The Morning Rant

What a concept! Tradition. And nowhere does tradition act more aggressively than in the norms of sexual behavior. But that makes perfect sense, even ignoring the biblical admonitions. Exactly how would civilization advance if the structure of the family was a chaotic melange of multiple sex partners and multiple fathers and mothers who could not rely on those fathers.

Structure and stability are essential prerequisites for the creation of a vibrant and successful society.

What? No. I’m not describing current mores in some parts of America, though I could be.

Traditional Sex as Political Rebellion

Sexual rebellion remained a political tool of the counterculture straight on through the 20th century. The free-love movement of the ‘60s challenged the purportedly constraining norms that encouraged premarital abstinence, monogamy, marriage, and reproductive sex. The transgressive performances on display in gay pride events represented an acknowledgement and parodic embrace of the non-normative culture of the LGBT community. However, it’s important to note that the genuinely transgressive character of both the free love and the gay pride movements was in effect evidence that the traditionally conservative norms for sex in America remained firmly in place.

And that’s exactly why traditional sexual relationships are the primary target of the progressive left. They have co-opted education, and they are now busily destroying the structure and character of the American family.

And they have a successful template in Black America, courtesy of “The Great Society” and LBJ and the rest of the racist Democrats of the 1960s. They insinuated government between Black America, the church and tradition, and in the process created a dependent subculture and a viciously dysfunctional underclass.

If one planned to destroy Black America, would one have done anything differently?

And now they are using the same tools to complete the destruction of the larger American society. Posted by: CBD at 11:00 AM