The Morning Report 5/4/20

Good morning, kids. Monday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. But as each useless day imprisoned in an imposed mass gulag is x’d off the calendar, anger at the illegitimate overlords – a politburo of about a dozen blue state governors – is growing louder and larger from the put upon citizenry. It’s not politically insignificant either since by and large the citizenry are Democrats, especially in the large metropolitan and suburban areas. While Trump derangement mixed with years of academic and cultural brainwashing certainly are difficult to say the least in overcoming, the loss of one’s business, job and the imposition of bizarre edicts putting tighter and tighter shackles limiting freedom of movement might be just the tonic to break through the collective thick skull of the average liberal. At least in the short term.

As testing has been ramped up we are learning that many more people than previously thought may be infected and asymptomatic. With the knowledge that the Chi-Coms lied (surprise!) about the spread of the virus and that the first cases may have hit our shores as far back as September, the lethality of the Sino Sinus Syphilis has been wildly overstated, and in reality it is less than 1%. Terrible for those who get it and tragic for those who pass away from it. Forget about what we knew a few months ago; does what we now know still justify locking down the entire nation and destroying our economy, let alone leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths from things like stress, heart attacks, suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse? The answer is obvious.

But when you add this to the loss of freedom being imposed on all of us by the likes of Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Nipsy Cuomo and all the others, it gives President Trump a golden opportunity to break out of DC, get away from the farcical press briefings and get out to the front lines to comfort the oppressed and confront the oppressors. Is he going to convert mass amounts of Democrats, even those that are enraged at their governors, into voters come November? It’s a possibility, but I wouldn’t bank on it. But by rejecting the optics of being stuck in the White House press room, much like Jimmy the Dhimmi placed himself in a self-imposed prison as the Iranian hostage crisis dragged on and dragged him down, he will give a desperately needed jolt of hope and enthusiasm to energize a base that is in desperate need of moral support every bit as much as $1,200 hot of the presses from Uncle Sugar. 

Lift the lockdowns. Liberate America.


More and more, Americans are disregarding lockdown edicts and getting back to normal activities, even Mike DeWine is getting fed up, thousands take to the streets in Sacramento and Huntington Beach to protest Newsom, a look into the cavernous void that is the soul of Gretchen Whitmer, compare and contrast Colorado and Georgia and it’s all about politics, Nipsy’s goons ticket citizens, vile leftists appropriate infamous Auschwitz gate motto to attack freedom fighters, and lastly, “faced with disaster, authorities often worry more about an unruly public than about the crisis at hand.”


This is kind of a big deal; Birx stating that they underestimated asymptomatic cases is an admission that with a real fatality rate of under 1%, the Peking Pox is just not the devastating plague it was and is being pimped as, despite the media lies, the Trump administration has ramped up testing out the wa-zoo unlike the abject failure of the Obama regime during the H1N1 outbreak, yes the virus is real, but the reaction is pure political Lysenkoism, restricting everyone along with the most at-risk among us is proof, FDA authorizes Remdesivir, and Trump during his Fox town-hall sees a vaccine by the end of the year. All well and good, but ramp up the HZQ/Z-packs and get America moving again.


Foster Friess for freedom, White House and advisers looking to stall any more aid packages larded up with Leftist graft and power grabs, a call for Malig-Nancy and Congress to stay away from DC, and Nicole Gelinas on why shutting the subway down even for four hours a night “for the duration” is disastrous for NYC and more broadly the national economy if Nipsy and DeBolshevik get their way.


The Tara Reade story is not going away. It’s only getting bigger and it’s exposing the rank hypocrisy of the Left. There is one story where a witness has come forward claiming Biden was not at a 2008 event where he allegedly admired the budding ta-tas of Christine O’Donnell’s 14 year-old niece, and the Democrat-Media Complex will doubtless pounce on that. But the Reade allegations are corroborated by a growing number of credible witnesses and documentary evidence to the extent that the attacks on Reade are becoming louder, more vile and even promoting violence. Believe all women, my ass. The estimable Molly Hemingway is right on point as usual about the Dems reaping the whirlwind that Justice Kavanaugh warned about. Even the Slimes gets it and has published an op-ed calling for Biden to be dumped, but Tom Perez might have put his foot in his mouth big time by comparing Biden’s yet-to-be-released records to Hillary’s e-mails. How good of him to bring that into the spotlight just as the woman who will never be President of the United States has come back to try and steal the nomination yet again, and speaking of Biden’s records, Judge Jeannine Pirro is calling for anyone who had access to those records – meaning Biden’s henchmen and flunkies – must be investigated ASAP, before they wind up in Sandy Berger’s moldering BVDs. 

Meanwhile, as vermin like Donna Brazile, Lisa Bloom and others denigrate Reade and praise Biden, it’s fun watching him and his party squirm by being forced to live by their own rules. See: Alsinsky, Saul. Scott Adams thinks Trump’s response to the accusations was “the perfect kill-shot” to the Biden campaign, and lastly Daniel Greenfield with a bit of a history lesson on how the culture of Democrat “waitress sandwiches” led us here.


The FBI deserved and still deserves to be RICOed, on the Logan Act and why “vague statutes selectively enforced for political reasons are the stuff of tyranny, and the law stays on the books as a weapon, ready to the hand of some future Deep-Stater with a political grudge,” and Roger Kimball says “the prospect of death, Epicurus knew, upset many people. Hence he and his followers expended a great deal of effort trying to remove the sting, the fear, from the prospect of death.” 


Despite the smothering of Trump’s greatest accomplishment, the greatest economic boom in history, he still is at record levels of support from independents, ProPublica says millions of missing ballots are under the visiting end zone in Giants Stadium, Justin Amash belches up piffle in a cloud of halitosis, Iowa Dem Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield demonstrates her party’s famous concern for the little guy and the underdog, Dem donors horrified that Dem voters want Elizabeth Hekawi as Biden’s veep pick, will a Biden exit lead to a Bernie return, and a call for Trump to hold rallies in empty stadiums. I don’t know about that, but he needs to get the hell out of DC and onto the campaign trail while exhorting America to get back to work. He shines best on the road. He knows it and the Dems know it. Hence, the lockdowns.


Even lockdowns don’t halt the border wall, if this is a life-threatening pandemic, then if you resist ICE and cause a disturbance, lethal force should be authorized. Funny how George Bush who kept his yap shut for 8 years suddenly has things to say. Go away, Dubya. Administration has the authority to stop these judges but does it have the will, and lastly “hate the Chinese government if you wish, but hold your own government responsible for hollowing America out like a husk.”


Another victory for religious freedom in Kentucky case, Victor Davis Hanson eviscerates the media, YouTube censors doctors who object to the lockdowns, and Big Brother Big Tech with a power grab under cover of Chinese Lung AIDS.


We need more people like this guy.


Tom Wolf wants Pennsylvanians to suffer if he can’t have abortion pills in telemedicine bill that is desperately needed.


More and more evidence pointing to the Wuhan lab as well as Chi-Coms covering it all up while hoarding supplies, GOP Rep rips Malig-Nancy for blocking the money to investigate the Chi-Coms, the latter’s response is taken from the Soviet’s Chernobyl playbook almost verbatim, Chi-Coms pump out puerile anti-American agitprop, Chi-Coms have to be taught a lesson while administration mum on possible punitive actions, the WHO washes its dirty hands of any culpability, BoJo caves on lockdown lift, Moscow mayor opens up on city’s problem, NorK’s reportedly open fire across DMZ, Farsis threaten Krauts for cutting off Hezbollah, Venezuela shipping its gold to Iran, and Israel at 72 is still a beacon for the region, and the world.


Pim Fortuyn’s killer gets released and as Robert Spencer reports, he’s not just free, he’s victorious.


“It has not won the big victory the establishment thinks it has. In fact, its weaknesses and ineptitude have been exposed.” Here’s hoping…


What the loss of pro sports means in dollars and cents, and I don’t see a coalition more that I do see a rejiggering of support for America first policies and those who do not.


A look back at what Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch wrought in one outrageous case and how it redounded to the persecution of Mike Flynn.


Maybe, but not enough to make a difference from where I sit, a desperate plea to punish social(ist) engineering, “Chinese COVID-19 will reshape how we think about higher education and online learning,” Harvard will not let you deprogram your own children without a fight, and 10 lies that teachers tell you. Hence, Harvard’s reaction to homeschooling.


Well, isn’t this just the perfect cherry on top? Yikes.


Nelson Muntz Laugh Dept.: Rapinoe gets a rap on the knuckles. 


“We cannot build a better America without a common language with the capacity to inspire it. ‘Bug language’ only debases and defeats us,” ” In Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments, she expands upon the dystopian vision created by The Handmaid’s Tale, and reveals political complexities that many ardent fans overlook, and Christian Toto on the perfectly timed Jimmy the Druid miniseries.

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