The Morning Rant

The Democrat party, once the party of slavery, and when that ended the party of segregation and overtly racist policies, has morphed into the party of the rich and well connected, and even worse, the party of corporatism. That is not to say that they have abandoned their roots; scratch a progressive and find a racist.

Any successful challenge to their current superiority must include consistent and loud denunciations of their elitist supporters and their elitist behavior. Pound the message night and day,

  • The Democrat Party is the party of wealth and privilege.
  • They have walls to keep you out, but let into our country the people who are taking your jobs.
  • They drive fancy cars but want you to pay $5/gallon for gasoline.
  • They want men to compete with your daughters in athletics.
  • They hate the police, but want to disarm you.

And on and on. Make the distinction. Freedom vs. tyranny. Liberty vs. the boot of government on our necks.

But, that will obviously come from a new party, because the Republican party as currently constituted is incapable of any significant challenge to the Democrats. In fact, they need to be destroyed as quickly as possible.

And here is step one! Sign up for every mailing list you can, and when the solicitations arrive, send them back in the prepaid envelope, hopefully pushing the weight into the next higher cost level. Engage them at every opportunity. When they call, chat amiably for as long as possible. Waste their time and money.

Any other suggestions? These are actions we can take to try to reclaim our country and some sort of political representation that honestly reflects our desires and goals for our country.

One comment to “The Morning Rant”
  1. Every single registered Republican ought to dump their party affiliation. Let that party lose thousands if not hundreds of thousands. If nothing else it sends a message.

    Register Democrat, if for no other reason than to camouflage yourself from the purges. Hell, run for office as a Democrat and sabotage the party in power from within.

    Aside from that, sign up for every welfare program and government bennie you can. If we’re going to Cloward-Piven ourselves, let’s get it over with ASAP.

    Rat-fucking the junta and their allies should be the order of the day, every day.

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