The Morning Rant

Here is a perfect example of the chilling effect of overt far-left indoctrination. The Common Application is a convenient way for college-bound high school students to apply to multiple colleges. But it is obviously run by progressive scum, as exemplified by its CEO, Jenny Rickard, who looks pretty much how one would expect; a pinch-faced scold. Her career before she slithered into her current position, starting with her undergraduate days at Swarthnore College (Wow…what a surprise!), suggests that she is perfectly happy with driving anyone to the right of Stalin out of Academia and perhaps out of America.

The obvious problem here is that every kid using the Common Application is going to reveal some part of himself on that application, including in an essay. After reading this letter how many of these kids are going to take the safe route and say nothing about any impure thoughts they might be having? No discussions of freedom and liberty or market economics or how I spent my summers hunting or shooting or serving the poor at my church or a hundred other telltale behaviors.

The hysterical tone and outright lies are simply a tool to intimidate and manipulate anyone who is thinking of applying to college.

The message is clear; wrongthink will be punished. And the rancid bitch who runs this organization will be lauded for her bravery, instead of being hounded from a position of influence over the futures of our youth.

Since Jenny joined Common App in August of 2016, the organization has developed a long-term strategic plan and roadmap and has expanded its access initiatives, including the acquisition of Reach Higher, the college access and success campaign founded by former First Lady Michelle Obama during her time in the White House[…]

Another surprise! She is an Obama fluffer!

The long march through our schools has yielded a monolithic academic culture that ruthlessly tamps down any deviation from the orthodoxy. And that orthodoxy is anti-Western, anti-White, anti-freedom, and anti-individual.

We spent 3,000 years developing a culture that has lifted the world out of Hobbes’ “nasty, brutish, and short” life and propelled us to places unimagined just a few hundred years ago. These people want to drag us back down into the muck of a totalitarian hellscape. They had a taste of it in the USSR, China, and the many failed socialist states around the world. And they want that for us.