The Morning Report 5/1/20

Good morning, kids. Friday, and another grim milestone of yet another day and another month of America held hostage. Yet there are a number of very big things happening that lets me be just a bit cautiously optimistic. 

– Open and growing protests against blue state tyranny.

– Open revolt in some Democrat/Leftist quarters against covering up Joe Biden’s alleged sexual assault.

– Smoking gun proof that key FBI and IC personnel conspired to frame General Mike Flynn as a means to ultimately overthrow President Trump. And this reaches all the way to Obama… and Biden.

Let’s take it from the top and go category by category and the most immediate matter, the GOP-led Michigan legislature has rejected Gruppenfuhrer Gauleiter Gretchen Whitmer’s call for a 28-day lockdown extension and instead will sue to put an end to her power grab. As the debate was happening, hundreds of Michiganders, some armed and most not wearing the idiotic face masks entered the capital building to protest both the governor as well as a court ruling that rubber-stamped her trampling of the Constitution. It must be emphasized that, unlike Leftists, the protest was completely peaceful and orderly. The open carrying of firearms was not just a stunt; it’s a reminder to those like Whitmer and her ilk of what the Second Amendment is all about. I hope and pray to G-d Almighty that we never have to invoke it but the ball is in the Democrats’ court.

Meanwhile back in my hometown of Brooklyn, where after singling out and threatening the Hassidic Jewish community for holding a funeral, the cops were seen harassing residents of Borough Park, with one person evidently arrested. I’m frankly disgusted that the NYPD, after being treated like excrement by Bill De Bolshevik for years, didn’t turn their backs on him and ignore his evil anti-Semitic edict, when turning their backs on him actually counted for something. That is something that I will not forgive or forget. Sadly, there is no Rabbi Meir Kahane around to march on Gracie Mansion they way they did in Michigan.

Over in California, Nancy’s Boy nancy-boy Newsom was indignant that 80,000 Californians, sick to death of being cooped up as the weather turns warm and sunny enough to actually help kill off the Peking Pox, hit the beaches. So he retaliated by closing off all the beaches and public parks. But it turns out, the order only showed up in Orange County, which, despite the disaster of the 2018 midterms, is still fairly conservative. The weather’s only going to get warmer. We’ll see if tempers heat up as well.

Despite my consternation at the President for his rebuke of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, perhaps all of this, minus the destruction of the entire economy, is playing in his favor. The media can try and blame him all the want but the fact of the matter is scum like De Bolshevik, Whitmer and Newsom are the face of this. In this case, all politics really is local. I’m not saying that New York or California are going to suddenly turn GOP overnight, but June would be a good time for a Trump rally in those states and Michigan. The evidence grows more incontestable as each day passes; Chinese Lung AIDS may very well be highly contagious but its lethality is nowhere near an extinction-level pathogen that warranted putting America under house arrest. The truth is, if it really was that lethal, the economy would have shut down all by itself owing to the hundreds of thousands of unburied bodies in the streets.

I think it is time for the President to use his incredible skills as a communicator to start communicating these truths to the American people. Even for him, it will be an incredibly daunting task given that the media has scared much of the nation out of his wits, along with the President himself. At least at the outset. But he and we have to now get beyond this. There is no justification for the continued lockdowns. We have got to get back to work and start the process of rebuilding our lives. That is the essence of human nature. To deny that or attempt to restrain it is evil. And the crisis we should not let go to waste is the defanging of the Democrat-Media Complex and the bureaucratic deep state so it can never again put a knife to our throats. There’s also the friggin’ Red Chinese which I ranted about yesterday.

Lift the lockdowns. Liberate America.



More evidence, this time from funeral directors, to show that the death stats are being doctored, field hospitals are being shut down and the USNS Comfort is going back to its home port after treating virtually zero patients, Nipsy Cuomo passes the buck, Nipsy finally shuts the NY subway petri dish down for four hours a day to disinfect it, kids are key in helping stop the spread, fake news media also monkeying with the numbers to keep everyone frightened, “the FDA should allow testing Chinese Covid-19 vaccines through deliberate human infection,” and just how rational is our fear of Sino Sinus Syphilis? Not very. But still we persist…


Dems throwing garbage in these relief bills that will have disastrous consequences in the long term, Macy’s with good news, the question that answers itself, “Washington state’s fruit harvest will be left to rot under politically motivated new state rules,” Bro-Fo and cohorts want to go full commie and confiscate private property because “justice” “fairness” or something, and Daniel Greenfield on the media taking diverting relief money from where it was intended.


Oh boy, it looks as if the Democrat-Media Complex is not going to be able to cover for Joe Biden. First of all, Tara Reade is not backing down and is willing to testify under oath, the Dems are not in lockstep behind him as key House stooge Hakeem Jeffries and Planned Parenthood are calling for Reade’s allegations to be investigated, Malig-Nancy is sticking her crepe-skin turkey neck out for Gropin’ Joe, along with Reade there are seven other women who claim to have been fingered, Rasmussen poll does not look good for Biden vis a vis the accusations, Sarah Silverman rips Jello-Brain Gillibrand for tossing Stuart Smalley under the bus but defending Biden, U of Delaware is stonewalling, evaluating the veracity of the charges and the answer to the last link is – guess.


Don’t like now, Joe, but Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley have a large bucket of borscht over your head…


The lights are on and the cockroaches are scurrying lest they get stomped. I would like Flynn to replace fired cover-up artist Christopher Wray, or better yet, head the Commission on Dismantling the FBI, the FBI was all set to close the investigation and then Strzok stepped in and ramped it up, Strzok and Gumsy may be guilty of evidence tampering, Comey’s outright lies are coming back to haunt him, McCabe animus to Flynn actually goes way back, Nikki Haley rips the FBI, Roger Stone catches a break, but on a negative note, a majority of Americans still believe the Pee dossier is true. Thank you, agitprop media.

By the way, Joe Biden is up to his neck in all of this. Perfect timing.


Another one for the Democrat Hypocrisy Files.


Remember all the screaming bloody murder about opening the polls in Wisconsin would lead to mass Peking Pox death and disease? Yet we must have mail-in voting. Also, Nazi collaborator Soros with a new angle, 25% of Sandersnistas not on board the Biden train, Biden’s campaign are experts at creep-flacking – and Chris “Waitress Sandwich” Dodd as his Veep search chairman is perfect – , a call to see his SCOTUS pick list, Conrad Black says put a toe-tag on Biden and send him to the morgue, and Victor Davis Hanson compares this election to 1944 vis a vis the veep-stakes.


I know, right?


Trump rips XiNN for their sliming of Flynn, the Other McCain on XiNN, Chris Hayes gets ripped by his fellow-travelers for daring to seek the truth, two indictments of the agitprop media, “must a weary America be inflicted with Gates’ cosplay as the nation’s top fake expert?,” Knox County, TN persecutes Christians, and a look at censorship during the time of the Smothers Brothers in comparison to today’s media malfeasance.


Minnesota governor sued.


Trump and team looking at retaliation for China and the Wu-Flu, wait, the WHO is now recommending the Swedish approach?!, White House denies WaPo article on cancelling debt to Chi-Coms as reparations, Teh Ted still keeping the flame alive on Hong Kong, new report says Whoa, Fat! not dead – yet, Germany goes after Hezbollah in the Fatherland, pandemic or not, the UN still bashes Israel, the Pope’s a G-dless commie dope, and two essays, including one from Sean Spicer, on Latin America, economics and growth.


Bad enough the bureaucracies are Leftist but they’re fortified with Chi-Com agents, and Trump informs Malig-Nancy of military action to fight narco-traffickers/terrorists. I assume she’ll object.


CAIR offended that someone tells the truth about it’s pederastic practices, and Trump exposes the “great disparity.”


“Critics now are blaming technology companies for not fixing things that are almost entirely the fault of government and regulation,” red tape makes sickle cell anemia a disaster, and the red ink still flows in DC.


It’s a depression. At least on paper. But once the lockdown is lifted will we bounce back and how fast? The world wonders…


Goolag stealing your children’s info while you homeschool on line.


Our intrepid science reporter reports “NASA is getting ready to dump the very over-budget, long-delayed, and problem-ridden SLS NASA rocket for competing commercial rockets.” This is a pretty big deal.


Funny how the Left went crazy insane to force homo marriage on us and yet this grim statistic, Christian Toto with a big thumbs down on open borders agitprop flick, and a call for the curtain to go up on Broadway. Do Fiddler on the Roof and substitute the NYPD for the Cossacks during Tseitl’s wedding pogrom.


75 years since the end of World War 2, and yet the more things change. Lest we ever forget.

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