The Morning Report 4/30/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. We’ve spent far too many days covering the nature of this virus and the forcible strangulation of our economy and society that an equally important angle is getting short schrift; that is, the origin of the Chinese Lung AIDS and more to the point, the reason that it spread around the world. Of course, that would be the deliberate actions of the People’s Republic of China.

Sebastian Gorka at American Greatness:  

…And whether or not the original Wuhan virus was engineered and deliberately released, or spread as the result of accidental contamination of a lab worker is irrelevant. China must be judged according to what it did after the release: by restricting domestic travel but allowing international travel from Wuhan to the rest of the world, Beijing satisfied the key elements of any reasonable definition of terrorism.

No, the Communist government is not a sub-state actor using violence to realize its self-determination, or some organization with a religiously defined apocalyptic end-state it wishes to realize through its attacks on innocents. But by allowing Chinese citizens to seed the world with a deadly virus that has taken more American lives in just four months than all the years of the Vietnam War, Xi Jinping’s government has deliberately targeted civilians for death… 

William L. Gensert at American Thinker: 

…Once the virus was out, China had a choice. It could seal the borders to protect humanity and fight to halt its progression in China, which would mean that China alone would bear the brutal economic costs. It did shut down much of its economy for a month while it isolated the disease and learned from it. Or it could remain silent and share with innocents the world over the misery it had created…

… Xi, and the CCP, helped make a local error into a worldwide pandemic and then kept quiet about how little danger the virus created to productive nations, knowing that people who are allowed to think would let their imaginations run wild, resulting in actions that would destroy their economies – allowing you to make a buck while becoming more powerful.

It is the often heard but rarely experienced win-win-win situation… Just as blockbuster movies have sequels, China, having succeeded with the premiere of COVID-19, is already planning COVID-20 – coming soon to a civilized nation near you. 

And this is why you have billionaire Benedict Arnolds like Bill Gates spouting off anti-American propaganda most likely at the behest of the Chi-Coms, while garden variety Democrats just spout off the America hatred like you and I breathe, albeit through masks these days and not ironically mostly made in China. Funny how frauds like Malig-Nancy-Pelosi and Bill De Bolshevik downplayed the Peking Pox as their Italian counterparts encouraged citizens to hug Chinese people so as not to be called racist, while President Trump was ripped banning air travel to and from China. And the language they used sounded like a script written by members of the Central Committee in Beijing. How the worms have turned, but I digress. 

China cannot afford to be, er, “unmasked” by the world and become permanently ostracized politically, and worse for them, economically. Even before this madness, the country’s economy was flat, it’s real estate market on the verge of a giant bust, it faced serious internal turmoil in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and elsewhere, rising international disapprobation over mass concentration camps for the Uighurs, the disastrous One Child Policy and to top it all off, an American President who was putting the nail in the coffin of the so-called Chinese Century. 

But Xi and his mad Mandarins miscalculated and yuugely. They never once considered that had they just come forward and were open and honest at the outset (they could’ve even kept the wet market cover story), they would have legitimately earned global admiration and accolades, as well as seriously dinged President Trump’s trade policies in the bargain while polishing the turd of globalism from a PR standpoint, at least in the short term. And much of the internal problems that the world was frowning upon would have been swept under the rug by an all-too-willing globalist media, much of it owned/influenced in part or whole by China itself.

Well, it’s the afternoon of December 7th, 1941 and much of the US Pacific Fleet is at the bottom of Pearl Harbor with nearly 3,000 dead soldiers, sailors and civilians. What’s our next move?

…When we say boycott China we are telling American-in-name-only companies to get out of China – now. Whenever there is an alternative to “Made in China,” we will take it. We can buy New Balance athletic shoes instead of Nikes. We can buy from our local farmer or Hormel instead of Smithfield. We don’t have to upgrade our iPhone until Tim Cook stops funding the CCP’s techno-totalitarian dystopia. We’re telling GM don’t import Envision SUVs from China. We’re telling Twitter to de-platform CCP propaganda mouthpieces, not Americans.

When we say boycott China, we are telling Washington to stop sending our tax dollars to our mortal enemy – no excuses. We are telling stand-up elected officials like Senators Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), and President Trump we have their backs. And we’re telling the others to stop peddling excuses, get a backbone, and stand up for America. Don’t let the Chinese Communists control our food (Smithfield), our media (AMC theaters, Universal, Disney, Hollywood), our energy, and our technology (Huawei, Lenovo).

When we say boycott China, we are telling the CCP’s apologists in big media, big banks, big corporations and the Washington swamp who sold out America and her people – time’s up… 

THIS, times infinity. Unfortunately the American people of 2020 are not the American people of December 7th 1941. We are divided, perhaps permanently, by fellow travelers of Mao and Stalin who have been eating away at the vitals of this nation since well before 1941. Their progeny are no longer confined to the faculty lounges and editorial boards but are now in far too many boardrooms and in businesses large and small across America. Add a large number of execrable politicians who are bought and paid for agents of the PRC, most notably Dianne Feinstein, and you can see the problem.

But it has to be done. The fact that well over 90% of our pharmaceuticals and much of the PPE equipment now comes from a dictionary definition evil totalitarian regime hell bent on global domination, should be a wake up call that no one can ignore. 

The other question is China itself. I cannot imagine this President not taking some action or at the very minimum ramping up the rhetoric, and justifiably so. Per Messrs Gorka and Gensert, the Chi-Coms more than likely pulled a Buck Turgidson to take advantage of General Jack D. Ripper going rogue. So far, it’s America and Europe that got their hair mussed. But looking at the Pearl Harbor analogy, America did not sue for peace as the Japanese expected. Less than four years later, the Japs were utterly obliterated, but at a very high cost in American blood and treasure. And America became a geopolitical and economic powerhouse for almost 30 years afterwards. That is, until out of control bureaucracy, unions and corporatist greed sold American industry down the Yellow River.

So, what will be our next move and how will China react? I must admit that when I read the ebullient optimism of Steve Mnuchin and Jared Kushner I was highly doubtful, all things considered. But perhaps I’m premature with my pessimism. While businesses have been wiped out, perhaps never to return, and millions of jobs lost, our basic economic fundamentals are still good (the massive debts and deficits notwithstanding). Even after a raging forest fire, the ground is fertilized and new growth begins almost immediately. 

China might have sucker-punched America and the rest of the world, but its internal economic and political situation has not changed. They are still vulnerable to at the very least a regime change where Xi and his ilk are ousted. Collapse of the entire communist state like the Soviet Union? I can’t see it, but who knows? In any case, President Trump must lead us out of this madness and neutralize China. That nation really is the number one threat to global stability. For that to happen, we have got to get this economy on its feet again and crucially he has got to win re-election. And now that situation might be imperiled as a result of what China unleashed. Oh boy.

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