The Morning Rant

In the onslaught of miserable news and rumor and unfounded claims, this should make you smile. Hard on the heels of his catastrophic and incredibly expensive failed presidential bid, little Mikey Bloomberg pissed away another $100,000,000 on an arrogant attempt to sway the voters of three states that guns are bad, Trump is worse, America is a failed experiment, and other silly notions. He may be the perfect embodiment of The Peter Principle! Bloomie was excellent at investment banking, great at creating a technology company, a fine technocratic mayor whose failings were limited to when he thought he knew how to change the landscape of a city. Michael Bloomberg flops in $100M bid to deliver Florida, Ohio, Texas for Biden

Republican activist Scott Pressler tweeted, “Michael Bloomberg couldn’t buy Florida,” while RealClear Politics president Tom Bevan said, “With the amount of money he spent in the last year, Bloomberg could have bought the New York Islanders instead of running around embarrassing himself.” All three states were called Tuesday night for Mr. Trump, who actually surpassed his 2016 winning percentage in Florida.

…And Ohio! [By the way, Bloomie was a Red Sox fan before he made the politically-motivated change to the Yankees.] Interestingly, all three of those states require ID to vote, an idea whose country-wide time has come. But a federal law mandating ID will have to wait for a Republican president. Hopefully that will be during President Trump’s second term!