The Morning Rant

There used to be a tradition, perhaps only honored in the breach, that those in charge are responsible for their actions and that of their subordinates.

Our current crop of responsibility-shirking politicians has clearly never heard the word “responsibility,” much less taken any in their miserable lives. They revel in flexing their political might, backed by the jack-booted thugs of their Praetorian guard. Just look at de Blasio threatening the Jews with the muscle of the NYPD if they dare to challenge his fascistic edicts against the practice of religion.

But will he be held accountable for this affront against our natural rights and the United States Constitution? No..probably not.

And Fredo’s older and slightly-less-stupid brother is worse. He cheerfully orders incomprehensible or outright dangerous actions to be taken, then runs like the cowardly bully that he is when confronted by the deaths he has caused.

Cuomo on COVID-19 in Nursing Homes: ‘It’s Not Our Job’

At the same time Gov. Andrew Cuomo was using his daily press briefings to berate President Trump for his inability to provide New York with 36,000 ventilators that his state never needed, along with demanding that the federal government supply his state with sufficient personal protective equipment, he was ignoring the pleas from administrators at his own state’s nursing homes for help in stemming the tide of deaths in their facilities.

Fifty-eight percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the state of New York have occurred in nursing homes in New York City. Gov. Cuomo is complicit in these deaths by making the fateful decision to force nursing homes to take in patients infected with the deadly virus. Yet the governor continues to refuse to take responsibility for that decision. In fact, Gov. Cuomo recently implied that it was greedy health-care facility owners that were to blame for the deaths. As the New York Post editorial board wrote, “Gov. Andrew Cuomo has taken to answering questions on the subject with insults. ‘Ohh, money,’ the gov snarked Monday, suggesting a nonprofit nursing home didn’t relocate its infected residents to hospitals because it would then ‘no longer be getting paid.’ ”

“It’s not our job?” Who’s fvcking job is it then? You squawk and preen and crow about your responsibility to save lives and take care of New Yorkers, but it looks suspiciously like all you want to do is bolster your own power-mad ego and further your pathetic and ridiculous political fantasies.

Trust me Andy, nobody outside of Albany and the Upper West Side gives a rat’s ass about you and your greasy and corrupt political machinations. Give it a try outside of NY, and you will see how off-putting you are.

I’ll give you one thing though, compared to your steroid-addled idiot of a brother, you are slightly less unpleasant.