The Morning Rant

There is no American cultural affinity for China or Chinese culture. We have no deep connections to them, unlike the historic connections to Ireland and Germany and Italy and Scandinavia and other sources of immigrants. Sure, there are large populations of ethnic Chinese in America, but the larger cultural connections are shallow.

One can understand the emotional connections of the great-grand-children of Irish immigrants to Eire, because we have assimilated some of what they brought here. Just like the descendants of many other immigrants.

But aside from cold hard cash, what is the allure of China? By no means can one argue for its dedication to its own cultural heritage or support for its expatriates or all the other benign reasons why other countries work to create ties to America. The Chinese government is one of the most repressive in the world, with so little respect for life…that of its people or any other…that their pronouncements on the world stage often sound as if they are bad actors (hah!) mouthing boilerplate lines.

Their goals are clear and unequivocal; world domination via economic and cultural warfare. And how do they acquire allies? With money. There is no waxing poetic about the joys of Chinese-American culture. There is no Chinese tradition embedded in American culture, unlike so many others. There is only cash.

So what does that say about the many servants of Peking (screw their new spelling!) in the newsrooms and statehouses and boardrooms and the federal government?

They are whores. Nothing more. There is no edifying emotional or cultural or intellectual basis for their support of China. Perhaps that is unfair to real prostitutes, whose debasement is personal. The scum in our country who have been bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party are doing perhaps existential damage to their country, all in service to their fat bank accounts.

And LeBron James might be the worst of the lot. Imagine using the stain of American slavery (which ended in 1863) as one of the tools to defend his own complicity in the enslavement of millions of Chinese and the destruction of American autonomy! That is breathtaking hypocrisy, rivaled only by the Democrat Party and their adjuncts in corporate America.

We may not be able to boycott all of the many organizations around which the tentacles of China wrap, but we can absolutely defund the NBA and their biggest star!

That’s a good start…