The Morning Rant

Somebody once said, “elections have consequences.” And here is a delightful one! Michael Pack’s nomination for head of the U.S. Agency for Global Media was delayed for almost two years by Mitch McConnell and the Senate. And guess what? He is finally confirmed and is doing what most political appointees do…or should do…fire holdovers from previous administrations and hire people who are more in line with his philosophy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and in fact had he kept the previous administration’s choices he would be an immediate failure.

But the chattering classes will have none of that!

Federal media chief Michael Pack installs Trump loyalists to leadership posts, memo says

Beyond adding new leaders to the agency, Michael Pack, the chief executive, terminated the membership of longtime board members on Wednesday that have been part of USAGM entities for years, including those on the boards of Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia and the Open Technology Fund. “I have terminated your membership on the board, effective immediately,” Pack said in emails reviewed by CNBC.

For extra whinyness check out potato Stelter’s article!

I want my president to effect the change he promised during his campaign. I do not want the status quo. And that’s the point. But the media are blathering and pontificating about how Peck is going to change the the entire organization…making it political. Well, it has been political for many years; just the wrong politics. And that’s the real issue. The Deep StateTM wants to protect its unelected bureaucrats so that their policies continue to be what is essentially the law of the land, in spite of the occupant of the White House.

Well, I guess Michael Peck didn’t get the memo, because he seems to be remaking USAGM (they run Voice of America) to be less of a progressive mouthpiece.

And I like that election consequence.