“Angry And Ignorant Is No Way To Go Through Life,” Said Nobody On The Left

The inarticulate fury of the foot soldiers of the left has been well documented. Sputtering-mad fools driving themselves into lamp posts, or jabbering incoherently for painfully embarrassing minutes in social media posts, or the idiotic messages spray-painted on buildings and barricades.

Or even the more personal signs of anger: ridiculous haircuts and mutilating piercings and strange and non-functional attire. What makes these people so angry at the human condition that they must batter and mangle God’s gift to us?

Portland’s rage-addicted radicals don’t care about facts, just excuse to riot

“Rent Is A Fuck?” “Eat The Rich?” ‘Abolish ICE?” “Gentrification Is Violence?” Really? 300 years of progressive political philosophy and that is the best they can do? Or are you just stupid and ignorant?

And the answer is…”Yes,” to both counts.

The history of progressivism has been one of chaotic thought, careening from one insanity to the next. Just revisit their most influential thinker’s ideas about labor. Marx’s “Labor Theory of Value” is pretty much the dumbest thing you will ever read, but it is one of the linchpins of socialism!

Crazy social engineering projects and controlling every human behavior down to the most trivial is a common thread in the history of progressivism, but since they literally never work, there is no logical basis for their beliefs.

Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But a cursory examination of human behavior on the macro level suggests that our species is motivated by other things. Spend five minutes at a park watching five-year-olds play and you will have ample data to refute centuries of political philosophy.

But feelings are powerful, and in the absence of a coherent philosophy grounded in data and observation and experience, the force of their emotions is all they have.

Conservative theory has a practical grounding that provides real-world examples of its success. Market economies are more successful than command economies, and the data are clear. Socialist governments inevitably fail, and the data are clear. Democratic governments (based on market economics) have a much better track record.

Faced with incontrovertible data that show they are wrong, they twist it with mental gyrations into such silliness as the standing joke around many conservative water coolers that “socialism just hasn’t been done with the right people!”

But part of the free-floating anger of the left must also be their inability to succeed in any society that values…success! I refer not to the mandarins of progressivism in America; they are progressives because they lust after power over others. I refer to those foot soldiers who riot and destroy that which they cannot build.

Here’s a question: how many happy leftists do you know? How many happy conservatives do you know? Sure, it’s a terrible comparison, but the point I think is valid. Conservative political philosophy is based on success. Progressive political philosophy is based on righting the perceived wrongs of other political philosophies. And when they wake up every morning with that mindset, it’s no wonder that they are angry and pinch-faced!

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