s Medicare for All madness, which is also voting booth poison in early voting states, and Michelle Malkin on vaccine bullies and their media gatekeepers being the real public health threats.


Diplomas for everybody. What could possibly go wrong? Look at Alexandria Donkey Chompers for an example…


More hot gas.


Our intrepid science reporter on the Space X capsule being readied for a possible launch this spring.


Lopecia Pressley tears her hair out over the Constitution or something, Francis the Talking Pope may be a commie stooge but on this he is dead right, remember that National Lampoon cover with the Soviet “female” athlete? Good times. Also doing laundry isn’t racist. At least I thought it isn’t, or wasn’t. Feh.


Samantha Pee launches her pudding-sharp wit to attack Prager U and gets a rhetorical kick in the teeth for her troubles, Christian Toto ponders the media being tired of Hollywood’s agitprop proclivities, a new documentary on the abject failure and destruction brought about by over 50 years of the welfare state on urban America, and it’s Valentine’s Day, which means we have to endure a torrent of hatred from the twin-headed demon of Leftism and Islam. They hate love because they fear it. Happy Saint Valentine’s Day to all.

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